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Some Notes When Wearing Modern Cowboy Boots For Newbies

Today, cowboy boots are very popular among the masses because of their diverse construction and style. You can wear cowboy boots anywhere, anytime for any job.

The diversity of cowboy boots can cause a lot of confusion for newbies when it comes to choosing the right style for their purposes.

To help cowboy boot fans know more about cowboy boots’ styling, today’s article will focus on some mistakes that you should avoid, when you should and shouldn’t wear modern cowboy boots and why?

In general, we will focus on 3 main issues: the style, the use of the boots, and some environmental considerations.

Wait no more, let’s dive in!

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Some notes before and after wearing modern cowboy boots for newbies

In fact, nowadays cowboy boots range from distressed to luxurious styles. It is safe to say that there is hardly any event that cowboy boots cannot attend.

For example, if you are looking for elegant cowboy boots, traditional or roper style cowboy boots with a caiman, lizard, or well-polished cowhide finish are absolutely a great choice.

But if you need a cool and impressive pair of boots for a night out, cowboy boots with lots of contrasting patterns and embossed details can perfectly suit you.

The Josie Cowboy Boots from Tecovas
The Josie Cowboy Boots from Tecovas | Click image for more info

In addition, the development in the structure also ensures cowboy boots are more suitable for outdoor work. Today, some of them are comfortable and safe enough for even construction sites.

Except for sporting events that require specialized footwear such as diving, running, cowboy boots can help you in most cases.

So, there aren’t many times when you shouldn’t wear cowboy boots. It’s just that if you have to attend a wedding in the city, it’s not the right time for using your distressed and wild cowboy boots at home. Instead, let’s find a formal alternative for this occasion.

Another case you should consider is don’t wear cowboy boots if their style or function goes against the nature of your purpose. It won’t help to bring an expensive pair of caiman belly boots to work on the ranch.

Man wear jeans with cowboy boots stand on the ranch

In addition to the contrast between your working purpose and the function or style of cowboy boots, some fashion principles can also limit your choice.

For women, wearing cowboy boots is very simple, you can match them with anything you want, whether it’s dresses, skirts or jeans, khakis, etc.

But with men, things are not so simple. You should not wear cowboy boots with skinny jeans or shorts, or when you intend to tuck boots into jeans.

Regarding fashion, the principle when wearing cowboy boots for men is to create a clean look, and the things I outlined above will go against that principle. You can learn more about some fashion mistakes in the links attached throughout this article.

For women, cowboy boots are a colorful and youthful fashion item. But it’s often not the case for men, what they look for in cowboy boots is a beauty of classic style with a clean look!

Man wear jeans with cowboy boots and women wear dresses with cowboy boots

In some cases where the weather is not really favorable, you should not wear cowboy boots.

For example, cowboy boots with leather soles are often quite slippery, so you can hardly use them on ice on winter days or on wet surfaces due to rain.

Instead, use rubber sole cowboy boots for rainy or snowy seasons. They will have a better grip and will also not be damaged by moisture. If you don’t have rubber sole boots, it’s best to leave your boots at home.


Cowboy boots on the store

In general, you should know that the variety of cowboy boots today is greatly appreciated for their look, use, and style. They almost can appear anywhere, anytime to serve different individual’s purposes.

Cowboy boots can appear from a wild ranch to luxurious weddings. Just remember to choose the right type and style of boots! Above all, you should not choose cowboy boots that are contrary to the nature of your work, like wearing distressed boots for an interview.

The place where cowboy boots cannot appear is some specialized activities such as running, scuba diving, hiking, or skiing, etc. This is because these sports require specialized footwear with more appropriate support.

In addition, some styles when wearing men’s cowboy boots are also not popular in the cowboy boot world such as wearing them with skinny jeans, or shorts, or tucking them into pants. You should be aware of those things and avoid making such mistakes.

When the environment is wet and nasty and cowboy boots only have leather soles, it is best to leave them at home as leather soles are easily damaged by moisture and are also very slippery.

Just like that, it’s simpler than you think, right?

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