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How To Change The Color of Cowboy Boots? 4 Interesting Ways

How To Change The Color of Cowboy Boots? 4 Interesting Ways

Hmmm, unlike other footwear, there are quite a lot of things we can do with an old pair of cowboy boots. One of them is changing their color.

Recoloring cowboy boots can be a good way to rekindle your inspiration with them.

There is more than one way to do this, but the effectiveness can vary.

Today I will tell you in this article!

4 Best Ways To Change The Color Of Your Cowboy Boots

Most people will think of changing the color of the entire cowboy boot surface first, but for me, I also like to recolor the stitching.

While it can take a while, I think it’s worth it because this method is still more economical than getting a new pair of boots. You can try to recolor your old boots in your spare time.

1. Dye your cowboy boots

One of the most basic methods of changing the color of cowboy boots is to dye them.

dye cowboy boots with other colors

Many cowboy boots are reborn thanks to this method. What you need to do is buy a leather dyeing kit.

After that, clean the cowboy boots, and then dye them to the color you want.

Luckily, we have a very thorough tutorial on how to dye cowboy boots here! In that article, you will be shown how to dye both full-grain leather and suede leather.

2. Use polish

Polishing boots

Polish usually does not change color as well as dyes, besides, they are also easier to fade after a while.

Therefore, to achieve the best effect, you should choose a polish with a color that has a relatively similar tone to the original color of cowboy boots.

For example, to change cowboy boots from black to brown, polish is still a good choice.

However, to ensure the color lasts a long time on the boots, you should apply at least 3 layers of carefully buffed polish.

If you still don’t know how, here is the most detailed guide on how to polish cowboy boots. You just need to note that 3 coats of polish are fine.

The process is actually very simple, just clean cowboy boots with a leather cleaner, then use a leather conditioner to make them soft, and finally apply several coats of polish, and that’s it!

3. Use colored pencils to change the color of the stitching

Cowboy boots are often covered with dense layers of stitching, which not only preserve the structure, but also the unique textures of each brand.

But sometimes, the white or black color of the stitching is boring. You can completely paint it with crayons.

use crayons to change the stitching color of cowboy boots

I learned this after accidentally seeing a shoemaker do it with his cowboy boots. After polishing, he took crayons and painted over the stitching one by one until they were the desired color.

Wow, that took me over an hour, but it really worked, not only when you want to change the stitching color of your cowboy boots, but also when you want to restore their color.

4. Paint cowboy boots

Well, this method may require some skill on your part. Painting on cowboy boots would also be a good way to bring them back to life with greater inspiration.

You will need to clean them thoroughly with a leather cleaner, then purchase a kit that includes:

  • Leather conditioner
  • Masking tape
  • Leather paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint sealer

Because most good cowboy boots are made of 100% leather, you don’t have to worry about the paint peeling off.

After cleaning, use a leather conditioner to make sure cowboy boots stay soft.

If you’re afraid the color might bleed into the stitches, welts or soles, use masking tape to cover them up before painting.

Firstly, paint the base coat 3 to 4 times. Note that you should wait for each base coat to dry before applying the next layers. Don’t make the base coats too thick as they can crack.

Then combine leather paint, paintbrush, and your imagination to create your unique work of art.

girl is thinking how to paint her cowboy boot

After painting each part, you should wait for them to dry and then cover them with masking tape before applying paint to other parts. This ensures the color won’t smudge.

When you finish, don’t forget to use a paint sealer to spray a finish coat on the painted area to protect the paint color from cracking or peeling off. This ensures the colors will stick together more firmly.

Once you’re done drawing, take out all the masking tape!

Actually, I don’t care if I draw well or badly, but I am pleased that my cowboy boots are rich in color and they give greater inspiration!

You should try it too!


Well, there are many ways to change the color of cowboy boots, the most effective of which is dyeing or painting them with specialized leather paints.

Or you can also use some polish to change the color of cowboy boots. However, this method doesn’t last too long and only works best when you get a product that has a relatively similar tone to the original color of the boots.

Or you can spend some time getting creative with the stitching, when they are only one color, use crayons to change their color. Your cowboy boots will look more interesting!

Good luck!

Dana Jennings

Saturday 30th of September 2023

Lots of great ideas Grace!

Thank you, Dana Jennings