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Safe and Effective Ways To Shrink Pearl Snap Shirts (All Materials)

Safe and Effective Ways To Shrink Pearl Snap Shirts (All Materials)

Choosing the right size and right fit for any outfit is not easy, especially when you buy them online instead of trying them on in the store.

If the outfit you choose cannot fit well, it will affect your clean look badly, pearl snap shirts are not an exception in this case.

Many of us hate the bulky and sloppy look of a loose-fitting ensemble. That is why finding some methods to shrink pearl snap shirts are essential.

Everything would be so simple if pearl snap shirts are made from only one material, but they are not! With different materials, we cannot apply a single method to shrink all of our shirts.

Pearl snap shirts are often made of cotton, denim, or polyester. Each type of material will require certain precautions. And today’s article will tell you about how to shrink all types of pearl snap shirts safely and effectively.

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • Using hot and warm water is the best way to shrink the pearl snap shirts, even if they are made from denim, cotton, or polyester.
  • You can combine warm water with a dryer and iron the shirt to have a better result. However, be careful of the temperature throughout the process, don’t let it overheat.
  • Note that the shrinkage cannot last long, and you may need to do it over and over again. If you want to tighten your shirt forever, bring it to the tailor.

Wash the shirt in warm water, dry it in the dryer, and iron it

The good news is cotton, polyester, or denim will shrink when exposed to warm water. So you can make use of your dryer or some type of washing machine (washable with warm water) to reduce the shirt’s size.

Or, more simply, iron your pearl snap shirt when it is still damp. Or you can make use of a steamer and the like to shrink pearl snap shirts.

However, don’t forget to check the label of the shirts to make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Some of them will clearly point out the maximum temperature that the material can endure which you can apply to your shirt when drying or ironing it.

Based on all the above hints, I have prepared for you the best guide to shrinking pearl snap shirts to a proper extent without any damage.

Steps to shrinking a pearl snap shirt

Here is the step-by-step guide for using a dryer:

Wash the pearl snap shirt in hot water

  • Put it in the dryer as soon as possible. This makes sure the shirt does not cool down and loosen, and can be shrunk evenly. Set the dryer at a high temperature.

Take the shirt off the washing machine and put it in the dryer

  • When the shirt is almost dry in the dryer (slightly damp), take it out, then iron it. You should set the temperature at approximately 200°C (400°F) for denim and cotton pearl snap shirts, while it should be 100°C to 150°C (212°F – 302°F) for polyester ones (this is the worth-noting note).

Take the shirt off the dryer and them ironing it

  • If your pearl snap shirt is still damp, utilize the natural wind and sun to dry it completely.

If you don’t know how to iron it, take a look at this article! It’s a very detailed guide for you!

In fact, just dip the pearl snap shirt in warm water, and it will shrink. But the steps that I show you above guarantee to be faster and more effective. And at the same time, your shirt is wrinkle-free, maintains a good shape and stays clean.

In most cases, the maximum temperature that the manufacturer sets for the dryer and washing machine often doesn’t harm the shirts. But to be safer, you should keep the temperature not higher than 200°C (400°F) for denim and cotton, and 100 to 150°C (212°F – 302°F) for polyester.

That’s it!

Some last notes before you leave

In fact, the above method can shrink your pearl snap shirt well and safely, but it won’t last long. It can make the shirt fit tighter with your body for about 2 days.

If you want to make your shirt smaller forever, you should bring it to the tailor. She/he will know what to do by manipulating the threads. Don’t do it at home, since you can destroy the shape of your shirt.

And the last important note is you cannot shrink pearl snap shirts made from leather. Leather when in contact with water or heat will easily and quickly stretch over time. This material is completely the opposite of denim, cotton, or polyester.

That’s it, easy to do, right?