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The 8 Best Polishes For Cowboy Boots

The 8 Best Polishes For Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are pretty, and they can look that way for as long as possible depending on how you use them or care for them. They are very similar to most of everything we use that needs constant care for them to last.

One thing for sure is that you can keep them fashionable by polishing them or making them last longer for work. And, of course, polishing your cowboy boots is good, making it essential that you get the best Polish for them.

Polish have different materials that they are made from and this contributes to how well they will improve the leather of cowboy boots. Polish materials are mainly natural butter, oil, and pigment.

In addition, they are usually in different forms like liquid, cream and wax. As we said, their forms and materials affect how well they will work in cowboy boots’ leather.

For example, wax and cream are heavier, so they will sink well into the leather, improve the look, and protect it from water damage. On the other hand, the liquid form helps to improve the leather’s shine quickly.

Further, polish is usually in different colors, so there would be a pigment that would work with your cowboy boots’ color. Manufacturers use various kinds of waxes, oil, and pigment to make their polish unique and functional in improving the leather’s look.

Therefore, in this review article, let’s see some polishes that we deem best for your cowboy boots. Furthermore, we will include their benefits and drawbacks, so you can choose which is most suitable for your cowboy boots.

However, you must ensure that your chosen polish is suitable for your cowboy boots. Let’s start right away!

Top 3 Picks for You

If you are in a hurry, here are the top 3 shoe polishes for your dear cowboy boots!

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Why Should You Use Polish For Cowboy Boots?

man wears khaki and glossy black cowboy boots

Of course, we did say that using polish is suitable for your cowboy boots. And of course, that is indeed true as it can benefit your boots in so many ways.

Before getting to that, you should first know that polishing your cowboy boots is one of the ways to care for your boots. That includes cleaning your cowboy boots after a day’s use, brushing them, conditioning, polishing, and so much more.

Everyone knows lack of care can ruin footwear, so polishing your cowboy boots is nearly a necessity. But, of course, you have to ensure your cowboy boots are clean before you apply some sort of polish to them for the best results.

And while there might be benefits attached to polishing your cowboy boots, there are drawbacks as well. What are they?


First of all, let’s check out the benefits of polish for your cowboy boots.

1. Restores moisture in cowboy boots

polish cowboy boots to restore their moisture

One significant benefit of polishing your cowboy boots (and why you probably should) is that it restores moisture to your cowboy boots. If your cowboy boots are not so new, you can try to think back to how shiny and rich the boots’ skin was when you first got them.

Your cowboy boots would have looked so beautiful that you could swear they would remain that way for a long time. However, that isn’t always the case. With consistent use, they can lose their moisture.

More than that, other things can cause your cowboy boots to lose their moisture. This includes exposure to harsh weather like the sun, sand, and more.

Also, the more you wash your boots, the more their moisture dries out, making them look somewhat old and potentially breaking the materials. However, constantly polishing your cowboy boots can help ensure that your boots retain their moisture and feel soft. With their moisture, they can look as good as new.

2. Extend their lifespan

Polishing your cowboy boots can also help extend their lifespan. When shoes look old and faded, you may be tempted to replace them even when they are still strong enough to use.

Using polish on your cowboy boots helps improve their durability and lifespan. After applying polish to your cowboy boots, they look shinier. Also, they moisturize your cowboy boots and help them be usable for longer periods of time.

3. Restore old boots to life

polish restores old cowboy boots to life

If you have those old cowboy boots you were thinking of tossing aside or repurposing, you can revive them with a good polish. You can dye, recolor, and improve your old cowboy boots.

You can switch up their looks with good colored leather polish. Leather polishes are available in different colors that you can choose from.

Also, you can deepen a lighter leather color with polish. Then, when your cowboy boots have a new look, you can use them for a more extended period.

However, you should note that if you want to dye or improve the color of your cowboy boots, you can only change them to a deeper color, not a brighter one.

4. Protect cowboy boots from some elements

Another benefit of using polish on your cowboy boots is that it can help protect them from some elements. First, the polish can improve your cowboy boots’ water resistance.

Then, if you have cowboy boots that have lost their waterproofness over time after several usages, you can improve them with polish. If you cannot afford a new pair or get other waterproofing products, polish is another option.

So, you can wear your cowboy boots in the presence of moisture, and you can be sure that they will protect your feet. Also, it protects your cowboy boots from sand or any kind of stain.

5. It helps maintain cowboy boot shine

polish maintains cowboy boot shine

Cowboy boots can lose their shine after a period of use. In addition, they can dry out from washing, lack of conditioning or adequate cleaning, and exposure to sand, sun, or other elements.

However, you can restore their shine with good leather polish. But first, you would need to clean your cowboy boots and rid them of any form of dirt.

After they are dry, you can massage the polish into the leather with a brush and watch them shine like when you first got them. If you want your cowboy boots to look that way for an extended period, you would need to invest in good polish and have them available so you can condition your boots from time to time.

6. It is an excellent way to care for your cowboy boots

If you love your cowboy boots and you want them to last long, polishing them from time to time is one of the things you should incorporate into your boot care routine. So, you can get some at the point of purchasing your cowboy boots.

7. Ease of use

shoe polish and horsehair brushes

Polishing cowboy boots is actually easy to use. It does not require any specialty or uncommon tools; you can do it yourself without professional help. You just need to get the tools you need, clean your cowboy boots, polish, and brush.


Beneficial as it is, polish still has some bad effects on your cowboy boots.

1. Can darken cowboy boots material

polish darkens cowboy boots

One major drawback of using polish on cowboy boots is that it can darken the leather. While this may be some people’s choice, not too many people love dark cowboy boots, especially when their boots are new.

When you use them in light colors, they may get darker, and you would have to use them like that. So, before you use polish on your cowboy boots, you should find out from reviews if it does not darken leather.

After purchase, you should also test it on available leather materials to see its reaction before applying it to your cowboy boots.

2. Polish can be transferred to your clothes

Another drawback of using polish on cowboy boots is that the color can be transferred to your clothes or hands. This mostly happens when the color is not neutral and somewhat works as a dye.

When you wear your cowboy boots immediately after polishing without leaving them to dry, it can leave visible marks on your socks and pants. The solution is to ensure that the polish dries on the leather and brush before usage.

3. Can be time-consuming

shoe polish, brushes, cloth and cowboy boots

Polishing your cowboy boots can also be time-consuming and stressful. However, this should not be much of a problem if you want your cowboy boots to last long.

If you cannot polish them yourself from time to time, you can pay a few dollars to a shoe professional who can help you do that.

4. Polish can ruin the cowboy stitch

glossy brown cowboy boots with stitching

Some cowboy boots have detailed stitches on their ramp or shaft and if you are not careful enough, you can get polish on them. As a result, the polish can change the stitch’s color and ruin the design.

Due to that, you would have to be careful when applying polish on that area of your cowboy boots. Here are some tips to clean the stitches of your cowboy boots.

The 8 Best Polishes For Cowboy Boots

Polishing your cowboy boots is somewhat beneficial to you and your cowboy boots in the long run. Therefore, we have highlighted the benefits of polishing your cowboy boots.

Some of those benefits include restoring their moisture, extending their lifespan, maintaining their shine, protecting them, and so much more. Also, we discussed some drawbacks of polishing your hiking boots.

While there might be drawbacks, the benefits certainly outweigh them. Since that is settled, we can go right ahead to review the best polish for cowboy boots.

You may be excited about polishing your boots that you may want to grab just anyone you see in online or offline stores. However, we have researched and collated some of the best polishes for cowboy boots.

Here are the reviews below:

1. Red Moose Premium Boot Polish

No products found.


  • Made from rich natural waxes and oils.
  • Suitable for all leather goods, not just your boots.
  • It helps cleanse your cowboy boots.
  • Safe and effective for use on high-end designer boots.
  • Can help restore cowboy boots to their shiny look.
  • Good for preserving your cowboy boots, ensuring they last for a long period.
  • The application is mess-free with just one step.


  • It deepens the leather color
  • Some users complain that it doesn’t adhere to actual leather

Here comes the Red Moose premium boot and shoe cream polish. The product is rich in natural waxes and oils that help restore your cowboy boots’ looks and shine.

Also, they help moisturize and cleanse your cowboy boots for long-lasting use. More than that, you can use them for your other leather products that look old or dull due to a lack of proper moisture.

Furthermore, this product provides you with an easy application that leaves no mess on your cowboy boots or your skin. It comes with a brush that helps aid the easy application, and it is soft on leather materials.

However, Red Moose polish brand may deepen your leather’s color.

Of course, this may benefit you if you want your cowboy boots to look that way; however, it may not be everyone’s choice. Also, some users say that it did not adhere properly to real leather and did not enhance the leather’s looks.

Lastly, it may not cover scuff marks on your cowboy boots if you use them but it is still a great product for restoring your cowboy boot look.

2. Kiwi Black Parade Shoe Polish

No products found.


  • Blends of premium wax and natural carnauba wax.
  • Improve cowboy boots’ water resistance and have long-lasting waterproofing benefits.
  • Improve cowboy boots’ shine.
  • Adds nourishment to cowboy boots.
  • Helps to renew and protect cowboy boots.


  • May dry and crack easily.
  • The packaging is not durable.

Kiwi Parade gloss shoe polish is a reliable companion for your cowboy boots. In addition, the product contains some of the best wax goods for your boots, including blends of premium wax and carnauba wax which helps your boots retain their shine.

There are many positive online reviews about how this polish helps improve shoes and boots’ shine after use. Therefore, if you want your cowboy boots to shine as they used to when you first got them, then you can use this polish.

Also, the Kiwi Parade Gloss shoe polish adds some waterproofness to your cowboy boots, so after application, your boots’ water resistance increases. Furthermore, this product helps to protect, nourish and renew your cowboy boots.

However, one major cause of concern for users is that the product dries out and cracks easily.

3. Kelly’s Shoe Polish

No products found.


  • Made from natural waxes.
  • Helps recolor and condition cowboy boots.
  • Easy to apply due to rich cream.
  • Available in a wide variety of shades to match different cowboy boot colors.
  • Can work for other leather products aside from cowboy boots.


  • Some users say it doesn’t cover old scuff on leather
  • It doesn’t color the boots as expected.

Kelly’s shoe cream is also another effective product for cowboy boots. Made from natural wax, it helps to condition and improve the color of your cowboy boots.

Also, you can select your desired color instead of going for a neutral color for your cowboy boots. It leaves your boots shiny after use.

However, some customers’ reviews say that the shoe cream does not absorb into their boots’ leather. In addition, some say that even after emptying the whole cream on their boots, it didn’t cover up the scuffs on them.

There have also been complaints that the cream does not color the boots as expected.

4. Cadillac Select Premium Shoe Polish

No products found.


  • Made from different waxes and quality pigments for color.
  • Helps restore cowboy boots’ shine.
  • Rejuvenate leather and improve its durability.


  • May not color boots well.
  • Does not cover scruff.

You can also use Cadillac Select premium cream shoe polish for your cowboy boots. It works well for conditioning and restoring cowboy boots’ look.

If you are not ready to let go of your cowboy boots and want to use them for a longer period, this polish helps to improve the color, so they look as good as new.

However, some users say that the polish does not color boots properly as the manufacturer claimed.

Furthermore, it didn’t cover the scruff on their boots since it could not color their boots appropriately.

5. Boot Guard Leather Dressing Polish

No products found.


  • No harmful chemicals, like harsh silicons
  • It helps waterproof cowboy boots while still leaving them breathable.
  • Made from quality natural waxes.
  • Boot Guard leather dressing helps improve leather color.
  • Also helps to moisturize and condition leather, preventing it from drying out or cracking.
  • Improves cowboy boots’ shine.
  • Works well for other leather products apart from cowboy boots.


  • Darkens cowboy boots’ color
  • May not be absorbed into leather, except with heat help.

Boot Guard leather dressing is a good polish for improving your cowboy boots’ looks. This product helps to condition leather, so it makes your boots soft and shiny for longer use.

Also, it does not contain harmful acids and is gentle on the leather without harming the stitches or damaging the surface of cowboy boots. By just massaging the polish into the leather using a soft cloth, your cowboy boots can be as good as new.

Another good thing is that the polish can improve the boots’ waterproofness and protect your feet from getting wet when you use them. At the same time, you still have your cowboy boots, which are as breathable as they used to be.

Furthermore, it works well in conditioning and moisturizing other leather products and prevents cracking or drying out.

However, it may darken your cowboy boots’ color, and it could be a turn-off for you if that is not your intention.

Also, some say it does not absorb leather properly, and they had to use a hair dryer to heat it. But, overall, this polish product seems like a good one and does not damage your cowboy boots.

6. Sof Sole Mink Oil

No products found.


  • This product is mink oil for conditioning and waterproofing leather.
  • Works well for different kinds of leather, including full-grain, smooth and tanned.
  • Can waterproof cowboy boots as it protects them from moisture.
  • Works well for varieties of leather products.
  • Protect cowboy boots from stains from water, salt, or sweat.


  • The product may darken leather material.
  • May leaves white residue on the leather.
  • May be unsuitable for light leather colors.

Sof Sole mink oil is always famous for improving leather. You can use it helps to soften, condition, and waterproof leather cowboy boots.

Also, you can use it on different leather types, be it full-grain, smooth or tanned. And since it has a neutral color, you can use it on any pair of cowboy boots.

Furthermore, you can use it on different leather types. Also, it helps protect boots from other kinds of stains.

However, people say it leaves white residue on their boots after they use them. Another turn-off of this product is that it can darken leather, so it may be unsuitable for light colors, unless, of course, that’s the look you are going for.

So, before applying it to your cowboy boots, ensure you test it on a spare leather surface and see if it would be okay for you.

7. Bickmore Cream Shoe Polish

No products found.


  • Restores and preserves leather.
  • Covers up scruffs and scratches on your cowboy boots.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Adds a glossy shine to the leather.
  • Helps preserve the oil in your cowboy boots.
  • It does not impede leather breathability.


  • Does not absorb well in leather unless with the help of heat.
  • Leave white residue on your boots.
  • May get dry and grainy.

Bickmore cream polish is the next product that works well in helping to restore and preserve cowboy boots’ leather.

Also, it helps cover scruffs and scratches that may be on your cowboy boots due to specific reasons. Finally, it helps maintain the oil in your cowboy boots so they don’t dry out or lose their shine.

And if they don’t look so shiny anymore, you can restore your cowboy boots’ shine with this boot polish. Furthermore, it ensures that your cowboy boots’ breathability is still intact after use.

However, on the other hand, some drawbacks exist to using this polish. Some users noted several visible white residues on their boots after using this product.

Also, it does not absorb well into leather and may require heat for that to happen. Some other people say the polish is dry, grainy, and hard to work into their boots.

However, this product is a good one as many positive reviews for it are available online.

8. FeetPeople Premium Shoe Cream

No products found.


  • Made from a blend of natural waxes.
  • Restore and renew leather looks.
  • Helps to condition leather and improve its shine.
  • Primarily ideal for smooth leather.


  • Breakable plastic lid.
  • May not cover scruff or dents on leather.
  • May not absorb in leather well.

FeetPeople Premium shoe cream is also one of the polishes we deem suitable for cowboy boots. First, the manufacturer makes it from blends of natural waxes, so it helps in conditioning and preserving cowboy boots.

Also, the product helps restore your old cowboy boots’ looks to a newer look. Instead of going for a neutral color, you can select from a variety of color shades available that are suitable for your cowboy boots.

However, this polish is primarily suitable for smooth leather and not all kinds of leather. Also, there have been complaints that it doesn’t sink into leather.

Furthermore, it may not cover visible dents or scruffs on your cowboy boots and has a breakable lid that may leave the polish exposed.


Polishing your cowboy boots should be part of the care routine you adopt for them. Beyond cleaning them, you should polish them from time to time so that they can retain their oil, moisture, and shine.

When you wear your cowboy boots, you expose them to certain elements that can make the leather dry out or crack, and you can make up for that by polishing. Therefore, it is also pertinent that you get quality polish for your cowboy boots.

Earlier on, we stated the benefits and drawbacks of polishing your cowboy boots, and you would agree that you should polish them to enjoy the advantages. Also, we reviewed our selected best polish for cowboy boots.

Before buying, you should read the pros and cons of each product, view more details on Amazon or other online forums and choose the one most suitable for your cowboy boots.