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Is It Okay If Cowboy Boots Are A Little Big?

Is It Okay If Cowboy Boots Are A Little Big?

In fact, you will need to have a lot of practical experience with cowboy boots to be able to find the best fit. Cowboy boots come with laceless construction, so it is difficult for you to adjust their fit.

Since not everyone can go to the store to try on shoes in person for various reasons, shopping for cowboy boots through e-commerce platforms is becoming more and more popular. Finding suitable boots for your feet is troublesome as each boot will come with a distinct size chart.

One day, you get a pair of cowboy boots that are comfortable but you feel them a little big. Is this okay? Will you get along with them?

Well, the answer is you will, but there are a few small things to ensure that extra room does not affect your experience.

What are the things you need to do? Let’s explore it now!

Key takeaways

  • Cowboy boots that are slightly big will be fine if you know how to make them fit tighter.
  • Depending on the roomy position of cowboy boots, there will be different ways to make them fit tighter.
  • Don’t try some methods to make cowboy boots shrink. These methods are ineffective and don’t last long.
  • You should know some basics about the fit of cowboy boots. Some positions like toe box or ball of the feet need more room. Cowboy boots should be a bit loose there.

Cowboy boots are a bit big, is that okay? What should I do?

In fact, the most important position that cowboy boots need to fit snugly is the top of the foot or the instep. These positions will keep your feet flat and neat in cowboy boots.

On the other hand, some places such as the toe box, the ball of the foot, or leather around the calf all need extra room to make your feet more comfortable. Plus, the heel of cowboy boots with a slight heel slippage is normal.

heel slip in cowboy boots

To know more details, you can see more basic ways to find a good fit in cowboy boots in this article!

In case your boots are a bit big, you just need to focus on making them fit better on the top of the foot or heel. The good news is there are many different ways to fill those gaps.

In short, you don’t have to worry if your cowboy boots are a bit big!

For example, wearing thick socks is a classic way to make boots fit tighter. This helps to raise the top of your foot to fit better with your boots.

Tecovas Boot socks

Tecovas Boot Socks | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

Some people who don’t have thick socks often double their socks to fill all the space in cowboy boots.

Meanwhile, others even use a leather strap to wrap around the ankle (or calves) to ensure cowboy boots sit neatly on the leg and feet for hard work!

use leather strap to tighten cowboy boots for slim legs

Another way to elevate your feet is to use extra insoles, these products are easy to find in the markets. Or, you can go to the cobbler to ask him to make a custom leather pad for you. Using this leather pad can ensure a perfect fit!

Maxinmum Form Insole

Image copyright FORM Company | #CommissionEarned | Click image for more info

As for the heel, it’s also easy to find heel inserts these days to put in and fill the gaps in your boots.

If you feel the heel slippage is larger than 3/8″ then you should be careful, as that can affect your gait and create blisters. We also have an article on how to deal with the heel slippage problem in cowboy boots, you can learn more here.

In general, there is more than one way to help slightly loose cowboy boots fit tighter.

Man wears loose cowboy boots

However, you should be careful to stay away from online methods of shrinking cowboy boots. You may come across many methods like submerging in water, putting boots in the fridge, etc. These methods are ineffective and won’t last long.

The cobblers also recommend the same. If your cowboy boots are new, the hacks or tips above can even make it difficult for you to return them to the manufacturer.


In general, if cowboy boots are a little big or a little tight, everything is fine. There are quite a few practical ways for you to handle that.

What you need to keep in mind is that don’t try to shrink cowboy boots, instead, put some inserts to ensure a tighter fit.

But remember, a little loose at the toe, ball of the foot, or calf is a good thing and you shouldn’t expect them to fit snugly or insert anything in these areas.

Instead, if the top of the foot or heel doesn’t fit (a little loose here), then insert something to make them fit snugly. The heel and the top of the foot will make sure cowboy boots stay on your feet!

Those are important things to remember!