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Are Felt Cowboy Hats Durable Enough For Rain? Will They Be Ruined?

Are Felt Cowboy Hats Durable Enough For Rain? Will They Be Ruined?

Born for the scorching sun, most people know the cowboy hat as an effective accessory to protect them against the sun and heat thanks to the wide brim.

When working on the ranch, cowboys not only face bright sunlight but also formed sudden rains. For that reason, cowboy hats should be of great quality to cover them when needed.

However, in reality, not all cowboy hats can be used to protect you from the rain. For example, leather hats can completely dry out, crack, or over-stretch with time.

How about the felt hat? Can cowboy hats made from this material be strong enough to withstand the rain?

Well, today’s article will give a detailed answer for you!

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • If the felt cowboy hat is constantly wet in heavy rain, it can completely get damaged—loss of shape, getting mold or water stains.
  • It is not recommended to use the felt cowboy hat in heavy rain. You can use it in light and drizzle rain but not too long.
  • If it rains, you should clean and dry the cowboy hat in the wind as soon as possible.

What happens if felt cowboy hats get wet?

Well, to be honest, the best advice is not to use felt cowboy hats in the rain. They are only slightly waterproof and can’t take much water.

Most cowboy hats are also not equipped with waterproof capabilities. When they encounter heavy rains, water will seep into the felt, and problems appear from there.

Firstly, the felt cowboy hat can lose its shape when water seeps into it, causing the hat to stretch more obviously over time.

The next thing is water stains, for those who prefer perfection and cleanliness rather than distressed style, here’s why you shouldn’t wear felt hats in the rain.

water stains on felt cowboy hat

If water seeps into the hat and is not cleaned thoroughly, water stains will remain. The bad news is that it’s not easy to thoroughly clean felt cowboy hats. You will have to use soap and wet the hat to clean it.

The last thing is that when felt cowboy hats get wet, they will easily attract moths or grow mold on the surface.

Some felts are made from wool and they are a source of nutrition for moths. When the felt gets wet, you give these moths both food and water.

moths on wet felt cowboy hat

In addition, it’s not new that felt cowboy hats staying wet for a long time will get moldy. Most damp items also result in the same thing. And this will ruin your hat!

In summary, it’s not recommended to use felt cowboy hats in heavy rain.

If it’s just drizzling, you can still wear your felt cowboy hat, as you can easily clean and dry it afterward.

However, when it feels like heavy rain is coming, it is best to stop working.

Overall, although felt cowboy hats are very durable, they are not invincible. When getting wet, they will quickly be damaged if not well taken care of.

How to prevent rainwater from ruining felt cowboy hats?

The best thing you can do is avoid using felt cowboy hats when it rains. As I said, don’t let them stay wet for too long.

If your cowboy hat gets wet, make sure you clean it before leaving it to dry. Treat it as soon as possible. These steps will minimize the loss of shape and avoid mold, or water stains on your hat.

I usually use mild soap to clean my hat, then use a fan or leave it in the natural wind (or use a hair dryer at moderate heat) to dry it. After it’s completely dry, I hang the hat in a cool place.

felt cowboy hat hanged on a tree

Use cold or normal water from your faucet, don’t apply warm water or anything.

Finally, try to wear it regularly, since this is still the best and most natural way to keep the shape of your cowboy hat.

Before you leave

In general, it is not recommended to use felt cowboy hats in the rain because of the risks of losing their shape, getting mold or water stains.

A cowboy hat is an excellent accessory to keep your head relatively dry (for a certain amount of time) and warm in light rains. In fact, when it rains heavily, it’s not only bad for your felt cowboy hat, but for your health as well.

So don’t go out in heavy rain!