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Is It Possible To Spray Paint A Felt Cowboy Hat? How?

Is It Possible To Spray Paint A Felt Cowboy Hat? How?

Felt cowboy hats are among the most popular items in the cowboy world, people love them for their clean look, durability, resistance against external force, etc.

However, like other materials, felt cowboy hats will be faded over time. This will happen more quickly if you let them get wet constantly.

It’s not easy to recover the worn surface of a felt cowboy hat. It’s not like leather that you can use conditioner to restore the look. So the good way to make felt cowboy hats back to life is to spray paint them, this will recover the look of the hat.

In fact, it’s quite easy to spray paint on the felt hat. In my experience, paint is very easy to stick to the felt fabric. What you need to pay attention to are your skills and the type of spray paint!

Don’t worry, I will guide you on how to do it below!

Key Takeaways

  • It’s easy to spray paint on a cowboy hat, but try to choose the spray paint that is good for the fabric to limit the smell and don’t make it stiffer.
  • Your cowboy hat needs to be clean and dry before starting to spray paint it.
  • Cover the areas you don’t want to paint and shake the spray paint. Then spray it evenly on the hat and keep it dry and clean afterward. These are all the necessary steps.

You can easily spray paint on a felt cowboy hat, but you need to be skillful to have a beautiful finish

Nowadays, you will easy to find spray paint in the market at an affordable price. And the good news is just to find some spray paint for the fabric, it will be good for a felt hat.

The spray paint for fabric is the best suit because some other types can make the felt hat stiffer and smelly. They might stick but are not good for felt material!

And don’t forget to pay attention to the color. To ensure the best result, test the paint before using it.

Overall, to be able to spray paint on the cowboy hat, you need to clean and keep it dry first. Thereby, your hat can have a smooth and even surface, and the paint will leave a perfect finish on it.

You will need to prepare a hat brush, soft and clean cloth, and felt cleaner.

Cleaning the cowboy hat

Here is a step-by-step guide for cleaning felt hats:

  • Pre-clean your hat by using a hat brush to scrub all over the surface. Make sure all the dirt falls off.
  • Clean the brush, keep it damp, then spray felt cleaner on the surface. Next, use the damp brush to rub thoroughly. Make sure the hat is clean in every nook and cranny.
  • Clean the brush, and continue rubbing the hat to wipe off the residue on the surface. You should repeat the above steps one more time to have the best result.
  • Then use the dry and clean cloth to continue to wipe off all the excess left on the surface. And this action also keeps your hat drier as wetness is not good for a felt hat.

Wait until the cowboy hat is completely dry, then we go to the next stage.

To spray paint your cowboy hat perfectly, you should also prepare tape to cover the parts or areas you don’t wait to spray paint. This step should be done at the beginning of the process.

Don’t forget to put on rubber gloves to protect your hands.

  • Cover all the areas you don’t want to paint with tape, do it carefully. You can cut the tape into different shapes to create more texture for the hat.

taping the cowboy hat

  • Shake the spray paint to make the color more even. You should put the large papers and the like under the hat to keep the paint from sticking on the house floor.

Shake the spray bottle

  • Spray on all the rest of the surface. You should spray paint as evenly as possible.

Spray paint on cowboy hat

  • When you’ve finished spraying, try to store them in a safe place with no dust. When the paint is still wet, dust will easily stick to it.
  • You should use a clean and soft cloth to wipe off all the dust and excess while the hat is slightly dry, then remove the tape. And you need to wait for 1 to 2 days until the paint is completely dry.

use cloth to clean the hat

And it’s completely done!

Before you leave

After having your felt cowboy hat dyed, wear it for a few days before cleaning it one more time to ensure the color is smooth and even.

Don’t be rushed, it will take time, but worth it! In my experience, spraying paint on a felt cowboy hat is easier than the straw one.

Just follow the above instructions, and don’t forget to send me your results!