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Cowboy Hats With Holes: 4 Possible Reasons

Cowboy Hats With Holes: 4 Possible Reasons

If cowboy boots have a strange structure, their accompany, the cowboy hat also has a special design.

For example, cowboy hats contain a strip of fabric that rolls around the bottom of the crown, or they have a narrow groove at the top. And, in another case, some sharp-eyed people saw holes in the crown of a hat.

Well, in fact, all of these features have certain meanings. Today, this article will explain to you why holes appear there.

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • Holes on the side of the cowboy hat’s crown make it more breathable and provide better comfort.
  • Later on, these holes add aesthetic and uniqueness to the hat as they come in many different styles.
  • Small holes in the bottom of the crown or on the brim can be used to attach a stampede string.
  • Sometimes, you can use them to hang your hats.

Cowboy hats have holes to increase ventilation

The most obvious and simple reason you can think of is that the holes will help the wearer feel cooler.

In the past, cowboys used to work on the hot, sunny ranch, so cowboy hats cover their heads to keep them stay cool and comfortable all day.

Holes on the side of the hat’s crown are for the very reason. They help circulate air from the outside to the inside, capture precious breezes and cool the head.

old man wears a black cowboy hat with holes on the side

In fact, whether the temperature is hot or cold, the ventilation of a hat is always needed in addition to the shielding function. This will help absorb sweat on your head.

These holes not only make you feel more comfortable but also help the hat less prone to sweat.

Cowboy hats made of straw can be quite airy, but sometimes that’s not enough. Their construction still hugs the heads closely, that’s why holes are there to enhance their breathability. Holes are especially important if the hat is made from canvas, felt, or some durable but less breathable leather.

Later, the holes on the hat also have a decorative effect

When the functional needs have been met, the aesthetic demands will take the throne.

If in the past the holes of straw hats were often shapeless and rather sketchy, things are different today.

Sometimes, you will see those holes as eyelets of shoes, they are round and reinforced by metal rings to ensure greater durability as well as be more beautiful and easy to see.

a white cowboy hat metal holes on the side

Over time, holes become a unique and indispensable part when it comes to cowboy hats. Besides being round, some other variations of holes can be triangular or square.

Several lower and smaller holes for attaching a stampede string (chin strap)

Sometimes, you will see some very small holes at the bottom of the two sides of the crown (or on the brim). They work for you to attach a stampede string, that way you can better fix the hat on your head. However, these holes are usually quite small.

man wears a cowboy hat with stampede string

In some cowboy hats, you won’t see these holes nor stampede string as many people may not like them and the cowboy hat fit is better these days.

However, if you like, you can find a lot of tools to create holes in cowboy hats on your own.

Sometimes, you can use these holes to hang your hats

It’s a bit embarrassing to say, I’ve done this before, I hooked my hat on a small hook on the wall in one lazy and drunken time.

hang cowboy hat

While it is not recommended to do this as you can damage it, I think this could also be a reason, right?

Before you leave

In fact, not all cowboy hats have holes. Many times people don’t need them due to the nature of the job that doesn’t require a lot of ventilation or they just don’t need stampede strings.

Overall, the biggest reason is that in terms of use, it helps with ventilation, which in turn makes your head more pleasant on hot farms all day long.

That’s all!