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Can I Wear A Black Belt With Brown Cowboy Boots?

Can I Wear A Black Belt With Brown Cowboy Boots?

In addition to jeans that match cowboy boots to create a good style, you should also pay attention to your belt.

In fact, the harmony of color and style between cowboy boots, pants and belt are essential to having a great ensemble. But belts seem to be forgotten.

Lately, we received a related question about whether a black belt can be worn with brown cowboy boots.

Well, that doesn’t quite sound like the rule of thumb: your belt needs to match your shoes. However, brown cowboy boots are extremely easy footwear to combine with many different outfits. So the answer is yes.

But for the best look, you’ll probably need this article!

Why is that? Let’s dive in!

Key takeaways

  • The black belt can go well with brown cowboy boots for a clean and classic look
  • Jeans, or other types of pants, act as a crucial bridge between the belt and cowboy boots in an outfit. It’s important that they have the right color and a style that suits well, to create a harmonious overall look.
  • The jeans should match the color of belts or cowboy boots. Or at least, they have a dark or neutral color like dark blue, brown or khaki. Colorful jeans will not be a good choice here.
  • Make sure you style your jeans and cowboy boots properly. As men will tuck boot shafts into jeans, their jeans need enough room in the bottom legs. Otherwise, no matter how pretty the belt is, it still can’t save your looks.

Is it good to wear a black belt with brown cowboy boots?

As mentioned, brown cowboy boots are easy to go with different outfits, from dark blue jeans, khakis, trousers, cargo pants and tactical pants, or even suits.

Brown cowboy boots are just ideal for a clean and classic look, so they also go well with belts in classic or dark tones. That’s why you can totally wear them with a black belt.

Black belt, brown belt and cowboy boots

However, it might not be the flawless look you want. When looking at the whole, you will feel it “a little bit weird”.

As mentioned in previous posts, it’s best when you can wear a belt that completely matches the color of your cowboy boots. Or at least the belt should have a classic color with dark tones to create harmony in style.

In this case, if your belt is black then they’re not quite the best choice when going with brown cowboy boots, but you can fix that problem by choosing a pair of black pants.

Black pants go perfectly with a black belt and look great with brown cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots and the black belt

In addition to black, you can also choose dark blue jeans to match the black belt. Or what do you think about a black suit? It’s definitely great.

In general, if the belt doesn’t really match in color with cowboy boots, then you should choose a pair of pants in a similar color to create a sense of style and color. These combinations really make for a great look.

Actually, the rule of thumb that your belt should match your boots may not be entirely correct, but it still makes sense. If you can’t find a belt that perfectly matches cowboy boots, just pick pants that match the belt. That’s it!

I have a black belt made of caiman belly at home, and they really go well with a black suit and brown goat cowboy boots. This is truly a perfect choice for me to wear for business casual.


In short, a black belt going with brown cowboy boots is a good choice, but not the best.

Choose a dark pair of pants or a dark-colored outfit to go with your black belt if possible. It could be a black suit, dark blue jeans, black jeans, etc. Both are interesting choices to create a classic style with a clean look.