Who Makes The Best Western Boots – How Many Types Of Western Boots

There are many famous cowboy boots in the world such as Ariat, Laredo, Dan Post, Durango, Lucchese, Tony Lama …

When you want to find a pair of Cowboy Work Boots or Riding Boots, you can look to Ariat.

When you find Harness Cowboy boots, look to Durango.

If you want to find handmade western boots, look to Soto, Corral, Lucchese or Tony Lama.

Today FromTheGuestRoom brings you a new topic: “Who Makes The Best Western Boots”, you’ll know which brand makes the best western boots.

Buckle up and let’s go!

What are western boots?

Western Boots are the most obvious embodiment of cowboy boots. Their style is a combination of folk art, pop culture of Western America. They are also a close friend of people there.

It can be said that the western boots carry the breath of wild, plus the liberal and strong style of West American.

Besides, western boots are a witness to the American history and wars.

Western boots are often used at parties, dancing, or Rodeo. You can easily catch the people here wearing western boots and dancing on the wooden floor under cheerful music.


Western boots usually have a round or square toe and get very cool motifs on their shaft and vamp. Their heel is usually made from leather with a height around 1.5″.

In fact, the heel of the western boots can be higher or lower, depending on your purpose.

If you’re looking for western boots for horseback riding, then choose boots with heels about 2″ high, they will make your feet hooked to the stirrup.

If you only want to buy comfortable boots for travel, you should choose the western boots with high heels from 1.5″ down.

The back heel is usually 90 degrees above the ground and not inclined like Riding boots.

The shaft of the western boots is quite high, its height is from the middle of the calf upwards. Western boot shaft is typically 11″ to 14″ in height.

Besides, western boot shaft has lots of motifs and row stitches. That’s the most notable feature of western boots, you would feel like having a Van Gogh artwork on the shaft.

Traditional western boots do not have shoelaces (some modern western boots have shoelaces now). However, western boots have leather bootstraps on the sides so you can easily put on.

Western boots without shoelaces are understandable because shoelaces can be completely entangled in stirrup and makes you uncomfortable when riding horses.

Western boots sole are made from leather, rubber or wood. In our opinion, the outsoles made from leather are most comfortable for you when walking.

The rubber outsole gives you flexibility when working outdoors. And the outsole made of wood makes fun sounds when dancing.

The materials for making western boots are usually cowhide, crocodile or ostrich leather.

Who can wear western boots?


(If you’re a man, you absolutely get to buy at least one western boot in your life.)

Because the western boots are usually only 1.5 inches high, with flat and wide soles (Ariat and Laredo’s western boots have arch support), square and round toe. For that reason, regardless of what kind of foot you have (flat, wide, high arch … ), the western boots can pamper your feet.

So, whether you’re working outside the vast meadows, or in offices, a pair of western boots is still a good choice.

How many types of western boots?

There are 8 different western boots in total. Their differences are in the sole, heel, shaft or toe shape.

Those characteristics we mentioned above are the basic designs for all western boots.

Now, let’s jump to the differences of some types of western boots!

1/ Traditional western boots

Traditional western boots own all the things in the design section below. But their outsoles are made of leather.

You can find many beautiful western boots from brands such as Laredo, DanPost …

2/ Western riding Boots

The most noticeable difference between western riding boots and traditional western boots is the height of heel and the shape of the back heel.

The heel of traditional western boots is only 1″ to 1.5″ tall and it is vertical to the ground. Meanwhile, the heel of western riding boots is 2″ or higher, it is tilted at an angle of 60 – 70 to the ground.

In addition to the square toe and wide square toe, the toe shape of Western riding boots is a snip toe and pointed toe. The boots easily slip into the stirrup with their fairly narrow toe box.

Ariat brand has a lot of nice western riding boots.

3/ Western work boots

Western work boots can be identified easily through their soles. Western work boots usually have thick rubber sole and low heels.

Regarding the toe box, it is quite wide, comfortable with plenty of room for your toes to be flexible. There are square toes, wide square toes or round toes.

This structure makes the boots durable, comfortable and smooth for you to wear throughout the day.

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4/ Stockman

“Pack up and hit the road”. This motto is the best description for Stockman.

Stockman design is a hybrid of traditional western boots and western work boots.

Stockman boots have wide, flat soles and rubber outsoles. Stockman have low heels with wide toe boxes.

Those are the basic characteristics of Stockman, but you can easily recognize the stockman boots by looking at its Scallop (it has a deeper throat).

We love to wear stockman boots for picnics, long trips…

Laredo and Ariat have stockman boots that are for “strong and wild” souls.

5/ Roper boots

This boots is a combination of western boots and dress boots, so it gets a very interesting beauty.

You can easily identify a pair of roper boots by looking at its shaft and toe shape.

Roper boots have a short shaft, usually up to mid calf. Also, the tip of Roper boots is round toe. The heel of the roper boots is also low, only around 1″. The outsole can be made from leather or rubber depending on each pair.

The roper boots’ shaft is less decorative than the other western boots.

You can search for Roper boots at Ariat and eRoper.

6/ Short western boots

As the name implies, short western boots are very short. The height of this boot is only a little higher than the ankle or even lower.

If not counting the short shaft, it can be said that the rest of short western boots are not much different from the traditional western boots.

You can look for short western boots in Very Volatile, Rocket Dogs …

7/ Buckaroo western boots

It is said that Buckaroo western boots are the most colorful boots. The shaft often has a distinct color from the vamp. A lot of details and textures on the shaft create eye-catching and strong accents.

This boot is easy to impress the crowd because the shaft is not only rich in eye-catching colors but also in the very long shafts (might up to over 14 “).

Buckaroo western boots should appear in fashion shows, music shows, and dance shows, because they are highlights in the crowd.

Buckaroo western boot customers are inclined to buy handmade boots, because of the sophistication, fussy, and “improvisation” that western boots artists bring.

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8/ Harness Western Boots

Yes, it sounds strange, but it is a unique early creation of Durango.

A pair of Harness Western boots is a combination of the shaft and heel of Western boots plus the ankle and toe of Harness boot.

This is also a very interesting western boot that you should try.

Who Makes The Best Western Boots?

Here we’re going to show you the brands that make the best western boots.

There will be brands that make the best western riding boots.

Or brands that make the best western work boots.

And brands that make the best Western Buckaroo boots.


We will list them all for you.

1/ Laredo

We have mentioned a lot about the Laredo brand above. In the eyes of FromTheGuestRoom, Laredo is the symbol of traditional western boots.

Laredo western boot design is very diverse in shaft color. You will stand out with such cool colors.

Laredo also has many beautiful products such as stockman and western work boots.

2/ Dan Post

The same parent company with Laredo, it is not difficult to realize that western boot line is a specialty of Dan Post.

What is the difference between the western boots of Laredo and Dan Post?

That’s the color and texture on the shaft. Dan Post western boots are favored by the cool colors and textures. The color is usually dark, black …

Meanwhile, Laredo is more colorful with many bright colored boots.

Dan Post also has other types of western boots such as western riding boots

3/ Ariat

When it comes to big names in the cowboy boots industry, it will be a huge omission if you don’t know Ariat.

This is a cowboy boots company with a wide coverage and distribution all over the world. Ariat quality has been verified when it is the leading sponsor of many small and big sports events, Rodeo…

Ariat has a variety of cowboy boots, including western boots. You will easily find the beautiful western work boots or western riding boots in Ariat.

4/ Durango

Harness western boots is the specialty that makes Durango famous.

Durango always makes people happy because the boots are extremely comfortable and durable with a masculine, strong appearance.

With Durango, you have one more option to hit the road.

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5/ Twisted X

Twisted X is famous for its western work boots and buckaroo boots. Twisted X boots are characterized by a variety of colors on the shaft.

We greatly appreciate their buckaroo boots. These boots are very nice and “standard”.

Apart from these two product lines, Twisted X does not have a variety of other cowboy boots. Hopefully, they can develop more new cowboy boots.

6/ eRoper

Like the name of this brand, eRoper is very famous for Roper Western Boots.

The roper boots of this brand are usually quite low. They are lower than the mid calf and only higher than the ankle.

The models of eRoper Roper boots are also very diverse from elegant boots to wild boots.

Roper boots are often known for round toes. With eRoper, the toe box can be a snip toe or square toe.

Short Western Boots is also a dominance of eRoper. They have very nice cowgirl short boots that are easy to wear with skinny jeans or dresses for women.

7/ Lucchese

For cowboy boot collectors, handmade boots are indispensable in their collections.

That’s when you think of Lucchese. They get elegant beauty along with the creativity of over-137-years-of-experience artisans. What do you worry about when choosing Lucchese?

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8/ Corral

We know that handmade cowboy boot lovers are always afraid of one thing: PRICE.

Yes, the price of handmade cowboy boots is always very high. So, why not try Corral boots?

Corral brand has the mission of bringing users handmade sophisticated and eye-catching boots.

Probably, it takes no time to decide to buy a pair of Corral’s western boots.

9/ Tony Lama

A valuable American asset: Tony Lama.

Tony Lama is proud to be a brand of handmade and completely cowboy boots in the US.

We appreciate the traditional western boots of Tony Lama, they have the cool look that anyone wants to own.

10/ Very Volatile

Very Volatile is famous for its short western boots. The western boots of this brand are very feminine and easy to coordinate. These boots serve a variety of purposes, from office works to parties. Besides, if you look for traditional western boots, Very Volatile is always ready to have such boots for you.

Very Volatile is famous not only for short western boots but also for a variety of footwear.

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