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Taping Your Cowboy Boots: A Quick Fix for a Perfect Fit

Taping Your Cowboy Boots: A Quick Fix for a Perfect Fit

Cowboy boots are a classic piece of footwear that never go out of style. They’re durable, comfortable, and can make any outfit look more stylish.

However, if you’re wearing your cowboy boots with jeans or other pants, you may find that the boots slip down or show through the material, which can be uncomfortable and unsightly.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: taping your cowboy boots.

Not only does this make your boots fit tighter, but it also prevents them from showing through your pants, giving you a sleek and polished look.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to tape your cowboy boots using different techniques, so you can enjoy a comfortable and secure fit every time you wear them.


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What You Need to Prepare

Before you start taping your cowboy boots, there are a few things you will need to prepare. These include:

  • Tape of your choice (duct tape, athletic tape, or specialized boot tape)
  • A clean, dry surface for taping
  • Scissors (if using duct tape or athletic tape)

Step 1: Prepare your cowboy boots

Before you begin taping, it’s important to prepare your cowboy boots.

If your boots are dirty or oily, clean them with leather cleaner to ensure that the tape will adhere properly.

Next, put on the socks and pants that you plan to wear with your boots.

This will help you determine how high to tape your boots and how much tension to apply.

Step 2: Cut the tape

Cut a length of tape that is long enough to wrap around your calf twice.

The exact length will depend on the size of your calf and the type of tape you’re using.

For duct tape, a length of 18-24 inches should be sufficient. For athletic tape or specialized boot tape, you may need a longer length.

Step 3: Apply the tape

Start by wrapping the tape around the top of your boot, just below the knee.

Make sure the tape is applied evenly and with enough tension to keep the boot in place.

Continue wrapping the tape around your calf, overlapping the edges slightly.

If you’re using duct tape, be sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles as you go.

If you’re using athletic tape or specialized boot tape, you may need to apply a bit more tension to keep the tape from slipping.

Step 4: Secure the tape

When you reach the bottom of your calf, wrap the tape around the boot again, just above the ankle.

This will help secure the tape and prevent it from slipping down.

Make sure the tape is applied tightly and evenly. If you’re using duct tape, you may want to cut off any excess tape at this point.

Step 5: Repeat on the other boot

Repeat the same process on the other boot, making sure the tape is applied at the same height and with the same tension as the first boot.

It’s important to ensure that both boots are taped in the same way to avoid any discrepancies in fit or appearance.

A man wears jeans with cowboy boots on the ranch.

What You Should Note

When taping your cowboy boots, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure the tape is applied tightly and evenly, without any wrinkles or gaps.
  • Avoid wrapping the tape too tightly, as this can cut off circulation and cause discomfort.
  • Choose tape that is easy to remove, so you don’t damage the leather or leave behind sticky residue.
  • Test the tape on a small area of your boot first, to make sure it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions or damage.

How to Remove Tape Residue and Maintain Your Boots

When it’s time to remove the tape from your cowboy boots, gently peel it off starting at the edge and pulling it back slowly.

If there is any residue left behind, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cloth to gently rub the area until it is clean.

You can also use a leather cleaner or conditioner to maintain the appearance of your cowboy boots and prevent any damage from the tape.


Taping your cowboy boots is a simple and effective way to make them fit tighter and prevent them from slipping or showing through your pants.

Whether you choose duct tape, athletic tape, or specialized boot tape, following these steps will help you achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

Just remember to prepare your boots and tape carefully, apply the tape evenly and securely, and remove it gently to maintain the appearance and quality of your cowboy boots.