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Cowboy Boots Curling Up: How To Fix It?

Cowboy Boots Curling Up: How To Fix It?

It is a fact that many cowboy boots, after a long time of wearing, show signs of curved toes. In particular, this often happens in boots with a narrow toe shape.

To explain this, first, look at the tapered toe structure of cowboy boots with a round toe, snip toe, or pointed toe.

However, sometimes the tip of the boot is too far from your toes. With boots that are tight or don’t fit well, when you walk, a great deal of force from your forefoot puts pressure on the vamp and pulls the tip of cowboy boots to curl upwards.

In the past, this was a technical mistake, but this happened so often that it gradually became popular and unique in cowboy boots made by Mexican bootmakers.

Today, though it is rare to see cowboy boots with an extremely curved-up shape, you can still easily find boots that slightly curl up.

Suffice it to say, the bug that causes cowboy boots to curl up at the toe shape still exists these days. Some people like them, but not all.

This article will talk about this problem and how to solve it. It’s very simple, just a tool and a few simple steps.

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • You can stretch your cowboy boots to make them fit your forefoot comfortably, thereby limiting traction on the toe area and making it less likely to curl up.
  • Using boot trees is the best way to reshape the toe of the boots, bringing it back from being curved to straight. However, for better effect, you should soften the boots.
  • The method is very simple, but choose boot trees that are wide enough to fill the entire toe box of cowboy boots. Put them deep inside the boots every night before you go to bed.

Cowboy Boots Curling Up: How To Fix It?

As mentioned above, there are two main things that cause cowboy boots to curl up at the toe. The first thing is their ends are far away from your toes. Second, the fit is not good, usually due to tight forefoot.

cowboy boots with toe curling up

So the first thing that you can do to limit cowboy boots from curling up is to stretch them out if they are tight.

There are many methods to stretch cowboy boots such as using a boot stretcher, boot stretch spray, steam, etc. Or simply take your boots to the cobblers.

How To Stretch Western Cowboy Boots with FootFitter's Western Boot Stretcher

After stretching, you minimize the pulling force from the vamp to the toe of your boots, so they’re less likely to curl up.

If cowboy boots already curl up, you can reshape them by tucking boot trees in.

Boot trees have the main function of shaping and maintaining cowboy boot shape. These tools will bring the curved toe back to its original shape. To maximize the effectiveness, choose boot trees that fit well with cowboy boots to give them some stretch.

Tecovas Men's Boot Trees

Men’s Boot Trees | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

Try to push the boot trees deep inside and fill the entire toe box of the boots.

Before inserting boot trees, make sure your cowboy boots are softer by steaming them or using a leather conditioner, alcohol, lotion, or dryer to soften them. As such, it is much easier to reshape your boots with boot trees.

Leather Care Kit includes Leather Cleaner and Conditioner with Cloth from Tecovas

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

In general, this method is very simple, safe, and effective, you don’t need to worry about steam making your boots moldy because boot trees can absorb moisture.

In addition, many cowboy boots that curl up will appear with wrinkles on the surface, which makes them look bad. Use boot trees, and you’ll avoid that nuisance.

cowboy boots curling up result in wrinkles on the surface

Overall, for all of the above benefits, you should own boot trees to care for cowboy boots whatever your purpose is.

In general, every night before bed, put boot trees in cowboy boots to prevent them from curling up.

Boot trees are easy to find on e-commerce sites. You can also find them in many stores selling cowboy boots. Wherever cowboy boots are present, you can also find boot trees at an affordable price.

Before you leave

In general, the method to keep cowboy boots from curling up is not difficult. Just using boot trees, they are a very cheap and effective tool.

To make sure your boots don’t curl up anymore, you should make them fit better. Cowboy boots that are too tight can cause stress on toe shape and make it curl up, so stretch your boots if necessary.

Besides, softening the cowboy boots before putting the boot trees in will make the process easier, more efficient, and faster.

Good luck!