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Wearing A Cowboy Hat In A Car: Good or Bad?

Wearing A Cowboy Hat In A Car: Good or Bad?

You know what? This question is quite familiar to me, I also answered the question of whether cowboy boots can be used for driving or not. Now, the same question comes to cowboy hats.

In fact, in the West, cowboy hats and cowboy boots are very popular among truckers, but it’s not mean you just put them on and drive. You need to pay attention to a few things.

Well, today’s article will show you how cowboy hats can be worn in a car and what you should note before doing this.

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • You can wear a cowboy hat for driving a car to protect your face from the sun and UV rays, but make sure it does not limit your vision in all directions. Roll the brim up and direct the front up to an angle – this is necessary for a clear view.
  • Try to wear a cowboy hat that fits snugly if you don’t want it to slide down and cover your eyes. You should wear one with a hatband to tighten and keep it stabilized when needed, especially when in tough conditions.
  • In case you don’t want to continue wearing it while driving, store it somewhere that won’t constrain you or obscure your view when driving, or make the hat lose shape.

Should you wear a cowboy hat in a car or take it off?

The answer is quite clear, you can wear a cowboy hat in a car because most of the state does not really have a clear rule in this regard. The cowboy hat can be a great choice for protecting you from the sun and UV rays while driving in the sun.

However, you need to make sure that it does not obscure your view.

The most annoying in this case is the brim of the cowboy hat is too wide. It limits your vision and might affect your safety while driving. However, you can still handle this problem.

Many people often roll the sides of the brim to make it curved up. From there, it can increase vision to make the ride safer.

a woman enjoy driving a car while wearing cowboy hat

Did you know the story about three rancher guys sitting in the front seat of the pickup truck? They have the same trouble and more, the wide brim of their cowboy hats keeps hitting each other and they decide to roll them up.

That story is so funny, but makes sense, right?

Nowadays, you don’t need to roll it up by yourself, because it’s become a unique feature of cowboy hats over time. Many manufacturers are already doing it for you.

Try to direct the brim at the front up to an angle that is good enough for your vision.

man wears cowboy hat in car checking the road

Another note is that you should try to find a cowboy hat that fits well. This ensures it won’t slide down too close to your eyes and it makes a dead spot in your vision. Oversized hats will not secure enough for your head.

Using a cowboy hat with a hatband may be a good choice because you can tighten and keep it stabilized on your head.

Besides, if wearing a cowboy hat for riding a car, you should forget the seat headrest. As when you lean on it, the pressure will ruin the hat’s shape. The shape of the cowboy hat is very important!

If I don’t want to continue wearing a cowboy hat on the drive, where should I put it?

The same formula as the above, leave your cowboy hat in a place that does not obscure your view and don’t let it lose shape.

And more than that, don’t throw the hat on the dashboard, which will make it difficult to control the car. It’s really dangerous! Don’t leave it near the window, the mirror, the windshield, or anywhere that can limit your vision at the front, back, or sides.

More carefully, you should bring the hat’s box along the drive, put the cowboy hat in it and leave the box somewhere in the car such as other seats, the car trunk, or anywhere else that doesn’t affect your control of the car.

If not, the next seat may be a good, safe, and convenient choice for leaving the hat there. Or the trunk with fewer packages and enough room to contain the hat. Or tell your son to keep it.

a boy wears his father cowboy hat

Overall, put it where it won’t constrain you when driving the car.

Before you leave

In general, wearing a cowboy hat in the car or truck is not a strange thing in western, but to have a safe trip, you should follow the above instruction.

And don’t forget to protect your hat from losing shape by storing it in a roomy place with no pressure. The shape is the most important thing that creates the beauty of a cowboy hat.

That’s it, nothing much!