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Do Cowboy Boots Hurt at First?

Do Cowboy Boots Hurt at First?

There are many questions about cowboy boots, but most are about “new” ones.

One of the questions that many people who have just bought cowboy boots often ask is whether they hurt at first? Is that normal?

Well, actually, it’s not just cowboy boots, any new type of footwear can cause foot pain. And this also depends on many factors.

Today, we’re going to go into more detail on this problem in cowboy boots.

Let’s check it out!

Can Cowboy Boots Hurt You When They Are New?

Most cowboy boots are made from 100% leather, so they still have a certain stiffness at first, not as soft and stretchy as boots that have been worn for a long time.

Cowboy boots can totally hurt you at first, and this is actually quite normal.

However, there are still many boots that feel comfortable as soon as you put them on. But cowboy boots of this type are usually not many.

Going back to cowboy boots hurting you at first, there are actually many reasons besides their stiffness.

Cowboy boots can also cause pain in your feet if they are too tight, and this is a fairly common cause. Mostly because cowboy boots don’t have laces so you can’t extend them.

It is important that when you experience pain from wearing cowboy boots, you need to determine the causes and the pain level.

If you are hurt slightly by cowboy boots, that is normal because the boots are not soft in the beginning and do not completely fit your feet well. You should be patient and break in them.

After the break in time, cowboy boots will be soft and mold your feet better. You will feel comfortable.

If cowboy boots are new and still in the return period, do not apply any tips or hacks to break in them, as that can damage the boots and you will have a difficult time returning them.

Wear them a lot within 10 full days, they will break in and get good comfort. If not, return them. You can read more about breaking in cowboy boots here, I’ve got you covered!

If your cowboy boots are over the return period and they are still a bit painful for your feet, you can use a leather conditioner, steam, boot stretcher and boot stretch spray to speed up the break in process. We have a detailed article on how to shorten the break in period cowboy boots here!

Girl wear cowboy boots

If cowboy boots make your feet sting, chances are they’re too tight. In this case, do not try to break in or stretch them, but return to the bootmakers if possible.

If your cowboy boots are a limited edition that you find somewhere and cannot be returned, you can also look for methods to stretch them using a boot stretcher, boot stretch spray, etc. And again, here’s the detailed tutorial for you!

many pair of cowboy boots on the wood floor

The last possibility of making cowboy boots hurt your feet in the beginning is that you bought the wrong type of cowboy boots for your purpose.

Today, cowboy boots are very diverse in both construction and materials. But they have two primary types: cowboy boots for fashion and for function.

If you use fashionable cowboy boots for outdoor work, chances are you will hurt your feet very soon.

Fashion cowboy boots usually don’t support your feet as well as cowboy work boots. They usually have high heels, no arch support, no shock absorption, and have a narrow toe shape and are not reinforced.

Meanwhile, cowboy boots for work have the opposite features.

Using fashionable cowboy boots for ranch work is definitely not a wise choice and will make your feet achy.

Well, if that’s your problem, return the cowboy boots to the bootmaker.

Should cowboy boots hurt at first?

Well, in fact, cowboy boots don’t necessarily hurt your feet at first. And it will be great when you find a pair of cowboy boots that make you comfortable right out of the box. Because the leather that makes up cowboy boots is quite thick and stiff, it will take time to break in them.

However, not many boots are like that.

If cowboy boots make your feet a little sore at first, don’t worry. This is normal as many cowboy boot fans have this painful experience at first. Try to break in cowboy boots for 10 days and they will be comfortable.

However, if cowboy boots are causing you a lot of pain, that’s not normal. You should explore the causes and don’t try to break in them but return them if possible. Today’s bootmakers have very quick and clear return policies.

Man tighten his cowboy boots with leather string


In short, most cowboy boots can make your feet uncomfortable at first, but usually not too much and they will go away after the break in period.

You can still find plenty of cowboy boots that make you comfortable in the first place, but the number of these boots is much less. So don’t be surprised.

If cowboy boots make your feet feel like they are suffocating and painful the first time you put them on, don’t try to fix them, exchange them if possible. Because this is not good at all!

Hope you make the right choice!