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Can Cowboy Boots Be Shrunk?

Can Cowboy Boots Be Shrunk?

There are a lot of tricks online to make cowboy boots shrink, but honestly, I don’t believe it.

Buying a pair of cowboy boots with a good fit is not an easy task because these boots do not have laces. If cowboy boots are loose, you won’t be able to tighten them.

But in reality, most shrinking methods are ineffective so don’t try to make cowboy boots shrink. Instead, you should stuff something inside cowboy boots to make them fit tighter.

Today, we are going to talk about shrinking cowboy boots. Is it really effective?

Cowboy Boots Get shrunk: Is it possible?

If you search on the internet, you will come across many methods such as dipping boots in water or using a hair dryer to shrink them, etc. Well, I have to say, those methods are such a huge mistake.

You should know that there is almost no method that really works to shrink cowboy boots in the long run.

For example, methods like dipping cowboy boots in water may cause them to shrink a bit at first, but after a while, they only stretch more.

Not to mention, dipping boots in water is also not good, because leather often degrades quickly when being wet for a long time. And the same goes for the heat methods.

The truth is that leather always tends to soften and stretch over time. Therefore, once you buy a pair of cowboy boots that are too loose, return them if possible. Don’t try to use tips or hacks to shrink them, it won’t work and can make it difficult for you to return.

If your cowboy boots are just a little loose, you can tuck something inside to make them fit tighter. Or tighten them with the leather lace like the image below!

Man wear cowboy boots with jeans

For example, the most important part is that the top of the foot should fit snugly with the cowboy boot so that your foot stays in place in it. I usually insert an extra insole and lift my foot to fit my boot better.

There are many other ways to make cowboy boots fit tighter like using heel inserts, thick socks, etc. You can learn more here without wasting your time in an attempt to shrink cowboy boots.

Back to our topic today, some cobblers also have a way to shrink cowboy boots with alcohol and fire. But they are professionals and know what to do. As for you, actually you don’t need to set your cowboy boots on fire at home as this method is not that effective.

In addition, if you insist on using these shrinking methods, cowboy boots will shrink and expand in a short time, which can cause them to wrinkle and lose their shape. It’s totally not a good idea!


Man wear cowboy boots climb on the fence

Overall, there’s really no effective method to shrink cowboy boots.

Some of the common methods you see, such as using water or high heat to shrink your boots, are all not a good idea. In the long run, it could leave the reverse effect in the boots, they stretch even more and may cause more wrinkles.

Leather has a tendency to soften and stretch over time, so if your cowboy boots are too loose, don’t try to use tips or hacks to shrink them. You will have a hard time returning them to bootmakers.

It is safer if you try to make cowboy boots fit tighter by stuffing something such as insoles, or heel inserts into the boots. This is possible if your cowboy boots are just a little loose.

The cobblers have several methods such as using alcohol and fire to make cowboy boots, they might help you. But don’t try to do it at home, it’s too risky.

And that’s it!