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What Cowboy Boots Are Made in America?

What Cowboy Boots Are Made in America?

Cowboy boots, the jewel of the western United States, represent the whole culture of this vast land.

There were a lot of cowboy boots made in the United States. Unfortunately, today there aren’t many cowboy boots entirely made in the hometown of cowboys.

What cowboy boots are still being born in their home country? Today’s article will list for you what cowboy boots are made in America!

Let’s Get It Started!

What Cowboy Boots Are Made in America?

There are many different reasons that many famous cowboy boot brands are no longer made in the United States, and economic reasons are the most common.

See more reasons why cowboy boots are no longer producing much in the US here!

The current cowboy boots still made in the US are mostly handmade cowboy boots. These include Lucchese, Anderson Bean, Tony Lama, J.B. Hill Boot Company…

In addition to handmade cowboy boots, there are quite a few cowboy boots made by machines in the US.

We can mention Nocona Boots, Justin Boots, Double-H Boots,…

We will introduce you to 9 more brands of cowboy boots in the United States

The 9 brands of cowboy boots that are the pride of America:

1. Justin Boots

  • Founded year: 1879
  • Place of production: Texas – USA
  • Products made in the US include major product lines
  • Not all Justin products are made in the United States. Currently, the number of products made in the US has decreased to only 15 -20%

man wears jeans and roper cowboy boots

2. Anderson Bean

  • Founded year: 1989
  • Place of production: Mercedes, Texas, USA in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Completely handmade
  • Anderson Bean boots are required to be produced in Texas USA to ensure the best quality and the most sophistication for their boots.

cowboy boots with blue shaft

3. Double-H Boots

  • Founded year: 1955
  • Place of production: Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Boots produced at Martinsburg, PA facility – Made in the US with Global Parts
  • This brand features durable materials and exceptional models for boots

4. Lucchese Boot

  • Founded year: 1883
  • Place of production: El Paso, Texas
  • The Lucchese brand possesses the secret of manufacturing specialized cowboy boots
  • Proven craftsmanship creates exclusive and distinctive boots

5. Nocona Boots

  • Founded year: 1925
  • Place of production: El Paso, Texas
  • With the distinctive spirit of the businesswoman in 1925, she created fabulous boots
  • With the criteria “stand out in the crowd”, we have a creative and ambiguous Nocona

skinny legs and black cowboy boots

6. Rios of Mercedes

  • Founded year: 1853
  • Place of production: Mercedes, South Texas town
  • The oldest cowboy boots brand with over 160 years of experience in making handmade boots
  • The high level of the brand of Rios of Mercedes is undeniable

7. Tony Lama Boots

  • Founded year: 1911
  • Place of production: El Paso, Texas
  • The Tony Lama brand has a long history with diverse product lines for women, children and men.
  • With over 100 years of experience in making handmade boots, the product has superior materials and meticulous designs

black lizard cowboy boots

8. The Frye Company

  • Founded year: 1863
  • Place of production: Unfortunately, the brand Frye Boots has moved its factory to China. However, major and special product lines are still being produced in the US
  • With more than 156 years of experience, Frye is not only famous for cowboy boots in particular but also for different types of boots in general.
  • Their specialties are leather boots that are smooth and glossy. This is a great choice for those who enjoy the beauty of simplicity.

a tall cowboy boot with high angled heel

9. Abilene Boot Company

  • Founded year: 1980
  • Place of production: Pennsylvania
  • Over 4 turbulent decades, preserving and promoting the traditional characteristics of Western boots are still the outstanding strength of the Abilene brand.
  • Affordable with Top quality is Abilene’s vision

black brown cowboy boots

Are any Ariat boots made in the USA?

Ariat cowboy boots are produced in many places of the world such as Asia (China), Europe (Italy) and America (USA, Mexico).

However, in fact, the majority of Ariat cowboy boots are produced in Asia, just a few Ariat cowboy boots are made in the US.

a man is putting on American flag cowboy boots

Ariat boots made in the US can be mentioned as the Two24 product line which is handcrafted in America.

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Are Laredo boots made in USA?

When buying Laredo cowboy boots, you often see this brand described as made in the USA or imported.

This means that not all Laredo cowboy boots are made in the United States but in other countries (mostly China).

Laredo cowboy boots

Or you can also understand that cowboy boots are assembled with materials from many different places, such as leather sewn in the US but the sole is imported abroad.

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Are Lucchese boots made in the USA?

Lucchese is a very famous brand for handmade cowboy boots in the US. And it can be said that most of their cowboy boots are handcrafted in the US.

black Lucchese cowboy boot

Lucchese cowboy boots are mainly made in El Paso, Texas, USA and sometimes in Italy.

It is undeniable that Lucchese is a precious gem of America.

Before you leave

Hopefully, after this article you have found your own cowboy boots made in the US.

For those who love cowboy boots, along with the tradition and culture it represents, cowboy boots made in the United States have great significance.

Don’t be too “worried” when cowboy boots are made in Mexico, because Mexico is also the birthplace of true cowboys.