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How To Use Tecovas Boot Jack for Cowboy Boots? Super Easy!

How To Use Tecovas Boot Jack for Cowboy Boots? Super Easy!

If I have to choose the easiest and fastest way to remove cowboy boots, I will choose to use a boot jack.

However, boot jacks now are sold a lot on the market but not all of them are good. Some will tear your cowboy boots, others will scratch your floor.

Well, it’s tough, but out of all the crappy boot jacks, I’ve got a really cool one that belongs to Tecovas.

The boot jacks of Tecovas overcome all those disadvantages thanks to their very good structure and manufacturing. And I really recommend this one.

Even so, there are many people who still don’t really know how to use the Tecovas boot jack, well, it’s very simple.

Today’s small article will solve the problem for you, step by step!

How To Use Tecovas Boot Jack for Your Cowboy Boots?

The outstanding feature of the Tecovas boot jack is that it is made from carefully processed beechwood, so it has a smooth shine and a very beautiful color.

The good gloss and smoothness of the Tecovas boot jacks mean they don’t scratch the floor. At the same time, the suede leather padding at the intersection between the boot and the boot jack (U-shaped opening) ensures that cowboy boots won’t get scratched.

The Tecovas Boot Jack

Tecovas Boot Jack | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

At the same time, Tecovas boot jacks are also water-resistant. You are not afraid of them being damaged by water from cowboy boots every time you go outside in the rain.

Generally speaking. Tecovas boots possess small but really useful features.

Well, using them is very simple! Here is an example of when removing your right boot:

Step 1: Secure the boot jack with your left foot

Place the boot jack neatly and in a straight line.

Step your left foot on the back of Tecovas boot jack, the ball of your foot presses on it to firmly keep the boot jack in place, while your heel is still on the ground. Your left foot needs to be in line with the boot jack.

Make sure your center of gravity is on your left foot and that you are completely stable. If unsure, find a chair, sit down, and place your left foot as instructed.

Step 2: Secure the cowboy boot of the right foot to the boot jack

Place the back heel of the right cowboy boot into the mouth of the boot jack (U-shaped opening). Then pull your foot up and the cowboy boot will slide off your foot smoothly (the cowboy boot will be held back by the boot jack).

That’s it, you don’t need to use your hands to remove cowboy boots.

Very simple, right?

However, you should make sure to always choose a boot jack with suede leather padding at the U-shaped opening. Soft suede padding ensures cowboy boots won’t be torn or stained during the boot removal process.

The padding of a Tecovas boot jack

The padding of a Tecovas boot jack | Image copyright Tecovas Boot Company | #CommissionEarned

If the pad falls off, you should go to the cobbler to reattach it!

Besides, always remember to wear socks, because having socks will help cowboy boots slide off your feet smoother!

For visual instruction, you can see this video to learn how to use a boot jack:

Using The Texas Boot Jack


In general, using Tecovas boot jacks is very simple.

Use one foot to secure it with the ball of your foot, making sure you still balance well with the weight put on that foot.

Place the back heel of the other foot on the boot jack and pull your foot up, the cowboy boot will be held by the boot jack and slide off your foot gently.

That’s all!