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How Do You Use A Boot Horn For Cowboy Boots?

How Do You Use A Boot Horn For Cowboy Boots?

If there’s any difficulty when wearing cowboy boots, besides styling them properly, I’m sure putting them on or taking them off is one of the challenges most people think about.

Even so, there are tools available today to make it easier to put on (or take off) cowboy boots, i.e. boot horns.

If you think that there are only shoe horns for low-cut shoes, you are old. Boot horns are now very popular in the market because of many benefits.

  • The boot horn has a longer handle, so you can insert the entire boot horn into the cowboy boot to help slide your foot in more easily.
  • Thanks to the long handle, you won’t have to bend over too much. This helps a lot for those who are pregnant or have back pain.
  • When you meet a robber on the way, you can… hm, never mind!

Overall, the boot horn is a really cool invention and a lifesaver for those who unfortunately buy tight cowboy boots! And on top of that, most of them can also be used for any shoes.

Today, we will show you how to use the boot horn for cowboy boots, it’s very simple!

Key takeaways

  • In fact, using a boot horn for cowboy boots is the same as using a shoe horn for a normal pair of running shoes.
  • To put your boots on, slide your feet into cowboy boots until they get caught in the boots (usually at the heel) then tuck the boot horn along the back shaft until it reaches the bottom, then slide your heel along the boot horn into the boot. At that time, pull up the boot horn out of the boot.
  • To remove the boots, slide the boot horn along the back shaft to the bottom, keep the boot horn in place, then slip your foot up and out.

To ensure the best effect, I suggest looking for a boot horn with a longer handle than the shaft of your cowboy boots. That way, when you slide the entire boot horn down to the bottom of the boot, your hands won’t be caught by the top collar.

I usually use a 16-inch boot horn for my 11-inch boots, so I don’t have to bend over.

the long shoe horn

The boot horn not only helps you slide your foot into the boots, but is also an effective way to assist you in removing them.

1. Use a Boot Horn to Put On Cowboy Boots

Generally, there are two ways to use the boot horn to slide your feet into cowboy boots. The first way is to put your feet in cowboy boots first and then use the boot horn, the second way is to do the opposite.

I will guide you in detail, both ways.

Note: The most important thing is to put the boot horn into the cowboy boot along the back shaft and back heel to create a path to slide your foot in (or out).

Method 1: Slide your foot into the cowboy boot first, then the boot horn

This is the method that I use the most, and in my opinion, it is also the most effective. This can help you slide your foot into the boot even if it is tight in the shaft or heel.

What you need to do is place the cowboy boot upright, and then slide your foot into the boot. Remember to straighten your foot to the ground!

Until your foot gets stuck in the cowboy boot, usually at the heel. Now, slide the boot horn into the back shaft of your cowboy boot, thread through the heel and the leather until the boot horn touches the sole of the boot.

Keep the boot horn steady along the back shaft, you can rest the boot horn against the back shaft with some force, but push it with a certain amount of pressure.

Boot horn in cowboy boots

Then, keep sliding your foot down until it stays in place in the boot. Your heel will now slide along the boot horn to the bottom. And you can get the boot horn out of the boot now.

If your cowboy boot is not balanced, or the shaft is wrinkled and not straight, you can use your hands to grab the pull straps and pull the boot upward.

Method 2: Secure the boot horn in the cowboy boot first and then slide your foot in

This will work for cowboy boots that can no longer stand upright or hold their shape.

Slide the boot horn into the boot along the back shaft to the bottom and hold it in place. This can help the cowboy boot stand more upright.

Use one hand to make sure the collar of the cowboy boot is open, then extend the foot straight down and slide into the boot. Your heel will slide over the boot horn until it reaches the bottom.

Like above, if your cowboy boot falls or can’t stand up straight, you’ll have to grab the pull straps to pull it up.

It’s done!

54045 - JobSite 24 inch Shoe Horn

2. Use a Boot Horn to Take Off Cowboy Boots

This is also very simple, you just need to keep your foot and boot upright and fixed. Then slide the boot horn into the boot along the back shaft.

Press the boot horn down with just enough pressure, so that when you pull your foot out, the cowboy boot doesn’t lift up with your foot.

Just make sure your heel feels the boot horn is snug against it, then slide your heel upward along the boot horn, the rest of your foot should follow and get out of the boot.

You will probably have to slightly straighten your foot to make this process easier!

There is a small caveat. As you press the boot horn into the insole of cowboy boots, you should choose the boot horn with a rounded and smooth tip to avoid scratching them.

Before you leave

Dad are wearing cowboy boots for son

The above article is all the notes and ways to use boot horns for cowboy boots.

In fact, owning a boot horn can be even more convenient and versatile than using a boot jack. The boot jack can help you to remove cowboy boots but not put on them. On the other hand, a boot horn can do both.

Not to mention, the boot horn can also be used for other types of shoes with a low-cut construction.

Using the boot horn is also simple, in short, you just need to slide the boot horn into the boot to serve as a fulcrum for the heel and your foot can slide in or out along its axis.

Therefore, the boot horn is no doubt an indispensable item for our cowboy boot fans!