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3 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Women with Big Calves (Update)

3 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Women with Big Calves (Update)

Women are slaves of fashion and beauty. They can sacrifice many things to make themselves stand out and surpass other girls in looks and style.

That’s why cowboy/cowgirl boots are something that seems to be tricky to pull off (admittedly), but these have always been a fashion item that any American girl must have in her closet.

Yet, the problem seems to be more of a headache when you have curvy, large, or thick calves.

Choosing boots or pants often takes a lot more effort and time than people with skinny ones. Luckily, we must say cowboy boots are born for wide calves, generally.

Since cowboy boots are supposed to be a little loose around the calves (but they must fit the instep perfectly), most types of cowboy boots are designed with the boot shaft extending upwards with a significantly deep V-cut collar.

It means you, who have wide calves, now have more chances to look pretty and stay comfortable at the same time in cowboy boots, as long as you know how to pick the right ones.

We have gathered dozens of cowboy boots options for women with big calves below and I’m sure you’ll find something you need there.

Let’s scroll down!

3 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Women with Big Calves

No more wait, we come up with these 3 most comfortable cowboy boots for women with curvy calves.

Many are top-rated products all over the world and are perfect for wearing on all occasions.

1. The Daisy from Tecovas

If you’re looking for a real pair of cowboy boots, you should look them up at Tecovas – a legendary brand of cowboy boots.

Although Tecovas women’s boots are not made from the same variety of exotic leathers as men’s boots, their women’s suede boots are truly masterpieces.

As someone with big calves, a pair of their western booties is just what you need. That’s why you’ll love The Daisy.

Dreamy and edgy, The Daisy western booties have a lovely look coming from snip toes and bug stitching toes. 2 ½” cowboy heels will give you the confidence of a genuine cowgirl.

In addition, I love the fringe that is gently and delicately attached to the zipper, it will make you look more relaxed than ever.

The important thing is, with a height of only 6 inches with a zipper, they will not give you much trouble no matter if you have big, chubby or muscular calves. You will easily put on/take off.

These boots are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

2. The Annie from Tecovas

Women wear The Annie Cowboy Boots and are sitting on the sofa

If you always have trouble choosing cowboy boots when it comes to fit, then you need to think about a boot brand with great customer service like Tecovas.

The characteristic of Tecovas that makes them one of the leading bootmakers today is that they provide a solution for you very quickly. Just open your phone and make a call. They’ll handle it for you!

Big calves are certainly not uncommon and trust me, Tecovas has certainly received hundreds of phone calls about this issue, and I think that’s why The Annie Boots was born.

Women wear a pair of white cowboy boots

As a pair of traditional cowboy boots with a high shaft, a wide opening and a deep scallop, they can fit many wide or thick calves. It is easy for you to slip your feet into these boots.

In addition, the 2-inch angled heel along with the deep “V” and snip toe shape also make your legs look longer, slimmer and taller. From there, these boots will flatter your figure, especially the lower half!

The diverse appearance of these boots makes them an ideal destination for fastidious girls. You’ll find soft Annie boots made of suede, or smooth-colored boots made of bovine. This is really a huge plus!

Women wear a pair of Annie suede cowboy boots

Also, these boots have a 14-inch shaft (higher than average) and lots of gorgeous textures on the surface created by the stitching. So they are extremely suitable for girls who often wear dresses, skinny jeans or skirts.

3. The Penny from Tecovas

a girl is wearing beige dress and holding a pair of The Penny boots of Tecovas in her hands

If Tecovas suede boots are great to go with floral dresses, what would you need to go with a pair of jeans? That’s The Penny – Another great western bootie from Tecovas.

If The Daisy brings femininity and lightness, then The Penny is the cutest boot in the world.

The stitching details that connect the delicately handcrafted leather pieces with excellent workmanship set The Penny apart from the rest of the boots world.

What I like most about these boots is that the toe shape is round and slightly curved upwards for a distinct look. Besides, the front part of the boots really stands out with a minimally embellished vamp.

Besides, the boots are made from calfskin. Compared with cowhide, which is a bit hard and rough, calf leather brings a better softness and molds feet well.

Calfskin also has a shorter break-in time, you will soon feel comfortable without having to use any risky tips to speed up the break-in process.

a girl is wearing a long dress with The Penny goat boots of Tecovas

The last thing I love about Tecovas boots is the leather bottom with the prominent engraved Tecovas name on the sole – it’s painful to watch it fade over the years.

Finally, the height of about 6 inches won’t let your big calves down, that’s for sure! It can’t even get there!

Do Cowboy Boots Fit Wide Calves?

As mentioned above, cowboy boots have great potential to fit wide calves.

Firstly, the boot design often extends upwards to the ankle, calf, or even below the knee.

The boot opening circumference is usually wide and not fixed but will be changed to different width sizes.

You can absolutely find the right size for your big calves.

If you choose leather cowboy boots, this material will stretch out during wear after 100% break-in.

This also makes it easier for people with wide calves to fit their calf size better.

Secondly, it is the typical deep-cut V collar of the boots.

This detail is not only for decoration but also helps to hold the thick calves more comfortably rather than the usual round-shaped collar.

This is due to the deep V shape creating some more room to fit better muscular calves.

If you choose ankle boots that only come a little above the ankle, the V shape will be super comfortable and stylish without feeling too tight.

If you choose a mid-calf design, this collar can also help stretch out a bit more space for the calves when worn compared to other closed round-collar boots.

How to choose cowboy boots for women with big calves?

Thousands of women in America and around the world were getting involved in the issue of having curvy calves.

Therefore, greater demand for cowboy boots for wide calves from the market is called out. So, you need not worry that you can’t find any cowboy boots that fit your thick calves, no matter the size.

Here is an intimate guide to choosing the best cowboy boots for women with thick calves.

Tips for picking cowgirl boots for big calves

  • Measure the width of your calves

The first and foremost issue is your calf size. I don’t mean whether it is bad or good, but that’s where you should start looking for a solution.

Keep in mind that cowboy boots have plenty of different sizes and heights for you to choose from.

You should start by measuring your calf circumference first to see exactly how wide it is.

Some mid-calf or below-the-knee cowboy boots possess opening measurements that can be up to 16 inches.

If your calf circumference falls below this range, these are the boots for your needs.

With this dimension in hand, you can feel worry-free to shop for cowboy boots online by either questioning the store whether they have your sizes or reading the boot description on the site.

  • Look for leather or loose suede

You can wear a pair of leather cowboy boots that fit snugly to the width of your calves but should never wear a pair of suede boots with the same width.

This is due to leather usually having a certain elasticity and suppleness that can stretch or contract to a certain extent.

Especially some leather lines that have completely broken in or are treated to have good elasticity.

But suede isn’t stretchy at all, so your feet can get tight and hard to move if the boots fit snugly against your calf.

The solution for suede cowboy boots is to choose a boot design that has some fold-up details along the boot shaft with a loose collar.

This will help you operate the footwear more comfortably and properly.

  • Deeper V shape and Boot structure

All cowboy boots are recognized with a deep V collar. Yet, some are designed with a special little deeper V that helps create some more room to fit muscular calves.

Besides, cowboy boots often possess a shaft that usually extends upwards. But the difference is the extension of each type.

Traditional cowboy boots are often designed to be tight at the ankle and gradually extended upwards.

Whereas, some lines like roper cowboy boots extend straight up. Both can fit your big calves depending on the style and preference you want to apply.

Some people with curvy legs often have thick and chubby insteps. So you should also pay attention to whether your boots have enough room for your insteps comfortably.

Some recommended cowgirl boots for wide calves

  • Ankle cowboy boots

One of the top contenders for women’s cowboy boots with big calves is ankle cowboy boots.

If you still can’t find a pair of traditional cowboy boots that fit your calves, then just ignore them!

Ankle height or 1-2 inches above the ankle are favorable height for many people.

It will greatly reduce the trouble of wearing cowboy boots for those who have thick calves.

This is also most recommended in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Ankle cowboy boots are definitely much more versatile and easier to put in or take out than other high-collar boots, especially when standing up or sitting down continuously.

  • Roper cowboy boots

Roper cowboy boots are known for their wide straight-shaped calf circumference.

They are often a sort of below-mid-calf type that won’t touch the biggest part of your thick and muscular calves, making the in-and-out process easier for these people.

The boots are more like practical work boots due to the lower and flat heel which is shorter than that of the traditional ones.

Your thick legs won’t feel much pressure and stress while wearing these comfortable cowboy boots in comparison to the angled and higher heels of traditional cowboy boots.

  • Whatever cowgirl boots with wide calf (of course)

Yes, those who have wide calves need wide-calf boots, obviously.

You can choose the width of the boot shaft to the extent that you feel most comfortable wearing it. It can be snug or loose, depending on your preference.

But we want to emphasize that it doesn’t mean you should wear a pair of boots that are wider than your feet just to fit your calves.

There are many lines of cowboy boots that possess a large shaft to make you feel comfortable enough with your big calves.

Besides, the instep and heel should always be as close to the foot as possible.

If not, it will make the possibility of you twisting your foot or getting sore due to an unnatural gait. This unacceptably leads to bony curvature.

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Wrapping it up

Having wide calves still represents a kind of true beauty where many people find your look by far appealing and healthy.

When it comes to picking a pair of cowboy boots that fit your thick calves, you will always find what you need with our 3 options above.

Leave some comments below if you have something to question us so far!

Thank you and have fun with your cowgirl/cowboy boots.