Top 15 most Comfortable Western Riding Boots 2020

If you’re looking for a pair of boots to wear this Fall – Winter, you might want to check out those cowboy boots from the Wild West.

In the first place, people often think of men’s cowboys in the western United States with sand and sunshine. Nowadays, you will see that more and more cowboy boots worn by girls showing their liberal style and strong character.

Classic design, comfortable wide form or superior leather material – all of them created a wave in the US from the early 20th century to the present.

Cowboy boots are always the perfect choices for Hollywood stars from actors, country music singers to models. Let’s take a look at the top 15 most comfortable western riding boots 2020.

Top 15 most comfortable western riding boots 2020

1/ ARIAT Women’s Dahlia Western Boot

Look at that bold color! This is a gorgeous boot that is way more beautiful than in the picture. It has a flawless construction and fits you right after being broken in. Moreover, it is a long-lasting and quality boot. Give it a chance, we can sure that it is worth every penny!


  • Duratread outsole
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Suitable for wide feet and high arch
  • ATS technology


  • Wide ankles or calves that come in may be loose

2/ Cape Robbin Kelsey-21 Cowboy Boots Women

The boot appears with a special design giving you a chunky impression. As an over knee boot, it has a high shafts along with dazzling patterns make you an exceptional cowgirl. Also, this boot is light and comfortably put on due to its wide top and synthetic material. This boot is the best to go to festivals and concerts!


  • Fit your foot well
  • Perfect for big leg ladies
  • Cozy cushion
  • Unique and outstanding design


  • There is no zipper attached to high boots, which will make it a lot easier to put on.

3/ Ariat Women’s Gold Rush Western Cowboy Boot

The interesting design obviously catches a lot of attention from others. Suede fringe and its swinging sound make you happy in every step. Also, girls love those fringe as it is truly a special feature for a stand-out girl. It is an indispensable item for your wardrobe. Lastly, it fit your right after wearing it.


  • Favourable style
  • Fit: As expected
  • Good quality leather, sturdy and durable
  • Fits big calves due to its low shaft


  • A bit tight in the heel

4/ Durango Women’s Crush Heart Boot

At first sight, the boot brings a noble feeling and exquisite style. It has cut out hearts making it adorable and breathable for your foot. With cowgirl, this boot is decent with a pointed toe and leather lined shaft. We are sure that you will receive tons of compliments wearing this boot.


  • Elegant design
  • Full-grained and soft leather
  • Comfortable wear all day
  • Suitable for wedding day


  • Easily get stains for its light tan color

5/ Gameday Boots NCAA Womens Ladies 13 inch University Boot

Strong color and interesting design! This is a wonderful game boot with a typical leather smell. People fall in love at first sight for its embroidered pattern along with markable logos. There is no doubt that you will receive a lot of compliments wearing this boot.


  • Beautiful leather and color
  • Sophisticated stitching
  • Creative design for all boot
  • Perfect for tailgate parties


  • Narrow shaft and need break in to fit

6/ Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection Western Boot

The boot is very cute! It comes with special patterns all over the boot (from the outside of the boot to its heel, even the pull tabs). Moreover, the rubber sole brings an impression of absolute balance while walking. Therefore, there is no fear of slipping when wearing this boot.


  • Sturdy leather
  • Slide smoothly
  • Lightweight
  • Removable insole


  • A bit small and narrow fit

7/ CORRAL Women’s Snip Lisa Crater Bone Embroidery

We love this fancy floral embroidery on this boot!!!! Plus, its wide shaft gives more room for thick calves. As you can see, it is extremely feminine and stylish for girls. No doubts that everybody will pay compliments for this boot!


  • Decorative style
  • Gorgeous for wedding day
  • Distressed leather
  • Comfortable wearing


  • Need time to break in

8/ Ariat Women’s Heritage Western

This boot is great for those who love simplicity. Overall, the boot is neat, full-brown with gorgeous stitching. In addition, the wide and high shaft will give plenty of room for your calves. Therefore, you can easily tuck your jeans in this boot. Also, the rubble sole remains absolute balance.


  • Duratread outsole
  • Finish embroidery
  • Full-grain leather
  • Pull tabs on the sides


  • Stiff leather and scuffed on the boot (can be cleared)

9/ CORRAL A3618 Brown Leopard Fringe and Studs Boots

Another fringe boot for your choice! The boot comes with leopard print and stud accents. With such a special design, the boot makes you crazy about it for sure. Try it on! Match it with a dress or denim, you will become a trendy western cowgirl.


  • Classy and special design
  • Best for fringey-fashion followers
  • High shaft
  • Fancy model


  • Need breaking-in time

10/ Soto Boots Turquoise Rose Country 

Glamorous! That is the right word for this boot. It has special rose inlays and meticulous floral stitching. It perfectly matches with shorts or long jeans. White or brown, either of them has their very own stylish feeling. You really cannot miss such a wonderful boot like this one.


  • Unique artistic design
  • Smooth leather lining
  • Cushioned insoles
  • Fabulous for wedding


  • Need careful cleaning for those stitches, easily scuff

11/ Durango Women’s Slouch Western

The upper of these boot is full-grain leather. Its target is a distressed style that appeals every look and easily combines with all types of items in your closet.

The boot has the mischievous stitching on the shaft and the metal toe rand adding a decorative touch.

The tip of the boots is round, which makes your toes as safe and comfortable as possible. In addition, the boot has 2 inch high heel, cushioned insole. Inside the boot is a lining made of soft and light mesh fabric.


  • Cushioned insole helps to keep the feet comfortable.
  • Your legs do not feel constrained when sitting down.
  • The soft lining prevents your foot from rubbing against the boots.
  • The heel adds a certain height for confidently standing


  • Not comfortable for high arches.

12/ Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot.

Classic! There are many vintage motifs about nature on the boot: blue birds and flowers along with delicate stitching and artful details. The upper of these boot is made from goat leather. Also, the boot offers the soft leather lining, leather sole and insole for wearing all day.

The heel of the boots is 1 3/4 inch high, the tip of the boots is pointed toe.

Dan Post has long been famous for its western boots, and these boots won’t let you down for sure.


  • 89% of good reviews
  • Soft colors, very beautiful motifs
  • Very soft yet sturdy, pointy tip but does not make the toes uncomfortable
  • Boot looks like being handmade
  • Unique details on extremely delicate stitching


  • Need time to break-in

13/ Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot with Pull-Up Tabs

This fashionable cowboy boot is suitable for all seasons, not just fall and winter. It comes with diverse color to choose from but at a reasonable price. As for the design, distressed style is obviously the mainstream.

As in the name, this boot offers an additional pull-up tabs. Overall, the heel is 2.5-inch height, the tip of the boots is pointed toe. Lastly, the sole is cushioned – soft and comfortable for your foot.


  • Fit snugly for high arches
  • Pull-up tabs on the sides for easy on/off
  • Fit at the first step
  • High heels (2.5 inches) and really comfortable


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

14/ Canyon Trails Women’s Classic

Classic color and design with familiar Ariat patterns – this boot looks great with shorts, jeans, dresses and anything else you think of. Also, the durable rubber sole and flexible outsole of the western boots allow you to dance, run or jump and still feel comfortable.


  • Pull tabs for easy off and on
  • Long-lasting use
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for many different uses


  • Need time to break-in.
  • The tip of the boot easily gets scratched

15/ Durango Women’s Crush Cowgirl Boot

Liberal and wild style – the Durango brand boots have never disappointed the slaves of fashion. Firstly, it comes with creative design – sophisticated pattern and decorative concho strap (removable). This fascinating boot is stylish and very comfortable compared to other fashion boots.

This boot has pointed toe, 1 7/8″ cowgirl heels. The upper is made from full grain leather, and has a soft lining inside the boots. For usage, it is not only suitable for walking, but it is also suitable for dance parties all night, or just meeting friends.


  • Colors of boots are eye-catching, attractive, wild style
  • Steel shank – extremely durable and stable
  • Very fashionable and feminine design
  • Fit your foot immediately


  • This boot is quite constrained for wide calf

[FAQ] How do I choose cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots are a very popular fashion product, not only because of their beauty but also because of the gadgets that they bring, durable, long-lasting, safe for feet and comfortable. Not to mention it is like a treasure that holds the soul of the American West.

However, as we have mentioned above, choosing a cowboy boot that fits your feet is not easy.

There are many boots that are not suitable for flat feet, and also not for tall arches.

Besides, if you notice, even Amazon’s Best-selling boots will have 1-star reviews, and 80-90% of those 1-star reviews are all because they chose the wrong size of boots – That’s the main cause makes people uncomfortable.

Fortunately, we will show you how to choose a suitable cowboy boot according to your foot shape and foot size.

1. Choose cowboy boot size

The basics of choosing a cowboy boot are that you need to know the size of your feet, the size chart of the brand of boots you want to buy.

And remember that every cowboy boot brand will have a different size chart, so it is impossible to use one size chart to apply to every brand’s boots.

Before buying boots, you need to pay attention to the area inside the boots that determines the comfort of your boots when you wear them.

These are the instep, the ball of the foot and heel, etc…

The second secret: Width – The ball of your foot area
Here are three important tips to choose a pair of cowboy boots that fit you

Besides, the tip of the cowboy boots is also important, make sure that your longest toe is about 3/4 “to 1 1/2” away from the tip of the boots.

A very important motto when buying cowboy boots: “When buying cowboy boots, you should buy boots that you are comfortable with when you first wear them. Not loose, not tight, but must be snug”

The cowboy boots leather is very strong and durable, so it will take a long time to fit your feet.

If you measure your foot size and it is between two sizes of the size chart, remember to always choose a larger size.

For details, click the link below.

You will know how to choose boots and handle if you buy a pair of boots too big or too small.

2. Cowboy boots for people with flat feet

For people with flat feet, you should choose boots with a flat and wide sole and the round and square tip.

Remember those tips, you can avoid foot pain when wearing cowboy boots.

Besides, you can use some supporting items for the arch, which is also a great solution for your foot.

3. Cowboy boots for people with high arches

In addition, people with high arches should pay attention to when wearing cowboy boots.

Here is the tutorial article: Best Cowboy Boots for High Arches

4. Cowboy boots for people with big calves

Big calves are one of the things that make many girls feel inferior, how to overcome that when wearing cowboy boots?

Here are the instructions: Best Cowboy Boots for Women with Big Calves

Are cowboy boots good for walking?

The answer is yes, cowboy boots are very good for walking … if you buy the right size.

Cowboy boots are strong and durable because they were born to support the wild cowboys in the western United States.

However, in order to buy a pair of cowboy boots that are suitable for you and comfortable for walking, you need to pay attention to a few factors.

They are the sole, heel, size and toe shape.

1/ Soles of boots

  • Insoles

When buying cowboy boots, you should read more about inside description than just pay attention to the look of the boots.

To make it easier to walk, you should buy cowboy boots with cushioned insoles and read reviews from previous buyers. You will gain a lot of experience.

Cushioned insoles are specifically designed for people who use boots all day long, making them feel very comfortable and flexible.

  • Outer soles

Usually, cowboy boots outsole is made of a very durable and rigid material, protecting your feet absolutely.

However, you should use cowboy boots with rubber soles or leather soles to take long walks during the day and still feel comfortable.

These two types of outsole create absolute balance and cradle your feet very well.

(Nowadays, in addition to leather and rubber, cowboy boots manufacturers also develop other types of outsoles – they also very comfortable, so don’t worry too much about this issue)

However, in the rainy or winter season, we not recommend using cowboy boots with leather outsole or your boots will be soaked and slippery when walking.

Instead, use rubber outsole in winter or rainy season, because the rubber sole has good adhesion and slip resistance than leather outsole.

2/ Heel

We have a very detailed article here: Types Of Heels On Cowboy Boots

3/ Size

  • The size of boots and the size of your foot
  • Some tips for choosing cowboy boots that are most comfortable to wear

See more here: What Size Cowboy Boots Do I Need?

4/ Toe Shape

We have listed all Toe Shape here: Cowboy Boot Toe Types

Do you tuck jeans into cowboy boots?

If you are a woman, there is absolutely no problem tuck jeans into cowboy boots. In that way, you look very beautiful, stylish and cool and you can show off your sophisticated and dazzling boots.

But if you are a man, never do that, you will look weird and lose your masculinity, so don’t be foolish to tuck jeans into cowboy boots.

Do you have to wear bootcut jeans with cowboy boots?

For cowboy boots, bootcut jeans are the best pants that God has ever made to wear with them.

This is why bootcut jeans were born, you just can’t be wrong when wearing cowboy boots with bootcut jeans.

However, we think bootcut jeans combined with cowboy boots are still more suitable for men than for women.

These bootcut jeans are tighter up on the leg and then flare out to the end, that makes room for the top of these boots.

Read more: Difference Between Mens and Womens Cowboy Boots

Photo by Michael Rossi

Women will be more beautiful when wearing skinny jeans. Anyway, women more choices to match with cowboy boots than men, such as skirts, dresses, denim shorts…

Wearing bootcut jeans with cowboy boots, we grade:

Men 10 points – Women 9 points

You can read more about how to mix and match here:

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