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The Best Way To Iron A Pearl Snap Shirt (All Types of Fabric)

The Best Way To Iron A Pearl Snap Shirt (All Types of Fabric)

To have a clean look, your outfit needs to have a flat surface, and a pearl snap shirt is no exception to that rule.

The problem is that pearl snap shirts are made from many different materials. That’s why we cannot apply a single ironing method for all of them.

Most pearl snap shirts nowadays are made from cotton, denim, and polyester. And today’s article will tell you how to iron these pearl snap shirts correctly.

No more words, below are the methods of dealing with your wrinkled pearl snap shirts.

Note: Many shirts have instructions on how to iron on the label or the user manual, you should read them for more details.

Key Takeaways

  • You should keep the pearl snap shirt slightly damp, it will relax the fabric and the wrinkle can be removed faster. This helps keep the shirt soft and prevents it from being burned by the iron.
  • Place the iron between the snaps, don’t press on them directly.
  • Each type of fabric should be ironed at a different temperature. For example, it’s approximately 400°F for cotton and denim, while 200°F for polyester.

Iron your cotton pearl snap shirts (this method can apply to shirts mostly made of cotton)

Men's Cotton Pearl Snap Shirt Multi Stripe from Tecovas

Men’s Cotton Pearl Snap Shirt | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

In fact, it’s super easy to iron pearl snap shirts made from cotton as cotton is one of the most popular materials for any fabric accessory. So, you can apply the ironing guide for other types of shirts to pearl snap shirts.

But no matter what, something you should note is don’t leave the iron on the pearl snap closure surface, this can make it fade or transform over time.

Before starting to iron your pearl snap shirt, it is best to keep it still slightly damp after washing. If they are too dry, then use the spray function of the iron or a spray bottle to dampen the shirt.

This dampness will prevent the cotton from burning due to overheating or being too dry. From there, you can protect the original color, texture, etc. of the pearl snap shirts. Besides, this will create steam, relax the cotton fibers and remove all the wrinkles, making the shirt soft and comfortable.

Cotton can hold the creases and wrinkles more than other types of fabric like silk or nylon, so the step of making it damp is necessary. If your iron has a steam option, that’s really great!

steaming the shirt

I usually set the temperature to approximately 400°F (200°C). As the reasons above, cotton will need a higher temperature than other types of fabric.

Here is the step-by-step:

  • Place your pearl snap shirts on a flat but soft surface. You can use an ironing board, or place a folded blanket flatly and neatly on the mattress, and spread your shirt flatly over it.
  • I often start with the collar first, you should use the front tip of the iron but place it inward. Stretch the collar to make it as flat as possible, then start to iron.

Ironing the collar

  • Then iron the cuff inside out, try to leave the pearl snaps alone, and just move the iron around them. Don’t forget to press the cuffs together and iron them, it will create a neat and super clean look.

Ironing the cuff

  • Next, for the middle of the shirt, stretch it to have a flat surface and start ironing from the shoulder. You don’t need to expand the entire shirt, just do it in the area you want to iron. Place this part firmly on the ironing board.

Iron the middle of the shirt

  • You should use the tip of the iron to rub along the seams. Iron from the front to the back of the shirt and from the shoulder to the lowest end of the shirt. It’s easy, but the pearl snap shirt is often longer than other shirts, so try to place it on the board carefully.
  • Press the iron harder on the placket. Make sure it has a flat and smooth surface after you’ve done ironing.
  • In the pearl snaps area, use the tip of the iron to press between these snaps. Try not to press on the snap surface.
  • Finally, utilize the seams to have your sleeves flat and move your iron along that edge. And done!

Ironing the sleeve

This is the most basic and effective way to iron your cotton pearl snap shirts or any other type of shirt.

Now, the next popular pearl snap shirt is the denim one!

Iron the denim pearl snap shirts

Man wear a denim pearl snap shirt

Denim Pearl Snap Shirt | Click image for more info | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

Ironing the denim pearl snap shirts is not different from ironing cotton ones, because the guide above is the most basic and effective.

Keep the temperature at 400°F (200°C) and you should iron it while the shirt is still damp. The reason is denim is easy to get wrinkled.

But while ironing the denim pearl snap shirts, you need to press harder because denim is thick, and harder to flat. But, to make sure it won’t burn the fabric, you should move the iron faster. That’s my experience! Don’t hover the iron in one part too long.

Iron burning the shirt

I don’t iron denim pearl snap shirts so often, because a little wrinkle in denim makes it look better, more distressed, and cooler. Just don’t let it have many creases.

In fact, if you notice, the manufacturer now produces denim shirts very well, it just wrinkles a bit or doesn’t crease at all. No need to iron them! That’s all!

Iron the pearl snap shirts made of mostly polyester

Some pearl snap shirts are made mostly from polyester, well, this type of fabric cannot stand high temperatures like denim or cotton. But the great news is that most polyester shirts do not wrinkle too much.

The temperature for ironing, in that case, can range from 100°C to 150°C (212°F – 302°F). And it’s best if you have a steam iron because it can make the polyester flat and soft more gently than using direct heat.

Or steam the polyester shirt before ironing it is also a good way. Overall, although polyester is not easy to crease and wrinkle like the above materials, it cannot withstand heat well as they are. So it is still best if you dampen it by using an iron spray function or a spray bottle.

In case you are a careful person, put the thin and smooth fabric on the surface of the shirt and then iron it like the guide about. But it will take you more time.

As for the process, just do as I said in the guide for cotton pearl snap shirts.

Before you leave

The technique for ironing pearl snap shirts is easy and you can apply one technique for all. But each material will have a different technique. You should know about the nature of each fabric, how much heat it needs, whether you should press the shirt tightly or gently, steam it or not, etc.

Don’t press the iron on the pearl snap closure or you might have it faded or damaged.

That’s all, good luck!