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Why Do Cowboy Boots Have No Tread?

Why Do Cowboy Boots Have No Tread?

With unique and impressive construction, cowboy boots are always a popular fashion accessory throughout time, and that structure also poses many questions for newbies.

Among them, here’s a common curiosity: Why do cowboy boots have no tread?

This is a simple question, but I’m sure that for those who are not diehard fans of cowboy boots, it might be difficult for them to find out the answer.

That’s why we are here to help address your curiosity! Also, I will tell you why you have to own a pair of cowboy boots with no tread.

Let’s check it out!

The no-tread soles of cowboy boots

Why do cowboy boots have no tread?

The answer is very simple, we just need to go back to the most original reason why cowboy boots were born: horse riding.

In order to ride a horse, the peasant (or cowboy) feet need to have stability on the saddle’s stirrup.

Since then, they can be balanced when sitting on horseback and riding horses.

To insert your cowboy boots into the stirrup smoothly, the bottom of cowboy boots should not have a tread.

The bottom (outsole) of cowboy boots should be flat and slippery to make it easier to slip in and out of the stirrup.

From there, it helps cowboys quickly balance on horseback, or jump off horseback without being entangled.

Besides, classic cowboy boots often have outsoles made from heavy leather.

And you know, putting tread on a leather sole when science and technology have not developed is not an easy (or impossible) task.

In addition, the leather that makes up the sole of cowboy boots is an affordable, durable, flexible and easy-to-find material when cowboy boots just appeared.

Obviously, the “bootmakers” at that time managed very cleverly with what they had in hand, right?

You might ask, if so, will the cowboy boots slip out of the stirrup and cause cowboys to lose their balance?

The answer is no, because cowboy boots with a high heel (about 2 inches) and the nook next to the heel can keep the boots hooking firmly to the stirrup, and thus cowboy boots won’t slide forward too much.

Besides, it is also important to mention line dancing, a very popular cultural and artistic activity in the West.

Well, I’m not a dancer so I don’t know if other dances are required like line dancing, it’s the footwear of the dancer that needs a certain slip.

That is why villagers in the West such as cowboys, farmers or those who regularly join line dancing often own cowboy boots that have no tread.

With good slippage, the sole of cowboy boots with no tread can help dancers perform spinning and kicking very smoothly and easily.

If cowboy boots have tread and traction is too good. The dancer will find it very difficult to perform their moves.

And that’s why cowboy boots have no tread!

Today’s cowboy boots have tread

Science and technology have developed, many types of soles feature many different shapes of tread (round, square, triangle, etc.) with the aim of increasing traction for different types of shoes and boots.

And cowboy boots have inherited that development too, today a lot of cowboy boots have outsoles made of rubber, they have more durability, better traction, etc.

So if you are afraid that cowboy boots having no tread can interfere with your flexibility (as they are quite slippery), rubber sole cowboy boots are a good choice.

Aside from that, cobblers also have very good resoling skills for cowboy boots, so if you’re feeling frustrated that your cowboy boots are too slippery, bring them to the cobbler.

But before bringing them to the cobbler, check out a few notes here!

Why should you use cowboy boots that have no tread?

In fact, cowboy boots with leather soles and no tread are still very popular!

Their delicate beauty with the bootmaker’s signature on top will definitely make you fascinated.

Moreover, there is no doubt that the leather sole has an elegant beauty that rubber soles cannot possess.

Leather sole cowboy boots usually make a click-cluck sound when you walk, and I call it a gorgeous sound. That sound gives you confidence and pride.

When it comes to the characteristics of a leather sole, we can’t stop talking about its flexibility, ventilation, good moisture absorption and high comfort for the feet throughout the day.

Besides, a leather sole with no tread is also a traditional sole. For those who like the beauty of times, culture and history, they will fancy leather soles with no tread.

Because of that, cowboy boots with leather soles are very popular!

Is there any way to make cowboy boots with no tread have better traction?

The answer is yes, and not just one, but several methods.

Usually, people who have just bought new cowboy boots with no tread in leather soles often rub the cowboy boot bottom onto the concrete pavement.

That will help break in the leather soles of cowboy boots and increase their traction. And that is the most popular way!

Besides, you can also use a rubber heel cap instead of a leather heel cap, they often have tread that can increase grip.

In addition, there are many methods such as using non-slip adhesive pads ortraction spray to increase grip for the base of the cowboy boots that have no tread.

We have an article sharing Tips To Make Cowboy Boots Non-slip here! Let’s check it out!


To summarize, we find 2 main reasons why cowboy boots have no tread!

The first one is to assist cowboys in sliding their feet in/out the saddle’s stirrup while riding and jumping off horseback without getting entangled by the tread at the sole.

The second reason is to support line dancing. Cowboy boots with no tread will provide good slippage for spinning and kicking moves when dancing at ease.

In addition, cowboy boots have no tread due to the old craftsmanship in the past when the outsoles were only made from leather, making it difficult to create tread for the bottom.

And that’s all! You already know why cowboy boots have no tread.