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The 10 Best Cowboy Boots for Men with Wide Feet | The Complete Choosing and Buying Guide

The 10 Best Cowboy Boots for Men with Wide Feet | The Complete Choosing and Buying Guide

We have an article about cowboy boots for women with wide feet, and it would be flawed if there are no articles about cowboy boots for real cowboys with “wide feet”.

Cowboy boots have been one of the most popular boots for western American farmers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries until this day.

In addition to serving works, cowboy boots also are a leading fashion icon in the world.

Not only famous for their wildness and masculinity, cowboy boots also carry a whole culture and long history of the development of the United States.

However, choosing cowboy boots for men with wide feet has never been easy.

Good news for you, there are so many types of cowboy boots that have been developed today to help men with wide feet to get their dream cowboy boots.

What kind of cowboy boots?

Follow us and check it out !!!

What kind of cowboy boots are for men with wide feet?

There are many different types of cowboy boots these days, and not all boots are suitable for wide feet, especially those with pointed toes.

So what kind of boots can really pamper your feet? Let’s check it out!

1. Western Work Boots

The western work boots series is one of the cowboy boot types specifically designed for outdoor workers. They are durable, easy to use and clean.

They are suitable for many foot types, including wide feet.

If you are looking for cowboy boots that provide enough room and comfort for your wide feet, then cowboy boots with work style will be a great choice.

2. Rambler boots

This is one of the western work boots, a hybrid of British-style work boots and Western American cowboy boots.

Rambler has a long history with the spirit and strength of British workers during the industrial revolution. These boots own the wild, charismatic and masculine appearance of Western American cowboys.

With a low heel design (about 1 inch) and a square toe shape, you will feel completely comfortable no matter how big your foot is.

Because the nature of the Rambler boots was to help workers and cowboys in the late 18th and early 19th centuries do heavy work, if they are not comfortable enough, they wouldn’t exist until this day.

Ariat Men's Rambler Patriot Western Boot

Click image for more information

3. Workhog boots

Workhog boots are a special product line developed by the Ariat brand and become the icon of this famous brand.

Ariat Workhog boots have an eye-catching design. The sole made of rubber is thick and durable, which gives you absolute balance and stability.

Besides, most pairs of workhog boots are waterproof, so it’s easy for you to clean them. The inner sole has arch support so if you have wide feet due to flat feet syndrome, what are you waiting for?

ARIAT Workhog Wide Square Toe Work Boot – Men’s Leather, Square Toe Work Boot

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4. Stockman

Stockman also belongs to western work boots and I personally like them most in western work boots since they are strong, masculine and extremely, wildly look.

Stockman often has great patterns on the shaft. Besides, to distinguish it from other western work boots, look at the Stockman collar – the deep V cut.

Not only can you wear stockman to work, you can also use them for picnics, hiking, long-distance trips …

And like the above western work boots, Stockman has many advantages to support the wide feet. That is the most important.

2 mens wear jens with cowboy boots sit on the fence

5. Cowboy boots with square toe/broad square toe

For people with wide feet, the most difficult point when buying cowboy boots is choosing the width of the boots.

Our advice is to find and choose boots with square toes, wide square toes to wear.

These cowboy boots have good width which is enough room for your wide feet to be comfortable and flexible.

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Cowboy boots for men with wide feet

6. Western boots

Unlike traditional boots with pointed toes, western boots often have square toes.

In addition to the western work boots that have been introduced above (any foot can wear them), you should also consider using traditional western boots.

The traditional western boots are very attractive, liberal and sexy.

Before choosing cowboy boots for your wide feet, we recommend consulting the reviews of those who have purchased them, which will help you a lot.

7. Roper boots

Roper boots are like Rambler boots in the beginning, they are a hybrid of British dress boots and American cowboy boots.

Roper boots often have round toes, but over time developing and serving the needs of many people, there are many Roper boots with square toes and wide square toes.

The characteristic of Roper boots is that they look elegant, you can wear them to work or go to important events.

Roper boots can cradle wide feet very well because they have flat soles and a quite wide toe box.

ARIAT mens Heritage Roper Cowboy Western Boot, Distressed Brown, 11.5 Wide US

Click image for more information

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Which brand has cowboy boots suitable for wide feet?

There are many different brands of cowboy boots, but they will come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Not all brands of cowboy boots are suitable for wide feet, so we’ll help you choose your best fit!

1. Ariat

To look for Rambler boots and Workhog boots for wide feet, we definitely have to look to Ariat.

You can find Ariat boots very easily, just go to Amazon, search for the keyword “cowboy boots” and there will be thousands of Ariat boots showing up for you to choose for your wide feet.

2. Laredo

Laredo brand is a prestigious address for you to look for western boots, they have a lot of western boots in various colors.

Choose a pair of square-toe boots to cater to your wide feet and your passion for boots.

3. Dan Post

Dan Post is the same owner company as Laredo, so it is also understandable that it is also famous for western boots. But compared to Laredo, men seem to prefer Dan Post for the coolness that Dan Post gives to their boots.

4. Durango

A friend told me that he owns 4 boots of many different brands, but he is most satisfied with his Durango boots. And if you look at the Durango design, you will understand, the Durango boots have a very nice width.

And I believe that those widths will give your wide feet a great experience.

5. Roper

Like the brand name, Roper offers you the best Roper boots.

Besides, Western Roper boots have been launched by Roper brand with many Roper style boots but with square toes and wide square toes.

6. Rocky

Not inferior to the Ariat, Laredo,… Rocky brand appears as one of the great forces of Western Work Boots.

Rocky cowboy boots are very sturdy and durable. It looks like they can trample anything in the way.

If you want to buy western work boots for your wide feet, then Rocky is a brand worth considering.

The 10 Best Mens Cowboy Boots for Wide Feet

The following cowboy boots are some suggestions we have for you.

These cowboy boots have been purchased by many people before and are appreciated as suitable for wide feet.

1. ARIAT Men’s Rambler

Rambler boots are very popular cowboy boots developed by Ariat, and they are even more popular with wide feet because of their wide square toe.

This is a feature of Rambler that makes it different from other boots.

What we like

  • Distressed leather foot and upper
  • Duratread outsole
  • Decorative stitching
  • ATS Technology
  • Moisture-wicking footbed

What we don’t like

  • The size is not consistent, be careful with it!

2. Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker

Besides Rambler, Ariat Groundbreaker product line also surprises western work boots lovers with its looks and uses.

This boot is extremely durable, smooth and comfortable, whether you have a wide or ultra-wide foot, Groundbreaker can serve you best.

What we like

  • 100% Leather
  • Oil and slip resistance
  • Fit true to size
  • Durable

What we don’t like

  • This boot is not waterproof nor has a steel toe

3. Laredo Men’s Western Boot

Laredo western boots are always a big monument in the eyes of boot lovers. You will find wild, gorgeous and stunning cowboy boots easily.

And the boots above are such boots, they not only satisfy your style but also your wide feet. They have a special texture on the leather that will make a unique look!

What we like

  • Distressed leather
  • Rubber outsole
  • Double Row stitched welt
  • Fit extra wide feet

What we don’t like

  • This boot is stiff

4. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper

Bringing the sharp beauty of England and the attractive appearance of the United States, Roper will give the wearer a strange but attractive appearance.

Unlike other boots, Roper boots are usually softer, featuring low heels and square toes or round toes. They will pamper your wide feet.

What we like

  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Padded comfort insole
  • Affordable
  • Soft heel

5. Dan Post Men’s Hunter Work Boot

Dan Post Men's Hunter Work Boot, Saddle Tan/Camo, 11 D US

Dan Post Men’s Hunter Work Boot with sturdiness and durability will bring your feet absolute safety.

Besides, the broad square toe of the boots will create enough room for your wide feet.

Western work boots are often very popular because of their water resistance. And this feature will save you a lot of time cleaning them up.

What we like

  • Waterproof
  • 100% Leather
  • Comfortable with super-wide feet
  • Comfortable for everyday wear

What we don’t like

  • You should respray to keep the waterproof

6. Rocky Dakota Ridge

Rocky Dakota Ridge is a super product of Rocky, a brand that is not too famous, but there are always great products born from here.

You can see that Rocky Dakota Ridge is great, masculine, strong and solid with attractive light brown & chocolate.

What we like

  • Rubber sole
  • Full-grain leather
  • Waterproof
  • No break-in period

What we don’t like

  • Little tighter around the top of the foot

7. Twisted X Men’s Lite

Just like Ariat’s famous workhog boots, Durango’s Rebel, we have Twisted X Men’s Lite, the favorite son of Twisted X.

Twisted X Men’s Lite has a casual but trendy design, you can rest assured that your wide feet will be well taken care of.

What we like

  • The leather is high quality and durable
  • Comfortable for wide feet
  • Durable
  • Good price
  • Safety steel toe
  • Handcrafted footwear

What we don’t like

  • Take time to break-in

8. Ariat Men’s Relentless Elite

A new product line has just been launched by Ariat and will definitely once again wobble lovers of cowboy boots: Ariat Men’s Relentless Elite.

With the impressive exterior design, it is easy to attract the eyes of others. These boots have been rated by many buyers as they are suitable for their wide feet.

Besides, ATS technology will give your feet a great experience.

What we like

  • Leather sole
  • ATS technology
  • Leather lining
  • Premium full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Fit like a glove
  • Stylish

9. ARIAT Men’s Western Boot

These are great boots when you go with jeans or Khaki. The shaft looks distressed but the vamp has an elegant and sophisticated design.

You would love these boots at first sight.

I know you may be familiar with the advice that western work boots will fit on wide feet.

So, give traditional western boots a chance, they will give your wide feet a smooth experience.

What we like

  • Ten-row stitch pattern
  • Leather lining
  • Rubber sole
  • Full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Fits high-and-thick instep

10. Ariat Men’s Nighthawk

Ariat Men’s Nighthawk with gorgeous beauty brown will make your day more exciting and full of life.

The look of boots will make you stand out from the crowd.

What we like

  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather Lining
  • Goodyear leather welt
  • Full grain leather foot and upper

Last words

Hopefully, after the above recommendations, you’ve found a pair of cowboy boots that fit your foot.

In general, when choosing cowboy boots for wide feet, you should choose pairs with square toes or round toes, because they have enough width for your wide feet.

This does not mean that you cannot wear traditional pointed cowboy boots. But before buying these boots, you should read user reviews to make a wise decision.

Good luck!