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Should Cowboy Boots Be Tight On Top Of Foot?

Should Cowboy Boots Be Tight On Top Of Foot?

What do you think is the most important part of cowboy boots regarding the fit? That is the top of the foot.

One of the most basic principles when buying cowboy boots is that the top of the foot must fit snugly.

However, not everyone has time to spend all day in the store to pick out the boots that really fit well. Nowadays, more and more people like to buy online, which raises a concern about the fit of cowboy boots. And not everyone can choose a boot that really fits the top of the foot right from the start.

One of the frequently asked questions is whether it’s okay if the top of the foot of cowboy boots is tight.

And that is the main content of today’s article. We will give you the most detailed answer.

Let’s check it out!

Is it fine if cowboy boots are tight on top of the foot?

It would be best if the top of the foot of cowboy boots fit like a glove. However, it’s okay if it’s a little tight.

Cowboy boots are primarily made from 100% leather so they tend to get softer, stretchier, and mold feet better over time. Therefore, if the top of the foot is a little tight, your boot can still become comfortable, especially after the break-in process.

Besides, if the top of the foot is a bit tight, you can also use some methods to make them stretch a bit and softer like steaming them, using a leather conditioner, boot stretch spray, or boot stretcher.

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However, if the top of the foot of cowboy boots is too tight, it is a different story, things become more difficult and complicated. You really can’t wear cowboy boots that are too tight, they will affect your gait and discomfort your feet a lot.

This is not good for people who use cowboy boots like work boots, as you need comfort and flexibility throughout the day.

Moreover, it is also not advisable to stretch cowboy boots with some tips online as they can ruin the shape of cowboy boots.

Do not try to wear them, as they can reduce your flexibility.

If your cowboy boots are new, the best advice is to exchange them, don’t try to stretch them. Any attempt too soon can make it difficult to return the boots back to bootmakers.

Man wear cowboy boots and are riding a horse

Some notes if cowboy boots are a bit tight at the top of the foot

In fact, at first, most new cowboy boots will be a little stiff and uncomfortable at the top of the foot. You may feel a little tight.

But the cause may be because the boots have not broken in. You should try to wear them regularly for the first 10 days, they will break in and mold to your feet. As the top of your foot fits snugly, your feet will stay in place in cowboy boots.

If you’re going to stretch your cowboy boots, make sure they don’t stretch too much.

While stretching them, continuously tuck your feet into the boots to feel the fit. Or you can use your hand to touch the vamp part when wearing them, if it feels too soft, it means they are loose.

Make sure after stretching, that the top of the foot is neither too wide nor too tight, it should fit like a glove.

The bottom line here is, cowboy boots don’t have laces, so you can’t tighten them if they’re loose. So they’d rather be a little tight than loose.


A pair of cowboy boots on the floor

Above all, the top of the foot of cowboy boots should fit snugly. However, a little tightness is still fine as they tend to soften over time to get a good stretch and fit on your feet.

Once you want to stretch the boots, you should wear them constantly to feel the stretch and don’t let them become loose.

But if the top of the foot is too tight, don’t try to stretch them or wear them, it’s not good. The best thing you can do is return and exchange your boots for new ones.

Good luck!