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Cowboy Boots Without Insoles: Can You Wear Them?

Cowboy Boots Without Insoles: Can You Wear Them?

Cowboy boots in the past had a fairly simple interior structure, largely because they were intended for riding.

However, today cowboy boots are more advanced and improved a lot. They are made up of many new technologies and structures. Among them, the most important feature is the appearance of insoles in cowboy boots.

It may sound strange but not many cowboy boots featured insoles in the past. Though insoles can be used for many purposes, there are still exist some inconveniences.

Today, we’re going to talk about insoles in cowboy boots. Can you really wear cowboy boots without insoles?

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • You can use cowboy boots without insoles if you have strong feet (no unusual symptoms affecting your foot health) and just do low-intensity activity. Otherwise, you should use insoles to ensure comfort and good health.
  • Insoles are widely sold in supermarkets, shoe stores, or e-commerce sites. Nearly all of them can be tucked in and fit cowboy boots.
  • Using the right insole is good for your foot health and work conditions, it is much more comfortable than not using it.

2 Cases you can use Cowboy Boots without Insoles

The first case is when you have a normal foot without any unusual symptoms such as high arches, flat feet, or plantar fasciitis. The second case is when you work in a pleasant condition/terrain with low-intensity work.

Talking about insoles, they offer many types with different effects. Some can be mentioned as shock absorption, cushioning, arch support, heel support, pressure relief, moisture absorption, preventing fatigue, keeping warm, etc.

a girl tries an insole

In general, regarding the insoles of cowboy boots or any other footwear, their main purpose is to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Therefore, you can still use cowboy boots without insoles, but it is surely less comfortable. You will feel it more clearly when you have to work continuously and intensely, or when you have unusual feet.

For example, when standing and walking on the ranch constantly from morning to night, you will easily get tired legs and joint pains due to stress from working all day. The insoles of cowboy boots can mitigate that thanks to shock absorption and cushioning.

Also, if you have high arches, the pressure on the ball of your foot will be more than on other people, leading to soreness in the midfoot bones. In this case, cowboy boots with good arch support insoles will be your savior.

Under certain circumstances, like when it snows, some types of insoles can radiate heat and keep you warm. Besides, they absorb moisture well, so your feet are also drier and warmer.

In the past, cowboy boots were mainly worn by ranchers and constructed to support them in riding. Obviously, ranchers sit more than stand, that’s why traditional cowboy boots are not pedestrian-friendly at all.

Most cowboy boots in the past didn’t have insoles or they just had small pieces of leather pads. These pads didn’t have much support except for the fact that they were pretty cool, moisture-wicking, and soft.

On the contrary, insoles now appear in cowboy boots and provide a higher level of comfort, which makes them closer to the masses.

This shows that while insoles are not required, I still recommend using them.

In fact, insoles are sold a lot, you can find them right at shoe stores, or simply search on e-commerce sites. Choose a pair of insoles that suit your work requirements.


Insole from FORM | Click image for more info on FORM Insoles

Each type of insole, as mentioned, has its strengths. Choosing the right insoles will help you love your cowboy boots even more.

Nearly all insoles on sale can be inserted directly into cowboy boots. You can tuck them in very easily.

A small tip is that you should choose a slightly large insole. If it doesn’t fit, you can trim them to have a proper size for your boots.

Cowboy boots companies like Ariat also have launched many insole products, and their fit is way more guaranteed for your boots.

Before you leave

In general, you can use cowboy boots without insoles if your work intensity is not high and there are no unnatural symptoms in your feet. For light activity, you won’t really feel the need for an insole.

On the contrary, I still recommend you to own cowboy boots with insoles, they not only ensure more comfort but also good health.