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Cowboy Boots & Leggings: 20+ Outfit Ideas to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Cowboy Boots & Leggings: 20+ Outfit Ideas to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Embark on a fashion journey with us as we dive into the versatile world of leggings paired with the distinctive flair of cowboy boots.

This guide is your secret to creating comfortable and eye-catching ensembles.

From sleek urban adventures to relaxed weekend vibes, we’ve got outfit inspirations that make leggings and cowboy boots your go-to for effortless chic.

Get ready to mix, match, and revolutionize your wardrobe with these dynamic duos.

Casual Outfits

When it comes to casual outfits, comfort meets style in the most delightful way. Pairing leggings with cowboy boots creates easygoing yet fashionable ensembles.

It’s perfect for a day out in the city or a relaxed weekend affair. Here are a couple of outfit ideas that combine these two pieces with flair.

1. Start with a solid foundation of comfort by slipping into a pair of black leggings, the ultimate staple for a casual yet stylish look.

Pair them with a pair of classic, black cowboy boots that provide a seamless, elongated silhouette.

On top, wear a fitted black long-sleeve crop top that adds a modern, chic touch to your casual ensemble.

A woman wears legging, boots with a fitted top

To elevate this outfit, layer on a sleeveless vest in a contrasting hue like a soft, heather grey to introduce a dash of sophistication.

This not only adds a visual break to the outfit but also brings in a layer that’s adaptable to the changing weather, perfect for a breezy day or a cool evening.

A woman wears legging, boots with and a light coat

This look is versatile for an array of activities, from a leisurely stroll in the park to a relaxed brunch with friends.

2. Pair black leggings with tan cowboy boots for a casual, bohemian-inspired look. Add a relaxed maroon top to keep things comfortable and a touch of boho charm.

Top it off with a leather jacket for an effortless, edgy twist. Simple accessories, like a leather wristwatch, will complement the laid-back style perfectly.

A woman wears suede boots with leggings and red top

3. For an edgy twist, pair grey leggings with a leather jacket and ankle cowboy boots. It’s a powerful look that’s both street-smart and fashion-forward.

Add a baker boy hat and a statement necklace to elevate the outfit, perfect for that art gallery opening or a trendy brunch spot.

A woman wears legging, boots with black top and leather coat

4. Ease into your day with classic black leggings and soft tan cowboy boots. Wrap yourself in a warm, caramel-hued top for a cozy touch.

Top it off with a leather hat and embrace the calm of casual chic. Simple, serene, and just right.

a woman wears brown cowboy boots and jeans on the ranch

5. For an outfit that effortlessly transitions from day to night, opt for a pair of high-heeled cowboy boots. Pair with black leather leggings and a flowing black blouse for easy elegance.

A wide-brimmed hat and a bold ring can complete this look, making it perfect for an impromptu dinner out or an evening concert in the park.

A woman wears legging, boots with black top and hat

Leather Leggings with Cowboy Boots Outfits

Leather leggings are the go-to for an instant dose of cool, especially when paired with cowboy boots.

This combination offers a blend of textures and a balance between edgy and classic style, perfect for various occasions.

1. Create a city-slick look with black leather leggings paired with matching black cowboy boots.

This creates a streamlined, edgy aesthetic perfect for those wanting to channel their inner rock star.

A form-fitting top with subtle sheen complements the leggings, while a black leather jacket adds an extra layer of cool.

A woman wears leather legging, boots with leather coat and leather top

2. Pair your black leather leggings with embellished cowboy boots for a dash of glamour on the streets.

Top this off with a leather jacket featuring a fur collar to bring both warmth and a luxurious vibe to your outfit.

A woman wears leather legging, boots with leather coat

The combination of textured leather and soft fur adds a tactile element that’s both visually appealing and practical for cooler days.

Accessorize with a sleek, structured crossbody bag to keep your essentials close and complement the edgy yet sophisticated look.

3. Blend comfort with style by wearing your leather leggings with taupe cowboy ankle boots. Add a moss green oversized sweater for a cozy feel.

This outfit combines the sleekness of leather with the softness of knitwear, ideal for chilly days.

A woman wears legging, boots with black sweater

4. Wrap up in a large, patterned cardigan with fringe details over your leather leggings and classic cowboy boots.

A turtleneck top underneath ensures warmth and style. Accessorize with a chunky scarf and a simple ring to maintain that boho-chic look.

A woman wears legging, boots with black top and long coat

5. For a stylish yet practical winter outfit, black leather leggings paired with black ankle cowboy boots set a chic foundation.

Top with a luxurious, fur-lined long coat in a rich, neutral tone for sophistication and essential warmth.

A woman wears black ankle cowboy boots, leggings and cardigan and is holding a handbag

A fur beanie hat adds a classic touch and extra insulation, while leather gloves protect the hands from the chill.

Carry a simple, elegant tote to round out this polished and cozy winter look.

6. Pair your black leather leggings with grey cowboy boots for a subtle contrast.

A black, tailored coat over a plaid shirt gives a nod to the classic equestrian style, while keeping the modern edge of the leather.

A black leather cuff bracelet would finish this look seamlessly.

A woman wears leggings with beige ankle boots

Black Leggings and Cowboy Boots Outfits

Black leggings and cowboy boots are a match made in style heaven, offering endless versatility. This classic combo serves as a canvas for a variety of looks, from the playful to the professional.

1. Brighten up the black base with a playful, floral blouse that brings a pop of color and a feminine twist to your look.

A black hat and sunglasses add a cool, mysterious vibe, while the cowboy boots keep it grounded and edgy.

A woman wears legging, boots with floral top

2. For a daring and streamlined silhouette, opt for a black bodysuit paired with your leggings.

This sleek, all-black ensemble is both striking and simple, making it a standout choice for those who favor a minimalist approach.

A woman wears black cowboy boots with black leggings

3. Elevate your black leggings with a structured blazer for a smart-casual feel. A fitted turtleneck underneath adds sophistication, perfect for office hours or an evening out.

This outfit strikes a balance between professional poise and relaxed comfort.

A woman wears jeans with blazer and black ankle boots

4. A sheer top layered under a tailored blazer gives a hint of allure while maintaining an elegant profile.

Perfect for evening events, this combination of black leggings and cowboy boots walks the line between chic and seductive with grace.

A woman wears black sexy suits with black cowboy boots

White Cowboy Boots and Leggings Outfits

White cowboy boots bring a fresh twist to any outfit, especially when paired with leggings.

They stand out, make a statement, and can brighten up even the simplest ensemble. Here’s how to wear this bold footwear with your favorite leggings.

1. Make a statement with an all-black outfit accented by white cowboy boots.

The stark contrast will draw the eye straight to your boots, while a black top with dramatic white fringe detailing adds movement and an extra wow factor.

A woman wears white cowboy boots with black outfit

2. For the fashion-forward urbanite, consider pairing glossy black leggings with a textured black top. This look is all about playing with different materials to create an outfit that’s as stylish as it is sophisticated.

The shine of the leggings contrasts beautifully with the softness of the top, while the white cowboy boots add an unexpected twist that will keep all eyes on you.

A woman wears cowboy boots with black leather pants

Don’t forget to accessorize with some statement jewelry or a sleek belt to bring it all together.

Outfits for Winter

Brrr! It’s chilly out there, but your style doesn’t have to hibernate this winter. With the right leggings and boots, you can create cozy looks that are both warm and fashion-forward.

Let’s dive into some outfit ideas that will keep you snug and stylish even when the temperature drops.

1. Embrace elegance with a long black coat worn over a light grey chunky scarf and leather leggings.

The combination of textures between the coat, scarf, and leather provides a sophisticated palette, while the black cowboy boots keep the look grounded and cohesive.

Add a pair of sleek leather gloves to complete this chic winter ensemble.

A woman wears legging, boots with black coat and large scarf

2. Make a statement on a cold day with a striking emerald coat adorned with a luxurious fur collar.

The vivid color of the coat stands out against the simplicity of the black leggings, and the fur adds a touch of old-world glam.

Burgundy boots will complement the bold coat, adding a subtle contrast and a little extra warmth.

A woman wears brown cowboy boots, black legging and teal coat

3. For those relaxed days, a chunky knit sweater is your go-to. When paired with black leggings and ankle boots, you create a perfect balance of comfort and style.

A woman wears sweater and black cowboy boots

This outfit is perfect for coffee runs or casual meet-ups with friends. The beanie is not just a cute addition but also a practical choice to keep your ears warm, and it adds a playful touch to the outfit.

A woman wears sweater, black jeans and black cowboy boots

4. Sometimes, less is more. A simple beige ankle boot paired with black leggings and a light jacket is the embodiment of understated elegance.

This outfit is perfect for those mild winter days when you want to look put together without any fuss.

The neutral tones give you a clean canvas to work with—feel free to add a pop of color with a scarf or a handbag.

A woman wears leggings with ankle boots

5. Embrace the urban winter wonderland with a long, teal coat that brings a dash of sophistication to any outfit.

The white sweater underneath keeps things bright against the dreary weather, and the black leggings provide a sleek line into the black ankle boots.

Top it off with a wide-brimmed hat and a matching handbag for that extra flair that says you mean business.

A woman wears ankle boots with trench coat, leggings and handbag

Last Words

There you have it—a collection of outfit inspirations that prove leggings and cowboy boots are a match made in style heaven.

From white cowboy boots that add a dash of daring to any outfit, to the classic elegance of black boots for a night out, there’s a combination for every occasion.

Embrace these ideas and let your style shine through. So, pull on those leggings, step into your boots, and walk with confidence into your day.