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Do Cowboy Boots Come With Insoles?

Do Cowboy Boots Come With Insoles?

Some people ask me if cowboy boots come with insoles because when they tried on a few pairs at a few local bootmakers, they didn’t feel anything under the soles of their feet.

A lot of us still think of cowboy boots as old-fashioned footwear with nothing special aside from their tall construction and no laces.

No no no! Today everything is different.

Today we will clarify this issue in this article. Let’s check it out!

A pair of cowboy boots on the ground

Do cowboy boots have insoles?

Most big cowboy boots brands such as Ariat or Tecovas have applied very modern technologies and structures.

Therefore, you will easily find cowboy boots that have insoles and come with other functions such as sweat absorption, arch support for flat feet, high arches, or plantar fasciitis.

One of the reasons many people wonder whether cowboy boots have insoles is because, in the past, not many traditional cowboy boots had this item in the lining.

Cowboy boots themselves were born for work around the late 18th century to early 19th century. At that time, they didn’t really have insoles because they weren’t made for walking all day purposes.

Instead, they were like a shield to protect the feet of cowboys and ranchers and support them in riding horses. They were manufactured quite simply, are cheap and very durable.

Nowadays, cowboy boots are getting closer and closer to the masses for those who walk more on foot than on horseback. So these boots also have to evolve and change in structure. You can observe this change from the toe shape, typically the appearance of a square toe with lots of room in the toe box; to a variety of lower heels to help you balance easier when walking.

Now let’s come to what you’re looking for, the insole. There are two common insoles in cowboy boots, one is removable and the other is not.

However, not all boots have insoles in their lining. Some old bootmakers have not really grasped the development of the times or deliberately do not want to change. To find cowboy boots with insoles, big brands like Dan Post, Tecovas, Chisos, and Ariat should be trusted.

The Prescott Cowboy boots from Tecovas

The Prescott Cowboy boots from Tecovas | Click the Image for more Info on Tecovas

In fact, the number of bookmakers who do not have insoles for cowboy boots today is very small so you do not need to be too worried.

If you’ve ever owned cowboy boots without an insole, don’t worry, insoles are now very popular and you can easily find them on e-commerce sites. You can absolutely put them in cowboy boots.


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Most cowboy boots today have insoles so you don’t need to worry too much.

Some big brands like Tecovas mainly focus on this part, they have boots that even come with good arch support to help you feel comfortable all day.

Today, cowboy boots are mostly made for pedestrians rather than horseback, so there have been more improvements, typically the technologies applied to them.

If you own a pair of old cowboy boots from an old bootmaker without insoles, buying insoles on the market to put them in is also a good solution, you should do it.

The insole is an important part of cowboy boots for all-day working, you can avoid a lot of pain throughout the joints if your boots have good insoles.