Top 10 Best Famous Cowboy Boots Brands in 2020

Cowboy boots are one of the favourite accessories for men or those who prefer wild styles. Besides, these boots also show the sexy curves of women making them the indispensable items in the wardrobe of every girl.

Today, many brands of cowboy boots have developed more beautiful and edgy products. With an elegant and sophisticated design, the cowboy boots now are suitable to the tastes of modern times.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the opportunities to own all sorts of cowboy boots from all brands.

And knowing the brands of cowboy boots to choose a pair that fits your style is a necessity.

For your information, these are some common questions you would like to know:

What are the famous Cowboy Boots Brands?

What is the most expensive brand of cowboy boots?

What boot brands are made in the USA?

What is the best brand of women cowboy boots?

Do not worry, we are here to answer every question for you!

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What are the famous Cowboy Boots Brands?

Here are the top 10 most famous cowboy boots brands today

1/ Ariat – King on Amazon

If you go to Amazon and enter the keyword: Cowboy boots. Eventually, 80% of search results come to Ariat brand cowboy boots. They offer many different cowboy boots for both men and women. (See more: Difference Between Mens and Womens Cowboy Boots – The Most Obvious Differences)

Ariat boots are very diverse for all ages and serve many purposes (diverse in heels, toe shapes, designs…).

Moderately priced, these boots range from cheap to expensive prices, you can easily choose an Ariat boot on Amazon that fits your pocket.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Ariat brand is the king of cowboy boots on Amazon.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

2/ Lucchese – King of handmade cowboy boots

You don’t want your cowboy boots to be “look-alike”, try one handmade boot of Lucchese.

With over 130 years of experience in making cowboy boots, each pattern on the boots is made as exquisite as possible. Besides, Lucchese boots are famous for western cowboy boots.

If you want to own unique and special boots that a few people have, this brand will not let you down.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the king of handmade cowboy boots!

However, it should be noted that this brand’s boots are very expensive (manual making!), you need to choose carefully before buying to avoid unnecessary trouble. (See more: What Size Cowboy Boots Do I Need? – All You Need To Know Before You Buy A Pair Of Boots)

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

3/ Justin Boots – Unique combination between modern and classic

Modern and classic, youthful and wild, elegant and seductive… this must be a brand that pleases even fastidious customers.

If you want to buy a pair of western boots but don’t want to be as an “old” guy, choose Justin affordable boots. This brand has diverse models with a youthful style and dynamic design, definitely suitable for all ages.

These boots are specially designed for comfortable wearing all day long. For that reason, they are really great for working, hanging out with friends and taking long field trips.

With such a long history since 1879, the quality of boots of this brand is indisputably confirmed.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

4/ Dan Post Western Boots – Brand for true cowboys

This cowboy boot brings a masculine and strong feeling for men, while giving women a slim appearance with gentle curves. The shaft is quite tall with a mysterious black or dark brown. With high heels, you will have the swagger of a true cowboy – “only for true cowboy and cowgirl, no wannabes allowed”.

This is a legendary brand that specializes in Western cowboy boots.

If you’re looking for boots like Rick Dalton (Leonardo Dicaprio) in “Once upon a time in Hollywood”, this brand is a perfect fit for you.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

5/ Durango – Meticulousness brings miracles

Details, details and details, meticulous details of each pattern and every elaborate stitch line .. are what we are talking about Durango brand.

Durango product line has a relatively lower height than cowboy boots of other brands. There are more accentuated patterns,  low heeled boots, wide and flat soles.

This is a super product about stylized cowboy boots – very cool and easy to attract attention.

Besides, the price is quite cheap and affordable, this is a big plus point for this brand.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

6/ Tony Lama Handcrafted Boots – Worth every penny

Like the Lucchese brand, Tony Lama is also a well-known handmade cowboy boot brand. Since the price is quite expensive, Tony Lama gives you a pair of cowboy boots that are luxurious, noble, cool and extremely stylish.

With over 100 years of experience in making cowboy boots, the Tony Lama brand is indisputably quality. These boots are great for big parties, night games…

As for the high price, you should carefully consider the size of cowboy boots before buying.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

7/ Soto Handcrafted boots – Golden boy cowboy boots industry

It’s also a brand that makes manual cowboy boots, but at a more affordable price than Lucchese and Tony Lama.

Though Soto was born late, this brand has been gradually confirming their skills over time. Established in 2001, Soto has been famous for providing premium quality crafts at affordable prices so far.

If you love a pair of handmade boots, the Soto brand is a trusted brand!

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

8/ Frye Boot Company – Premium quality comes from a long history

Frye Boot Company has over 157 years of experience in cowboy boots manufacturing and trading.

This brand provides diverse models with continuous improvement in each product. Moreover, high professional skills have been tested over time.

Frye Company with its very own style has gained the hearts and trust of consumers.

Affordable prices and diverse, unique designs are what Frye Company aims at.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

9/ Anderson Bean Boots – The colour of freedom

If you are looking for eye-catching cowboy boots that attract attention from everyone, Anderson Bean Boots brand is a great choice for you.

With diverse and unique colours, beautiful and striking textures, the attraction of Anderson Bean Boots is definitely undeniable!

These boots are made from the hands of craftsmen from Texas and the price is a bit cheaper than the Tony Lama brands.

With more than 150 years of experience, this brand is great for cowboy boots handmade lovers.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:


Horse Power boots – New line of Anderson Bean Boots

In addition to the handmade product line, Anderson Bean Boot Company has also developed a new line of Horse Power industrial cowboy boots – more affordable, many new designs, especially comfortable.

These boots are produced in Leon, Mexico and made from premium leather. The soles are wide and soft with standard or low heels. Light and flexible are the two most prominent features of these products.

This line is very suitable for daily boots users or those who like riding, hanging out or going for a picnic.

However, we still prefer the original Anderson Bean Boot handmade product line than this new one.

Product Highlights

10/ Nocona Boots

Don’t misspell this brand! Nocona, not Corona …

Founded by businesswoman Enid Justin in 1925 – an era when a businesswoman was like a rare breed.

The fashion of cowboy boots she created is always as special as herself. She brings a completely unique and outstanding motif with exclusive designs regardless of convention.

All of these have created an unmistakable style of Nocona boots.

Affordable with varied designs – everything you are looking for your boots placed in this brand.

Featured products for men:

Featured products for women:

See more about coordinating with cowboy boots to choose the style that suits you.

What is the most expensive brand of cowboy boots?

Through the article “What are famous Cowboy Boots Brands?”, we can see that handmade cowboy boots prices range from expensive to extremely expensive!

As for the high price, we get the boots with smoothness and sophistication in each stitch and the attraction from the designs to the motifs.

The brand we refer to is J.B. Hill Boot Company.

J.B. Hill Boot Company was founded in 1996, with a factory in El Paso, Texas. It may not be the oldest brand of boots, but this is definitely the brand with the most expensive products.

For all Alligator boots, the price of boots ranges from about $ 800 for the cheapest pair up to over $ 5,500 for the expensive pair.

Cowboy boots of this brand are diverse in models with classic designs and stand out with western cowboy boots line. Many prices to choose from. $ 5500 for a pair of boots, are you kidding me? …

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

But never mind, there are brands of handcrafted cowboy boots at a more affordable price. We will list the top 3 brands with the highest price on Amazon and their representative products. [Update 2020]

Luchesse Cowboy Boots
3$$ - 4$$
Ranking 3 of the most expensive Cowboy Boots Brands
  • Handmade
  • Founded on February 24, 1868 in El Paso, Texas
  • Impress others’ eyes with luxurious and elegant style
  • Suitable for parties, gatherings…
  • Cowboy boots for men range from 3$$ to 4$$
  • Cowboy boots for women range from 1$$ to 3$$
  • Check Price on Amazon
    Tony Lama Cowboy Boots
    4$$ - 5$$
    Ranking 1 of the most expensive Cowboy Boots Brands
  • Handmade
  • Founded on February 24, 1868 in El Paso, Texas
  • Impress others’ eyes with luxurious and elegant style
  • Suitable for parties, gatherings…
  • Cowboy boots for men range from 3$$ to 4$$
  • Cowboy boots for women range from 2$$ to 3$$
  • Check Price on Amazon
    Anderson Bean Boots
    3$$ - 4$$
    Ranking 2 of the most expensive Cowboy Boots Brands
  • Handmade
  • Founded in 1989 in Mercedes, Texas
  • Diverse and unique colors, beautiful and striking motifs
  • Irresistible attraction boots
  • Cowboy boots for men range from 3$$ to 4$$
  • Cowboy boots for women range from 3$$ to 4$$
  • Check Price on Amazon

    What cowboy boots brands are made in the USA?

    Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

    Let’s take a look at Top 9 brands of cowboy boots that are the pride of America:

    1/ Justin Boots

    • Founded year: 1879
    • Place of production: Texas – USA
    • Products made in the US include major product lines
    • Not all Justin products are made in the United States. Currently, the number of products made in the US has decreased to only 15 -20%

    Product Highlights

    2/ Anderson Bean

    • Founded year: 1989
    • Place of production: Mercedes, Texas, USA in the Rio Grande Valley.
    • Completely handmade
    • Anderson Bean boots are required to produce in Texas USA to ensure the best quality and the most sophistication for their boots.

    Product Highlights

    3/ Double-H Boots

    • Founded year: 1955
    • Place of production: Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
    • Boots produced at Martinsburg, PA facility – Made in the US with Global Parts
    • This brand features durable materials and exceptional models for boots

    Product Highlights

    4/ Lucchese Boot 

    • Founded year: 1883
    • Place of production: El Paso, Texas
    • Lucchese brand possesses the secret of manufacturing specialized in cowboy boots
    • Proven craftsmanship creates exclusive and distinctive boots

    Product Highlights

    5/ Nocona Boots

      • Founded year: 1925
      • Place of production: El Paso, Texas
      • With the distinctive spirit of the businesswoman in 1925, she created fabulous boots
      • With the criteria “stand out in the crowd”, we have a creative and ambiguous Nocona

    Product Highlights

    6/ Rios of Mercedes

    • Founded year: 1853
    • Place of production: Mercedes, South Texas town
    • The oldest cowboy boots brand with over 160 years of experience in making handmade boots
    • The high level of the brand of Rios of Mercedes is undeniable

    Product Highlights

    7/ Tony Lama Boots

      • Founded year: 1911
      • Place of production: El Paso, Texas
      • The Tony Lama brand has a long history with diverse product lines for women, children and men.
      • With over 100 years of experience in making handmade boots, the product has superior materials and meticulous designs

    Product Highlights

    8/ The Frye Company

    • Founded year: 1863
    • Place of production: Unfortunately, the brand Frye boots has moved its factory to China. However, major and special product lines are still being produced in the US
    • With more than 156 years of experience, Frye is not only famous for cowboy boots in particular, but also known for different types of boots in general.
    • With specialities are leather boots, smooth, glossy. This is a great choice for those who enjoy the beauty of simplicity.

    Product Highlights

    9/ Abilene Boot Company

    • Founded year: 1980
    • Place of production: Pennsylvania
    • Over 4 turbulent decades, preserving and promoting the traditional characteristics of Western boots are still the outstanding strength of the Abilene brand.
    • Affordable with Top quality is Abilene’s vision

    Product Highlights


    What is the best brand of women cowboy boots?

    About a century ago, cowboy boots were the symbol of Western American men, we can now see the rise of cowboy boots for women.

    Some brands of cowboy boots are only for women. They come with eye-catch and diverse designs bringing the feminine, attractive and sexy style.

    Autumn and winter fashion are also golden occasions for cowboy boots. You will easily catch plenty of cowboy boots on the street on these seasons. Cowboy boots always look very stylish, modern and attractive.

    Let’s have a look at 11 brands of cowboy boots that are popular with women!

    Top 11 brands of best cowboy boots for women

    1/ Charles Albert

    If you like the boots that are a bit dynamic, flexible and street style. The Charles Albert cowboy boots for women is a smart choice.

    This brand features low-height cowboy boots with a short shaft and cushioned sole for relaxing your feet. Their boots are not only suitable for autumn-winter fashion but also for summer outfits. (Read more about Summer cowboy boots fashion)

    These boots are affordable and have various colours. For that reason, this is a good item for stylish and modern girls.

    Product Highlights

    2/ Rocket Dog

    When you see the brand name, you probably imagine its style…

    Yes, the distressed, wild and street style are the characteristics of this female cowboy boots brand.

    Occupying more locations on Amazon real estate than the Charles Albert brand, the Rocket Dog brand has more impressive designs for women. With so many cool accessories decorated on boots, sometimes it makes wearer like a real gangster.

    The colour is usually dark brown or black giving the wearer a cool style. Moreover, it creates a liberal appearance in the eyes of others. All of that is what Rocket Dog brings to you!

    Product Highlights

    3/ Carlos Santana

    Features of Carlos Santana’s fashion style are Ankle Boots, Knee High Boots and some Motorcycle Boots…

    Carlos Santana boots also look cool with dark and dark brown colours, but most of Carlos Santana’s boots have a lower heel height than Charles Albert and Rocket Dog boots. Normally, the majority of heels are standard height, lower than other women’s boots. (Read more: Different Types Of Heels On Cowboy Boots )

    The reason for the low height heel is because Carlos Santana aims to use boots for a long time, creating the most comfortable as possible. Therefore, this brand is often used for many different purposes.

    Product Highlights

    4/ Coconuts by Matisse

    Different from the three brands above, Coconuts by Matisse pursues elegant style for office staffs or feminine and friendly girls.

    In addition to the two main boots (Ankle and Bootie), Coconuts by Matisse also owns many western boots that are very eye-catching.

    Bright colours, modern, youthful, with short boots feature makes this brand not only suitable in the winter but also excellent for summer wear.

    These are typical boots suitable for the workplace as the heel is not too high, easy to put on or take off. Also, these boots are designed suitable for girls with narrow feet.

    Product Highlights

    5/ Very Volatile

    Very Volatile is famous for its western boots. It is made from high-quality leather, standard or high heels with fairly flat and wide soles.

    These western boots are certified to improve gait, back, etc. Also, it makes the wearer look taller. Not to mention that it gives you the swagger of a genuine cowboy.

    If the girls are looking for a pair of western boots, Very Volatile is the best choice for them.

    Product Highlights

    6/ SODA Boots

    SODA Boots is one of the brands with the most diversity from designs to colours.

    This brand offers various colours: blood red, dark yellow, glossy black, dark brown and light brown,… As for the design, it includes Bootie, Ankle, Knee High, Western…

    SODA brand is very suitable for girls who love colourful and dynamic style.

    Product Highlights

    7/ SheSole boots

    Not only famous for brand boots, but Shesole is also known for other footwear products.

    As for the cowboy boots, the best of Shesole is the Western boots.

    Lots of textures, bright, leathery textures, pretty thick leather boots. These are great boots for your fall and winter fashion.

    Unlike many other women’s cowboy boots focusing on pointed toes, the Shesole brand also develops round toes though it is usually less used by women.

    Product Highlights

    8/ Lucchese

    Maybe there’s no need to talk too much about this brand of cowboy boots (We already mentioned them above).

    Meticulous, meticulous and meticulous, Lucchese brand always gives us the great experience of wearing cowboy boots. These boots are exquisite in every stitch and feminine in every curve.

    You will stand out most of the crowd when wearing any boots of this brand.

    Product Highlights

    9/ Roper

    Roper boots are made from 100% distressed brown leather, sturdy leather with a short shaft, flat and wide sole. They are easy to put on or take off since plenty of space in the boots provide rooms for your foot relaxing.

    This brand is perfect for active and energetic girls who like hanging out, working outdoors or travelling.

    Product Highlights

    10/ Soto boots

    Soto is a late-born child of the Cowboy cowboy village. However, in recent years, Soto cowboy boots have made great strides in design, colour, and texture.

    Not to mention the Soto brand is a brand of manual cowboy boots but with a cheaper price, more accessible to everyone.

    Breakthrough and creativity are the best words to describe the Soto cowboy boots brand.

    These boots are very suitable for stylish women – modern but remain the classic features of the western boots.

    Product Highlights

    11/ Durango

    Over half a century of establishment and development, Durango always keeps itself very distinct from other brands.

    Whether male or female boots, Durango offers boots that are stylish and powerful. It also makes the wearer feel higher and more confident.

    This brand suits for the haughty girls who are chased by many cowboys.

    Product Highlights

    Read more about Different Types Of Heels On Cowboy Boots to choose the type of heel suitable for you

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