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Top 10 Best Short Cowgirl Boots with Heels

The fashion world is a constant chain of changes and refinements of ideas and trends. There are things of the classics that will live forever over time or will be reborn after a period of regression.

And when we mention classic fashion items that last from time to time, we mean cowboy boots.

Today, we’re going to introduce to you ladies one of the most popular cowboy boots, the short cowgirl boots with heels – Ankle boots & booties.

No more time-wasting, let’s get started!

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What are short cowgirl boots with heels?

Short cowgirl boots with heels are how we talk about cowboy boots with short shafts, their shafts usually are just higher than the ankle or even lower.

Besides, these boots have accents at the heels. The heels of short cowgirl boots are often at standard height or higher (1.5″ to 2″ or more).

The rest of cowboy boots such as the sole or the tip of the boots are the same as traditional cowboy boots.

Usually, short cowboy boots have pointed toe, snip toe or round toe.

The short cowboy boots have cute designs with beautiful and feminine appearance, so they are only for cowgirls, not cowboys.

These boots overcome many disadvantages of traditional cowboy boots such as:

  • Comfortable on the hot summer days due to the short shart
  • Suitable for girls with big calves
  • Help your legs look longer and slimmer
  • Easy to remove or put on…

The short shaft is comfy but this feature may turn into a drawback from other views. For traditional cowboy boot fans, every tall shaft gets an artwork on it but the short sharts won’t have this feature.

In any case, we believe that once you have clicked on this article, you must have had a passion for short cowgirl boots and want to own one.

We will recommend to you the top 10 best short cowgirl boots!

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Top 10 best short cowgirl boots with heels

1/ Helens Heart Women’s Sparkle Sequin Bling

Helens Heart Women’s Sparkle Sequin Bling with bright color makes you the focus of a party.

What a pity for the bride if that party is a wedding (so be careful 😉 ).

This boot makes you outstanding among the crowd.

What we like:

  • Easily cleaning
  • Perfectly goes with skirts, dresses, shorts, or jeans
  • Fit: As expected
  • Lined Boot
  • 2.75 inch heel height

What we don’t like:

  • If you have a wide foot then go up size

2/ Ariat Women’s Darlin

Ariat Women’s Darlin looks completely similar to traditional cowboy boots except for its short shaft.

On sultry summer days, this boot is awesome. No fear that your legs feel hot and uncomfortable when tucking boots into your jeans.

What we like:

  • 100% Leather
  • Side zipper
  • Right out of the box
  • Best match with skinny jeans
  • Gorgeous color

What we don’t like:

  • A bit narrow in the toe

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3/ ARIAT Women’s Western Boot

An exquisite cowboy boot with feminine curves and a four-row stitch pattern makes you the cutest girl in the best friends’ group.

You can see how stylish these boots are in their creative ways. Cut out side design makes it unique.

What we like:

  • ATS technology
  • Four-row stitch pattern
  • Full-grain leather foot
  • Easy slip-on

What we don’t like:

  • A bit narrow

4/ Roper Women’s Amelia

The most prominent and beloved traits of cowboy boots lie in its wild appearance and distressed look.

Trust us, Roper Women’s Amelia would be great for you. What are you waiting for?

What we like:

  • Flexible sole
  • Padded insole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Fit and comfort your feet
  • Eagle overlay on the vamp and shaft

What we don’t like:

  • Slightly narrow for people with wide feet

5/ Frye Women’s Veronica Belted

You may not know, there are many hybrid cowboy boots in the world. And the Women’s Veronica Belted Frye boot is one of them.

You will be fascinated by its wild and liberal style.

What we like:

  • Cushioned leather insole
  • Antiqued buckle hardware
  • 100% Leather
  • Durable rubber outsole

What we don’t like:

  • It’s hard to find its weaknesses 😉

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6/ Roper Women’s Nelly

If you think typical cowboy boots are too monotonous, don’t worry because we get Roper Women’s Nelly boot here for you.

It comes with decorative buckle, whipstitching, and metal hardware.

Are these features enough for your style?

What we like:

  • Femininity look
  • Cushioned textile footbed
  • Rubber heel cap
  • Zip up on the inside

What we don’t like:

  • There is no variety of colors to choose from

7/ Steve Madden Women’s Lancaster

Have you come up with a cowboy boot to wear this summer? Do you love feminine style?

A simple suede cowboy boot is right above your ankle would be a great choice.

You will be completely energetic and confident to show your personality without worrying that the boots are too big and bulky.

What we like:

  • Stacked heel
  • Deep side cutouts
  • Good price
  • Super cute and comfy

What we don’t like:

  • No cushion

8/ Circle G Women’s Cut-Out

Let’s come with a brand new boot from the Corral brand. This boot is also extremely suitable when hanging out in the summer.

Circle G Women’s Cut-Out is a perfect choice for family parties or outdoor with friends, because of its flexibility, attractiveness and distressed appearance.

What we like:

  • Leather sole
  • Leather lining
  • Soft leather upper
  • Lightly padded leather footbed
  • Fits true to size

What we don’t like:

  • We have not received any complaints yet

9/ Sbicca Women’s Sound Boot

No more hesitation when you step out. With the Sbicca Women’s Sound Boot boots (its heels are up to 2.75″), you will become a gorgeous woman with confident steps.

Boots with fringe around give you a “soft” feeling when moving, one bonus is its lovely and feminine outlook.

Apart from cowboy boots, very few other boots in the world have fringe motifs, you only find those interesting things in cowboy boots.

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What we like:

  • 100% Leather
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Suitable for high instep
  • True to size
  • Well made

What we don’t like:

  • Narrow heels can cause heel slippage

10/ ARIAT Women’s Western Boot

I’m sure that this boot will please your style. It comes with many color choices.

These full colors with Unique Western stitch patterns bring a simple yet elegant fashion.

Put it on and you will get such a gorgeous cowgirl outlook.

What we like:

  • 4LR footbed for support and cushioning
  • Premium full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Inside zipper entry
  • Fit and comfort your feet

What we don’t like:

  • It takes time to break-in

[FAQ] What are the best cowgirl boots?

How best cowboy boots depend on your purposes.

There are 3 main purposes to buy cowboy boots listed below, for each purpose we will choose the best cowboy boots for you.

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1/ You want to choose cowboy boots with high aesthetics

For girls who love beauty, they usually choose cowboy boots with pointed toe, round toe and high heels.

Cowboy boots with pointed toe, round toe and high heels help the legs look slender and longer.

And these characteristics are suitable for riding boots (fashion cowboy boots) and fashion boots.

These 2 types of cowboy boots both have high heels (2″ or taller) and pointed toe or snip toe.

You can easily find such boots in some brands such as Ariat, Laredo, Charles Albert…

2/ You want to buy comfortable cowgirl boots

That’s when you need to think of cowboy work boots, western boots or stockman …

Those boots are very very comfortable. Their designs offer wide and flat inner soles, often have arch supports.

These boots share some similarities such as the arch support for your foot, the low heels and rubber soles (western boots can have leather soles) and they are usually very durable.

So if you need to use boots all day (working outdoors, farms), these boots are the BEST!

We have a very thorough article about the most comfortable cowboy boots here!

3/ You have special feet and want cowgirl boots to fit your foot

Flat feet

This is a fairly common foot that often happens to middle-aged or elderly people.

With the characteristics of such feet, the inner sole of cowboy boots requires cushioning. The cowboy boots base should be wide, flat and arch support.

Besides, flat feet are also often wide, so you should choose boots with round toe, square toe or wide square toe. That your toes will not be uncomfortable.

We recommend people with flat feet use boots such as western work boots, stockman, western boots…

We have a very thorough article on how to choose cowboy boots for flat feet here.

Wide feet

Similar to people with flat feet, people with wide feet should consider carefully when choosing cowboy boots.

It is best to buy cowboy boots that have been bought by many people before. Then you can read their reviews, these will help you a lot. For example, You may need to choose boots larger than half the size.

For big feet, you should use boots with round, square or wide square toes, wide and flat sole, and may not need arch support.

You can freely choose boots such as riding boots, western boots, work boots, without freaking around like those with flat feet.

And, yes, we have an article on choosing cowboy boots for your wide feet here.

High arches

People with high arched feet have many different choices of cowboy boots than those with flat or wide feet.

Certainly, people with high arches need arch support. The rest depends on the boots you buy.

You should read the product reviews from previous buyers. They may have good advice for you.

People with tall arches often have narrow feet so there’s no need to choose big boots.

And of course, we still have a separate article on choosing cowboy boots for high arches here.

Big calves

Luckily, people with large calves often do not suffer from adverse health effects in the long run compared to those with flat feet or high-arched feet.

Just a few tips for large calves when choosing cowboy boots:

  • Choose cowboy boots to make your legs look slimmer and longer
  • Using dark-colored cowboy boots, pointed cowboy boots …
  • The leather around the calf should not be tight

Just like above, you need to read the reviews from previous customers to know if those boots fit your big calves.

Or a pretty simple way is to scroll up, short cowgirl boots with their short shafts are also great choices.

And of course, we have countless tips to choose cowboy boots for people with wide calves here.

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