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Can You Shorten The Heel Of A Cowboy Boot?

Can You Shorten The Heel Of A Cowboy Boot?

Many people, after buying a pair of cowboy boots, realize that their heels are too high for them.

In most cases, the heels of cowboy boots that are too high can put a lot of pressure on your joints, causing pain in the long run.

In addition, cowboy boots with too high heels also affect your balance when walking. It is a bad thing for people who often wear cowboy boots in daily activities.

So, some people ask, is it possible to make the heel of cowboy boots shorter?

Well, this question is very interesting, today we will clarify it for you.

Are There Any Ways To Shorten The Heel Of A Cowboy Boot?

In most cowboy boots, you can completely change the height of the heels and make them shorter.

Usually, before embarking on making the heel of a cowboy boot lower, you should call the brand to consult them.

Most cowboy boots’ heels are adjustable, but not all of them. A few brands still recommend that you don’t resole or change the original heel.

Or you can contact the cobblers, just by looking at the boots, they will immediately know if the heel can be changed or not.

In order to make the heel of cowboy boots shorter, I recommend finding a good cobbler rather than doing it yourself at home.

Man wear cowboy boots for outdoor work

Usually, heels that are 2 inches or more are the cause of balance problems or discomfort in the foot.

While cowboy boots can be aesthetically pleasing, they make you look taller and more confident. But high heels will surely affect you badly if you are a person who often walks or works in cowboy boots.

You should tell the cobblers to choose the heel of cowboy boots between 1 inch and 1 1/2 inches tall. This is the standard height.

Usually, I like 1 1/2-inch heels with relatively wide heel bottoms, they will ensure I keep a good level but still get a good look.

You should also check out some of the different heel styles. As traditional cowboy heels are usually slightly slanted and have a base that is not too wide, they often give a sharp look. Roper heels are usually low with a block shape and a wide base so they are easy to balance and suitable for walking.

Each type of heel will have different strengths, you should search carefully to find the right type for your purposes.

The cobblers will use their kit to remove the old heel and replace it with a new shorter heel. Then paint around it to hide scratches from the heel replacement process.

Overall, changing the heel of cowboy boots to make them shorter won’t take too long for cobblers. But if you work from home, you will also have a lot of trouble, unless you are a dexterous person.

The cost of changing the heel of a cowboy boot is usually not as high as replacing its sole. So don’t worry too much about money.

Cobbler reparing the heel

Another way to shorten the heel of cowboy boots is to change their heel cap.

Some cowboy boots have a fairly thick heel cap at about 1 inch. You can replace it with a heel cap at about 1/2 inch.

Changing the heel cap of cowboy boots is quite simple and you can do it at home if you’re deft.

Simply measure and cut so that the heel cap you have just purchased is the same size as your current heel cap.

Then use a screwdriver or hard knife to remove the old heel cap and attach a new thinner one.

Some heel caps already have glue on their surface so you can stick them on directly.

If the old heel cap is attached to a nail, remove the old nail and attach the new heel cap with a nail and hammer.

So you can reduce the height of the heel by 1 1/2 inches.

If you’re not confident with your craft, again, ask for a cobbler.


In fact, most cowboy boot heels can be changed and you can make them shorter.

But to be sure, you should consult your brand or cobblers. Also, you should go to the cobbler to change the shorter heel to save effort and reduce risk.

The cobblers can help you replace the heel of your cowboy boots very quickly. Otherwise, you will have a lot of trouble doing it yourself.

With just the right tools, they’ll take the old heels off, put in new ones, and repaint them to ensure a new-like look.

Good luck!