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Where Are Laredo Boots Made? and FAQs

Where Are Laredo Boots Made? and FAQs
  • This brand always keeps the traditional western identity in the style of cowboy boots.
  • This is the brand that owns western boots with good quality and high aesthetics at the top of the market today.
  • This is a brand of boots that has diverse designs along with impressive motifs.
  • This is a brand that imbues the essence of cowboy culture.

Yes, that’s the Laredo brand.

We used to introduce you to the Ariat brand. Today, let’s join us to discover interesting things about Laredo – a very famous brand for Western cowboy boots.

Let’s go!

Where Are Laredo Boots Made?

The answer is: Laredo has many products made in the US or Imported (usually from China, Mexico, and India).

The Laredo brand belonged to McRae Industries of Mt. Gilead, North Carolina, USA from 2002 to 2006. Besides, this company also owns many other brands such as Dan Post, Dingo, etc.

However, around this time, McRae Industries officially changed its name to Dan Post Boot Company. So, Laredo cowboy boots now exactly belong to Dan Post Boot Company. The Laredo brand was founded to target customers looking for affordable cowboy boots.

When buying Laredo cowboy boots online, you will hardly know where they are made without reading reviews from previous customers.

But if you buy Laredo boots at the store, look inside, they print the name of the manufacturer on the inside of the boots, right on the lining (like most boot brands do).

Man wear black lizard cowboy boots with khakis

Are Laredo boots good quality?

In general, the cowboy boots of the Laredo brand are of good quality, have diverse designs, cool colors or eye-catching.

It offers diverse products for both men and women, especially its main product line: traditional western boots.

Besides, the affordable price is also the highlight of Laredo boots.

With more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing cowboy boots, the quality and craftsmanship of Laredo are indisputable.

Reviews for Laredo boots on Amazon are usually very good. You can easily find a Laredo cowboy boot when entering the keyword “cowboy boots” in the search bar.

If I look for classic cowboy boots with a distinctive western motif, I will definitely think of the Laredo brand.

Do Laredo boots fit true to size?

It does not depend on what brand of boots. Whether the boots fit true to size or not depends on the different boots.

Before buying cowboy boots, you should take a look at product reviews from people who have bought them before.

Maybe their advice will be good for you (Should you go half a size down or up, for example).

If no one has bought the product before you. You should learn how to buy cowboy boots that fit your size. We have very detailed instructions here.

In general, most people find that Laredo boots do fit true to size compared to other brands, so we think there is no need to worry too much.

Of course, buying boots that no one has purchased before will have certain risks.

You have the right to return Laredo boots within 60 days (See Laredo’s return policy here)

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2 pairs of cowboy boots

Are Laredo boots waterproof?

Depending on the product line of the Laredo brand. In general, cowboy boots made from genuine leather are resistant to certain water.

However, if there is no information from the manufacturer that the boots are waterproof, do not expose them to too much water.

For Laredo cowboy boots is no exception. Even so, Laredo has Work Boots that are waterproof, so feel free to use them despite the rain.

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How do you care for Laredo boots?

Laredo’s main products are traditional cowboy boots, and they’re mostly made from leather and suede.

Therefore, we can use the methods of leather shoe/boot care to apply for Laredo cowboy boots.

We have a thorough guide on how to take care of cowboy boots made from leather and suede here.

Mans wear cowboy boots and jeans sit on the wooden fence

Are Laredo boots comfortable?

Of course.

Laredo’s cowboy boots have two main types: Western boots and Stockman.

Most of Laredo’s cowboy boots have a traditional and classic western style. If you notice, Laredo cowboy boots often share some common features in construction: standard-high heel, round toe, square toe and wide, flat outsole.

Besides, Laredo boots also have breathable linings and cushion insoles. The outsole of boots is usually made of leather and rubber.

What is the purpose of such a structure? Most of Laredo’s boots make their users completely comfortable.

In addition, Laredo also develops cowboy work boots, which are also extremely comfortable to wear.

I am a person with very wide feet and always feel cramped when wearing cowboy boots with a narrow toe. But when wearing Laredo cowboy boots, I no longer experience that discomfort. Such a relief!

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I was SURPRISED by Stillwater Laredo Cowboy Boots!

Before you leave

In summary, we think Laredo cowboy boots are worth your money. Laredo is a very good choice for Western and Stockman boots lovers.

Laredo’s cowboy boots not only look good outside, but they also are comfortable inside.

“Go western without going broke!”, that’s what Laredo guarantees for sure! This brand offers very affordable cowboy boots.

As for the size of the boots, it is also easy to choose since most Laredo boots fit true to size.

Although Laredo is not as diverse as Ariat cowboy boots, it still owns the three most popular types of cowboy boots: Western boots, Stockman, and Cowboy Work Boots.

Besides, cowboy boots of Laredo have good durability and last for a long time. Ladero boots normally last for 5 or 6 years, or even up to 10 years or more (if you take good care of them).

In fact, there are some people who can use cowboy boots for a very long time (8 – 15 years).

Dennis Porter

Wednesday 24th of March 2021

I recently bought the Loreto python western boot. There is a composite or rubber over the boot, but not the shaft. Is this material suppose to stay on the boot. If not; how are you to remove the material. Thank you, Dennis


Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Actually, I don't know much about this situation. So I will leave your problem here and let's see if anyone can help you. Stay tuned, Dennis.