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Is it Possible for A Straw Cowboy Hat to Stretch Over Time?

Is it Possible for A Straw Cowboy Hat to Stretch Over Time?

Quite similar to cowboy boots, choosing the size of a cowboy hat from the beginning is very important. Simply because cowboy boots do not have laces to adjust the fit, and many cowboy hats do not have back straps to do so.

Therefore, questions like whether cowboy hats can stretch over time often arise. The answer depends on the material from which they are made.

Straw is a very popular material for cowboy hats and is also loved by many for its classic, traditional and unique look. And today’s post, we will talk about the stretchability of straw cowboy hats.

Should you wait for the straw hat to stretch over time?

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • It is very difficult for the straw cowboy hat to stretch on its own over time, as the characteristics of the straw material have a very little stretch.
  • If straw cowboy hats are tight, it is best to take action. Use stretching methods instead of waiting for them to stretch on their own.

The answer may disappoint you because the straw cowboy hat stretches very little over time.

Unlike leather which can stretch a lot over time, straw is very strong, stiff, and fragile. However, it does not have much elasticity like leather.

a straw cowboy hat on a pile of straw

Most people who own a tight straw cowboy hat resort to methods like steam or hat stretchers to loosen it up. Although the results are not as good as stretching leather, it is enough to make you more comfortable for sure.

The best advice is to take action to stretch the straw cowboy hat instead of waiting for it to stretch over time.

However, in the process of applying stretching methods, you also need to calmly wait for the results. If you rush, the straw will easily break and the result will be very bad.

What are the possible methods to stretch a straw cowboy hat?

Time and patience are the key factors! As mentioned above, straw is difficult to stretch, but a cowboy hat’s woven texture can still expand to a certain extent.

One popular method that I like to use is using steam in combination with a hat stretcher.

Water and heat can completely relax the weave, making the hat softer and therefore, allowing it to stretch properly. Besides, using steam instead of just regular heat will ensure that the straw doesn’t dry out, crack or burn.

You can use the steam from the kettle to do that, however, be careful not to overheat the hat.

using steam from kettle to stretch a straw cowboy hat

Heat the inside of the hat and wait a bit, then use your hands to feel if the hat cools down. When the hat is still warm, you can completely wear it (or use your hands to stretch it). Do this a few times, the hat will expand.

In case you have a hat stretcher, it is better to put the stretcher inside the hat to stretch it instead of just using your head to wear it.

How to Stretch a Cowboy Hat

Note: What you need to do is be patient, don’t rush to stretch the cowboy hat from the straw or you can completely break it.

Although straw is hard, it isn’t elastic well. So when stretched too much, it will break much more easily than leather.

Before you leave

In summary, it is easy for straw cowboy hats to stretch over time because this material is very stiff and brittle. Therefore, if the cowboy hat is new and within the return period, you should send it back.

If it were me, to be honest, I wouldn’t expect it to automatically stretch over time but would use steam and a hat stretcher to expand it.

However, when using steam, be careful not to burn yourself. Also, do not be hasty because straw will take a long time to be relaxed.

Good luck!