Are Durango Boots Any Good? – Review | The 5 Best Durango Cowboy Boots 2020

In addition to the famous Ariat brand, Lucchese, Dan Post, Laredo and Tony Lama are very familiar brands. Besides, there is an attractive destination for cowboy boot fans: Durango.

The Durango brand has its own cowboy boots with exclusive style and design.

Today, join FromTheGuestRoom for a review of Durango cowboy boots!

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History of Durango boots

Durango cowboy boots first appeared in 1966. Over a half century of evolution and development, today’s Durango is one of the symbols of the distinctive style of Western boots.

Durango released cowboy boots with an energetic and charismatic appearance inspired by the Old West’s spirit and adventure.

The parent company of Durango is Georgia Boot. They did not initially produce cowboy boots, but their main line was work boots.

However, after taking endless inspiration from western boot collections, they produced western boots that are a hybrid of today’s Durango cowboy boots and work boots.

In 1990, line dancing, country music and western fashion rebounded with a wave of love for large motorcycles. Durango launched Harness boots to keep up with the times and trends.

In 2002, Durango started to focus on traditional cowboy boots with ranch & farm footwear. They try to bring the lifestyle and breath of Western boots into every pair of boots.

In 2004, the parent company Georgia Boot was acquired by Rocky Brands. And of course, Durango became a member of Rocky Brands (Rocky is the parent company).

From 2004 up to now, Durango has continued to be a very successful brand because of the strong and innovative cowboy boots. And Rocky has become a global footwear brand.

Are Durango Boots any Good?

To determine whether Durango’s boot is good or not, we need to consider the following factors:


The design of Durango cowboy boots is not quite the same as that of traditional cowboy boots. Actually, it’s a creative hybrid between cowboy boots and work boots.

You can see most Durango cowboy boots have low heels with thick soles made of rubber. Also, the shaft of Durango boots is usually quite low.

Durango cowboy boots are highly safe with steel toe and steel shank. Besides, the arch support is also a highlight of Durango boots.

You might be wondering if the above details make Durango like a pair of work boots. But no, apart from the aforementioned details, the Durango boots shaft and vamp motifs are purely western style, breath and inspiration.

With such designs, it can be recognized that the target customers of Durango are those who wear cowboy boots to do heavy work, outdoor work…

Because the design of Durango boots offers ease of use with flexibility and durability.


Comfort is a big plus of Durango cowboy boots, Durango takes the comfort of boots to a new level.

Regarding famous brands, Ariat is best known for the ATS Technology, whereas Dan Post has a long history of cowboy boots. However, in terms of comfort, these two brands cannot compare to Durango

Durango has great arch support and thick soles for the wearers to feel comfortable all day. Their slogan is “ALL-DAY COMFORT + SUPPORT”.

In addition, Durango cowboy boots can support people with flat feet or high arches – because their arch support is very good.


With steel toe and steel shank, most Durango boots are invincible on construction sites.

As stated earlier, Durango cowboy boots tend to resemble work boots in many ways, one of them is a safe design.

It is possible that being similar to work boots will make many fans of traditional western cowboy boots dissatisfied, but you cannot deny that Durango is outstanding and distinctive when combining the strengths of cowboy boots and work boots.


Though Durango is not too prominent than other cowboy boot brands, their boots still satisfy you with exceptional durability.

Usually, a good pair of Durango boots if well preserved with proper care can last more than 10 years.

10 years is quite long, and it’s hard for other types of shoes to surpass this record, especially when cowboy boots are used to do physically demanding tasks.

Are Durango boots fit true to size?

Yes, “fit true to size” gains another point for Durango. Like we said, no other boot brands can beat the comfort of Durango boots and comfort also means fit true to size.

And Durango cowboy boots provide the ultimate comfort that many other brands dream of.

There are very few bad reviews about the size of the Durango boots. Arguably, their boots fit true to size!


There are 5 features of Durango cowboy boots that you will enjoy: Design, Comfort, Safety, Durability and Fit.

Design: The Durango’s design is flexible and comfortable to wear all day. However, Durango boots are more similar to work boots than cowboy boots. They are usually called western work boots. Also, the beauty of Durango boots may surprise you. They have very few pairs featuring gentle beauty. Instead, Durango cowboy boots are cool, strong and masculine.

Comfort: Durango boots take the cake when it comes to comfort. You won’t be able to find any brands with such comfort like Durango boots.

Safety: One of Durango’s advantages is the high safety due to the inherited features of work boots. You can count on them.

Durability: Like other cowboy boots, Durango cowboy boots last long. This durability might not be outstanding compared to other brands, but enough for you to be satisfied.

Fit: Compared to many other brands of cowboy boots, Durango’s cowboy boots have received very few complaints about not fitting true to size.

Final Thoughts: It’s a good decision to own a pair of Durango cowboy boots.

Are Durango boots real leather?

Sure. Durango boots are well-known for their comfort compared to other famous boot brands. This is evidence that they cannot be made from fake leather.

Besides, you should note that only genuine leather provides flexibility, comfort and durability.

Thus, Durango cowboy boots are very comfortable, safe and long-lasting because they are entirely made of real leather.

Are Durango boots made in China?

Yes, most Durango cowboy boots are made in China.

Many American cowboy boot brands have moved their factories to China to take advantage of low cost (low labor and factory costs). What a pity!

However, the quality of cowboy boots is not where it is made, but it’s the brand’s censorship standards.

A high standard of moderation will give wearers high quality cowboy boots. No poor quality product can enter the United States without passing the standards of censorship.

Durango passed that, arguably.

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Who owns Durango boots?

Rocky Brands is Durango’s parent company.

Before 2004, the Durango brand belonged to another parent company called Georgia Boot.

But in 2004, an M&A took place and Rocky Brands acquired both Georgia Boot and Durango.

Today Durango is a trademark owned by Rocky Brand!

Are Durango boots made in the USA?

Yes, they are. However, just a few Durango cowboy boots are made in America.

Like many other brands, Durango boots still have many products made in the US. Most of them are exclusive products with a fairly high price.

Some Durango cowboy boots are partly made in America while others are imported.

Are Durango boots waterproof?

Yes, but not all Durango cowboy boots are waterproof.

You should carefully read the product description before buying so that you can choose the right boots for your needs.

Here are some waterproof Durango boots:

The Durango Men’s Rebel Waterproof Western Work Boot Steel Toe

Durango Maverick XP Steel Toe Waterproof Western Work Boot

The 5 Best Durango Boots

To show you why Durango achieved so much success, here are 5 of their best cowboy boots.

1/ Durango Maverick XP Ventilated

The Durango Maverick XP Ventilated offers a fresh look with incredible durability.

Besides, these boots are comfortable and lightweight. They are very suitable for those who wish to wear boots all day.

If you are a tennis shoe lover and are looking for cowboy boots with similar comfort, then the Maverick XP Ventilated is for you.

2/ Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot

One of Durango’s best sellers is Harness Boot.

Harness boots are renowned for their durability, ruggedness and comfort like cowboy boots. Plus, they are somewhat superior for their safety.

Born to serve motorcyclists, Durango’s Harness boots are very safe and have good ankle protection, making them a great choice for riding season.

3/ Durango Men’s Rebel DB5444

In addition to the Maverick product line, Durango is famous for the cowboy boots line called Rebel.

Also a line of cowboy boots that were born to serve farms and ranches, Rebel features excellent durability, firmness, comfort with a distinctive beauty.

4/ Durango Women’s DRD0208

Don’t think that Durango is only known for its cowboy boots for farming and ranching. Durango cowboy boots for women are those with a very feminine and sophisticated look.

With the highlight of the US Flag strap and buckle, Durango Women’s DRD0208 will make many people fall in love with them.

5/ Durango Lady Rebel Pro Women’s Cognac Ventilated

Not only delicate and feminine cowboy boots for women, but Durango also provides cowboy boots for farming & ranching.

Durango Lady Rebel Pro Women’s Cognac Ventilated offers safety and comfort and it also possesses feminine curves and narrow calf.

You just can’t go wrong with this Durango Boots.

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