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What to Wipe Tactical Leather Boots With?

Many of us often wonder what tool to use to wipe and clean tactical leather boots.

If you don’t use the right tools, the quality of tactical leather boots may suffer, your boots can get scratched, old or flaky.

The most important thing is to use soft and effective tools to wipe and clean boots.

So what are those tools? What to wipe tactical leather boots with?

We’ll show you, from specialized products to products you already have in your own home.

Started yet?

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What to wipe tactical leather boots with?

Many of us have a habit of using an old toothbrush to clean tactical boots, this is not a good habit!

Because the old toothbrush is not a dedicated product for taking care of tactical leather boots. The bristles of the old toothbrush can be too hard, which results in scratching and flaking the leather.

It is also difficult for old toothbrushes to fully clean your suede leather tactical boots.

So, you need to know what kind of tool you can use to clean tactical leather boots.

1/ Horsehair brush

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The most popular professional product for cleaning tactical leather boots is the horsehair brush.

Horsehair brushes are specialized brushes to clean leather. They are made of horsehair, soft and don’t tear the leather but are sturdy enough to remove stains.

Horsehair brushes come in many different sizes, you should have a large brush to clean the large area and a small one to clean nooks and crannies.

To clean leather, the horsehair brush is usually used in combination with leather cleaner .

Some people apply cream polish to their brushes to polish the tactical leather boots.

The horsehair brush is very versatile, right?

2/ Cleaning Cloth

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You can also use Cleaning Cloth to wipe and clean tactical leather boots but make sure the towel is soft.

This is also a common and better method compared to using an old toothbrush. Cloths are usually soft enough to wipe tactical leather boots with no scratches.

Use soft, absorbent cloths to ensure the tactical boots are free of scratches and dirt.

There are also a lot of highly effective and affordable cleaning cloth products on the market today. If you do not have one, I think this is a smart investment!

I usually use the cleaning cloth with saddle soap  to clean my tactical leather boots.

Aside from that, I also prepare a dry cloth to dry and remove excess on tactical leather boots.

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3/ 4-sided Suede Brush

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Just like leather, you can’t use an old toothbrush to clean tactical suede boots, but you have to use a specialized product, it should be the 4-sided Suede Brush.

It can be said that compared to leather, suede is even more susceptible to scratches if you use a non-specialized brush to clean. So be careful.

The 4-sided Suede Brush is capable of removing heavy scuff marks with its rubber surface.

Meanwhile, Tough Nylon bristles clean stains more gently and keep suede smoother.

Besides, the edges of this brush can also clean the welt or stitching of boots, clearing up all the dirt there.

Usually, you need a combination of the suede brush and suede cleaner  to clean tactical suede boots.

And that’s all you need to clean suede tactical boots!

4/ Eraser

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The color of suede leather is easy to get dirty in their fur. The cause is usually mud and dirt. These dirty colors may not be completely removed with a suede brush, you must use a specialized eraser.

An eraser is a must for caring for suede. It can remove dirt from tactical suede boots.

Just after cleaning the suede tactical boots with the 4-sided Suede Brush, use the eraser and clean the rest.

It’s done!

Usually you’ll find a combo set that includes both 4-sided Suede Brush & Eraser .

Some other household items you can use to wipe tactical leather boots

In some cases when you cannot use specialized tools to wipe tactical leather boots, you can use some of the following household items:

However, we do not recommend using these tools frequently, you should only use them in an emergency.

Using non-professional products to care for leather in the long run can negatively affect the quality of the boots.

1/ Use nail file

Using a nail file to get rid of the stubborn dirt on the suede is one of the common methods to do at home.

There are stubborn mud spots that make your suede tactical boots look dirty and unsightly, all you need to do is get a nail file to scrape them off

It’s done!

2/ Brush with soft bristles

Besides the leather and suede cleaning brushes, you can also use other brushes, but they should be ones with soft bristles.

Soft bristle brushes won’t scratch your tactical boots. Combine it with saddle soap or leather / suede cleaner to completely clean your tactical boots.


The above are the most effective items to wipe tactical leather boots. These will take good care of the tactical leather boots without hurting them.

In short, you can use:

Horsehair brush or cleaning cloth comes with saddle soap or leather cleaner for cleaning tactical leather boots.

Alternatively, you can still use the horsehair brush or cleaning cloth in combination with a shoe polish to polish tactical leather boots.

If your tactical boots are made of suede leather, then you will need the 4-sided Suede Brush, the Eraser and the suede cleaner for the cleaning.

After applying conditioner to the surface of the tactical suede boots, use the 4-sided Suede Brush to wipe the suede surface again – this will ensure deeper penetration.

Please note that do not try to polish suede boots.

You can also use a nail file or a soft bristle brush to clean tactical leather boots. The nail file is used to clean stubborn mud on the suede.

Make sure that if you don’t use a special brush, your brush should have soft bristles so that the tactical leather boots won’t get hurt.

Anyway, I still prefer specialized products rather than household items.

That’s all you can use to wipe tactical leather boots with. Good luck!

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