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Do You Need To Waterproof New Cowboy Boots?

Do You Need To Waterproof New Cowboy Boots?

I understand all that euphoric feeling when you’ve just unboxed a new pair of cowboy boots, they look so beautiful and sexy. And even more special when they are made from expensive exotic leather.

I also understand the anxiety about new cowboy boots, anything can affect them, especially water.

That’s why many users want to know if it is necessary to waterproof new cowboy boots.

The answer is, don’t rush to waterproof them immediately, you should wait a few days. The reasons will be stated in detail right below!

Let’s get started!

Do You Need To Waterproof New Cowboy Boots?

Bootmakers usually give you 30 days when you can return cowboy boots if they don’t fit or are the wrong size. And during those 30 days, do not overcare your boots, even waterproof them.

When cowboy boots are purchased, they are stiff and do not mold your feet well. You need to break in them to be able to wear them comfortably.

If your cowboy boots are successfully broken in and are completely comfortable, that’s great. But what if they are not? You will want to return them immediately.

Therefore, waterproofing cowboy boots during the first 30 days can prevent you from returning the boots to the bootmakers. This is because many waterproof sprays tend to darken leather. Many bookmakers will not want to receive returned boots that are so different from the original. They would prefer intact ones.

Cowboy boots on the store

Besides, using cowboy boots in the rain is actually not a wise choice, because water can destroy the leather for sure. And it’s also unwise to use your newly purchased cowboy boots to step out into the rain on the very first days when you don’t know if these boots are really right for you. So this is the second reason why you shouldn’t waterproof new cowboy boots right away.

Any actions to protect cowboy boots should be taken after 30 days, the action here includes waterproofing cowboy boots. After that time, you can be sure that cowboy boots are perfectly fit and comfortable for you. From now on,  it is not a big deal whether waterproofing cowboy boots can darken them.

Similarly, after about 30 days, you can feel free to use the waterproof spray to protect cowboy boots against sudden rains in the rainy or snowy season. This is an essential step and there is nothing to worry about anymore.

Although many people like to use cowboy boots for outdoor work, I really do not recommend using them in heavy rain. You can waterproof them to avoid light and sudden rains, but there are many risks when using them in heavy rains.

wear leather soled cowboy boots in the rain

There are quite a few different ways to waterproof cowboy boots effectively, we’ve rounded them up in this article! Please take a look.

There are cowboy boots that are already waterproof, primarily for outdoor work, so you don’t need to waterproof these boots when they’re new. But over time, the waterproof ability will decrease. You can apply a few waterproof coats to reinforce and protect them later.


Cowboy boots and cowboy hat on the rock on the ranch

In short, the biggest risk when you waterproof new cowboy boots is that you can darken them, making it difficult to return them for any reason.

So I recommend doing it after 30 days when the return period ends and you’ve determined the boots are a perfect fit.

If cowboy boots are already waterproof (as described by the bootmaker), don’t waste time waterproofing them when new. Let’s do that later.

And don’t forget, even if cowboy boots are waterproofed, it’s really not a good idea to wear them in heavy rain. You should determine that waterproofing products are only against sudden rain, not heavy and continuous rain or snow.

That’s all you should be aware of!