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Dents on the Top of Cowboy Hats: What does it mean?

Dents on the Top of Cowboy Hats: What does it mean?

When you look closely at the details, you will realize that cowboy hats all have very special structures, which makes them so unique.

For example, cowboy hats have holes on the sides, or a brim curved upwards. These are all features that you cannot find in other popular hats.

Even so, not everyone understands the meanings behind their structure. One of the things that people are often curious about is the dents on the top of the hat.

Well, today’s article will explain it to you.

Key Takeaways

  • Historically, the dents at the top of the crown initially did not appear in the hat structure but were formed by the habits of the wearer. Later, it becomes unique that the manufacturer deliberately designs it to emphasize the identity of the style.
  • The crease and dents on the crown often help cowboys and rancher owners recognize each other and determine which ranch they belong to.
  • Dents on the crown also appear due to the cowboy habit of holding the top of the hat, these dents make it easier for them to hold the hat to put on or take off it.

The top of cowboy boots often features some hollow areas there. Generally, the center crevice that extends from front to back is called the crease. Meanwhile, the hollow areas placed perpendicular to the crease on two sides are called dents.

the center crease and dents on cowboy hat

As you know, not all cowboy hats have holes near the top, neither these dents. They appear in most cowboy hats but not all cowboy hats have them.

In fact, from the earliest days of cowboy hats, they were designed without dents on the top. Behind the center crease and dents on the hat, there are quite a few different stories.

But whatever that story is, the dent is a unique and favorite part of many users. Therefore, manufacturers later intentionally created dents on the hat and make many people think they wear there in the first place.

a man wears The Ranchman umber cowboy hat from Tecovas

The Ranchman cowboy hat | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Story 1: Dents on top of cowboy hats for cowboys to identify each other

During use, dents were formed by ranch owners (cowboys) who wanted to have them on their hats.

The reason is that the ranchers want to recognize each other, when looking at the dents on the top of the hat, they will know that others are also ranchers and which ranch they belong to. You should know that not all dent or crease on the top of a cowboy hat is the same.

two ranchers with cowboy hats

There are quite a few crease styles, such as Cattleman Crease (most popular), Gus Crease, Telescope or Gambler Crease, or The Montana/Tom Mix Crease, etc.

Cowboys usually know each other as a close family of people who work on the ranch. Each style of crease and dents on each hat will represent a person or a ranch or even a small community at that time.

Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Story 2: Dents are on the top to make it easier for cowboys to hold the hat

This can be said to be the most reasonable and convincing hypothesis. Besides the narrow groove on the top center, dents often appear on two sides of the crown.

The crease and dents make it easier to hold the hats, especially when you want to put them on or take them down. Your thumb will be placed at one dent on the side, your index finger on the center crease, and the rest of the fingers will be put on the other dent.

a man holds his cowboy hat

Cowboy hats in the past were not intentionally designed with any creases in mind, so this habit has created the center crease and dents over time.

This makes sense because if you constantly hold the brim, you can completely lose its shape. Not to mention tight-fitting hats, holding the crown will help you easily to put on or take off them.

Before you leave

Today, when it comes to cowboy hats, people will immediately remember the crease and dents on the top as characteristic symbols.

Personally, I love this, which is why my home hats come with a narrow crease in the middle of the crown and two dents on the side.

However, if you don’t like it, there are many cowboy hats on the market that don’t have a crease or dents and they won’t form any creases on the top over time.