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A Guide To Applying Mink Oil To Cowboy Boots

A Guide To Applying Mink Oil To Cowboy Boots

Mink oil is one of the most popular products in the cowboy boots world. It can moisturize the leather and provide the necessary amount of oil to make the leather soft, not cracked, durable, and keep its original beauty longer.

In addition, mink oil has another wonderful effect: it can create a barrier to protect the leather from water.

Therefore, all fans of cowboy boots know mink oil as a very effective and affordable accessory.

However, not everyone knows how to apply mink oil properly, especially newbies. In fact, there are a few things you should keep in mind. We will tell you all below!

Key Takeaways

  • To ensure that the mink oil can penetrate deeply and evenly into cowboy boots, you should make sure the boots are clean.
  • Apply a generous amount of mink oil to a horsehair brush or a clean towel and buff thoroughly on the surface of the boots. You should repeat the process 2 to 3 times.
  • If you have trouble getting the mink oil out, wet the brush or towel with warm water and use it to scrub on the mink oil. Or, you can use a hair dryer to make the mink oil melt a bit.
  • You can heat the boot surface after applying mink oil to help it penetrate deeply and effectively (be careful, use low heat).

A Guide To Applying Mink Oil To Cowboy Boots

One of the rules before starting to oil your leather boots is to make sure they are clean. This way, the mink oil can spread over the boot surface evenly without being hindered by nasty stains.

Usually, you should use a leather cleaner or saddle soap in combination with a horsehair brush (or clean towel).

  • Moisten the brush or clean towel, and pre-clean boots to make mud and soil fall off (better to use warm water to moisten).
  • Apply leather cleaner directly onto the boot surface or to the horsehair brush (or damp cloth), then rub evenly and thoroughly on every nook and cranny of the boot surface. For saddle soap, you may need to put some warm water on it so that you can easily get an adequate amount on the brush (or towel).
  • Then, rinse the brush (or towel) and use it while it is still damp to wipe away any remaining residue.
  • Repeat 2 to 3 times for the best effect. Then use a dry towel to wipe the boots, but keep them slightly damp, not too dry to proceed to apply mink oil.

You’re done with the above steps, it’s time to apply mink oil.

mink oil and horsehair brush

  • Use a brush or towel to take an amount of mink oil (there may be some moisture left from the cleaning process).
  • If you’re having trouble getting dry mink oil in the box, you can spray some warm water over it, heat it with a hairdryer, or moisten the brush (towel) with warm water, it will be easier to take out the mink oil because the heat will melt it.
  • Apply mink oil to cowboy boots, then scrub and buff every nook and cranny thoroughly.
  • Once evenly spread, set a hair dryer at low heat, or a boot dryer (if you have one) to dry cowboy boots. The heat will open the pores of the leather, from which the mink oil can penetrate deeper into the surface, nourishing and protecting the boots.
  • Keep repeating the process of applying, rubbing & buffing, and heating, about 2 to 3 coats of mink oil on the surface. It’s done!

A man holding mink oil bottle

Some notes

You should be aware that mink oil can darken leather, so if your boots are white or light-colored, don’t use it.

Mink oil should not be used on hairy leather surfaces such as suede, nubuck, or rough-out leather, as it can easily leave a residue. In addition, it also poses some risks such as hardening and breaking hairs on the surface of these materials.

don't use mink oil on light colored or suede boots

For these special leathers, look for specialized sprays and products for the suede, nubuck or rough-out leather.

You should apply mink oil periodically to protect and maintain the quality of cowboy boots.

If you want to oil cowboy boots to make sure they are well-moisturized and nourished, we have an article on how often each leather needs oiling (classic or exotic leather) here!

Or, if you want to use mink oil to waterproof your cowboy boots, here are the signs telling you when to re-apply mink oil.

Before you leave

In general, the above instructions are basic steps that most fans of the cowboy boot world know. However, I guarantee that many of them still don’t know the full process.

Knowing these basics, you have gone a long way in protecting your cowboy boots against bad actors as mink oil is a must-have product, easy to use, and have a great price.

What are you waiting for? Now, let’s apply mink oil to your cowboy boots!