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Should New Cowboy Boots Feel Loose?

Should New Cowboy Boots Feel Loose?

One of the most important issues when choosing cowboy boots is the fit.

Unlike other footwear with laces, cowboy boots completely miss this feature, so you can hardly adjust their fit.

It is best for cowboy boots to give you comfort from the start, as leather is usually quite stiff and it will take a while to break in for a good fit and mold feet well.

Regarding how cowboy boots should fit, there is a concern among users: should new cowboy boots feel loose? Well, it also depends on where it is roomy on cowboy boots. Because it’s good to be a little loose in some specific places, but most of the time it’s not.

Today’s article will answer your questions!

Let’s check it out!

Man wear loose cowboy boots

Is it Normal to Feel Loose when Wearing New Cowboy Boots?

Usually, when buying cowboy boots, you should feel loose in the ball of the feet or the toe area. At the same time, the most important thing is that the instep of cowboy boots should fit snugly, as this part will keep your feet in place.

The ball of the foot is the widest part of the foot, so it tends to get tight there. What you need to do is that the boots should have enough room at the ball and even a loose feel here, this will ensure your feet are comfortable without feeling stuffy.

A woman wears jeans with cowboy boots on the ranch

In addition, the toes should also be able to wiggle in the boot. Usually, the right distance from your toes to the tip of the boot is about 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch. The toe area should be roomy in cowboy boots.

In addition, there may be a slight heel slippage at the beginning (when the boot has not yet broken in) of about 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch.

The leather around the calf usually doesn’t hold your calf snugly but it is a bit loose. And this is normal, no problem with the fit of cowboy boots.

a woman puts on cowboy boots

In general, it can be roomy in positions such as the toes or the ball at first. For the heel, it should be just a little bit loose there. And the most important thing is that the instep should fit snugly.

As such, you should only feel slightly loose in positions other than instep to ensure the best fit.

In fact, most cowboy boot users will feel a little tight and stiff at first, which will disappear after cowboy boots are completely broken in. So aside from the ball or the toes, it’s not good to be roomy in other positions in cowboy boots.

What you need to do is exchange for another pair of cowboy boots if possible. Or if they’re just a little loose, you can add something like insoles, leather pads, and heel inserts to make them fit tighter. Luckily, we have a very detailed article here!

Maxinmum Form Insole

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One thing to keep in mind is not to try to shrink cowboy boots, because those methods don’t work. In the long run, cowboy boots always tend to stretch, not shrink. If cowboy boots are tight you can stretch them at first. Otherwise, if they are loose, the only way is to stuff things to make them fit tighter.

Above all, if your cowboy boots are new and still in the return period, it’s not necessary to waste your time on making them fit tighter. Just exchange them for a smaller size!


Women wear cowboy boots (2)

In short, new cowboy boots can be a little roomy at the ball, leather around the calf or the toes, or a little bit loose at the heel, that’s okay! As they will not affect your experience with the boots, it is imperative that the boots are not roomy at the instep but must fit snugly there.

Usually, cowboy boots should be a bit tight at first since they haven’t broken in yet. Your new cowboy boots don’t mold the feet well at this time, so if you feel loose in many places aside from the ball, toes, or leather around the calf, that’s not good at all.

If your boots are loose, don’t try to shrink them, as those methods are no way effective. You can put some stuff such as leather pads or insoles in cowboy boots to make them fit tighter. Or more simply, return them to get smaller boots.

That’s all for the fit of your cowboy boots!