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The 15 Most Comfortable Low Heel Cowboy Boots for Womens 2022

The 15 Most Comfortable Low Heel Cowboy Boots for Womens 2022

When shopping for a pair of cowboy boots, you will come across many types of boots such as stockman, western work boots, buckaroo boots, roper …

However, sometimes you don’t care much about what kind of cowboy boots you will buy, but you care about their design characteristics.

If you are looking for a pair of cowboy boots that make you comfortable to walk, flexible to work all day,… it seems that what you need is a pair of low heel cowboy boots.

Today, we’re going to show the best low heel cowboy boots for womens, check it out!

Cowboy Boots 1

What are low heel women’s cowboy boots?

There are 3 types of cowboy heels: low heels, standard heels and high heels.

Low heel women’s cowboy boots usually have heels about 1 inch to 1.75 inches tall. Standard heels are 1.75 inches to 2.5 inches tall, and high heels are above 2.5 inches.

Each type of heels has its own use.

High heels can help you balance well when riding.

Standard heels help you do the skillful line dancing moves

Low heels give you flexibility and comfort.

In today’s topic, we will talk about low heel cowboy boots. Low heel boots usually come with a square toe or round toe.

You often see low heels on cowboy boots line such as western work boots, roper boots, western boots… These are cowboy boots that prioritize comfort and flexibility. In addition to the low heels, these boots often go with square toe or round toe.

Many cowboy boots with low heels feature a fairly low shaft (mid calf).

Besides, most low heel cowboy boots have rubber soles for high durability and comfort.

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Advantages of low heel cowboy boots

  • Flexible and comfortable for line dancing moves
  • Comfortable for walking and working all day
  • Suitable for picnics, mountain climbing, outing …
  • Good for foot health
  • Easy to balance and stable
  • Durable
  • Suitable for all ages

The downside of low heel cowboy boots

  • You will look less like a real cowboy
  • Low heels make it difficult for you to ride a horse or ride a motorcycle

The 15 Best Low Heel Cowboy Boots for Womens

Now, let’s go over our list: The 10 best low heel cowboy boots for womens!

1/ Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Approved for riding, fit goodNeed break in period
Classic cowgirl styling
Full-grain leather foot and upper
Very comfortable even wide feet or calves

One of the most famous and popular collections of the Ariat brand is the Fatbaby Collection.

This is Ariat’s line of revamped cowboy boots with a low heel design, wide toe box and short shaft. Fatbaby gives the wearer absolute comfort, especially for girls with wide feet or calves.

In addition, the diverse designs with various colors bring Fatbaby boots a dynamic, energetic and youthful look.

2/ Roper Women’s Amelia Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Flexible Sole, padded insoleThey are narrow a bit so be careful when choosing size
Fit good and comfort, good for dancing
Adorable look, good price
Comfortable for wide feet

Roper is a well-known cowboy boot brand for its roper style line.

Its roper boots range from classic, wild style to sophisticated and modern fashion.

These cowboy boots feature low heels. Also, they are commonly known for their classic round toe shape.

You can put on a pair of roper boots and shine in every line dance party with your beautiful moves.

3/ ARIAT Women’s Heritage Roper Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Leather lining, Rubber soleArch support are not really good
Four-row Western collar stitch pattern
Fit good even narrow foot, comfortable right out of the box
Great for working ranch/riding boot

It’s not just the Roper brand that is famous for its roper style cowboy boots. Ariat is also a huge monument with elegant and beautiful Roper boots.

The roper boot line is a hybrid of British dress boots and Western American cowboy boots. And Ariat has displayed the traits of those two shoes wonderfully.

Don’t be surprised if Ariat’s roper boots both have the wild, distressed beauty of cowboy boots and the elegance of dress boots!

4/ Roper Women’s Kennedy Fashion Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Fit true to sizeSynthetic leather
Style, comfort, and durabilityNeed break in period
Rubber sole, comfortable cushion insole
Lovely and gorgeous boots

Another pair of Roper boots accompany you in unforgettable moments is the Roper Women’s Kennedy.

These boots get a lovely look, affordable price, delicate and feminine motifs. These features will catch the attention of others. No wonder that you receive tons of compliments when wearing these boots.

5/ CORRAL Women’s L5241

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Gorgeous floral embroideryThe outsoles are slippery
Distressed cowhide leather
Perfect for wedding days
Good for dancing

You might hesitate to buy handmade cowboy boots because they usually cost a lot.

But with Corral cowboy boots, no more hesitation since it will steal your heart with their attractiveness and beauty.

With these Corral boots, you will get a different look. They offer a sophisticated handcrafted design, vintage look, gorgeous floral embroidery along the shaft. What I love the most is their affordable price tag.

You can’t resist this beauty. Now or never! Don’t miss your chance! Get them now!

6/ Ariat Women’s Unbridled Roper Western Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Full-grain leather foot and upperLittle stiff, need break in period
Fit perfectly, comfy to work/walking all day long
Beautiful color, very durable
Still good for riding a horse

Another lovely pair of boots is Ariat Women’s Unbridled Roper, these are boots for girls with small stature. They will highlight your cuteness.

These Ariat boots feature embroidered details around the throat, distressed brown color. They are highlighted with wide-toe round, roper heels.

They are boots that you ladies are looking for!

7/ ARIAT Women’s Remuda Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Rubber sole, Full-grain leather foot and upper
Good fit and style
Perfect for a wedding party, dance party
Long lasting

Stylish and sleek boots, ARIAT Women’s Remuda Western Boot with traditional Western stitching deserves cowboy boots of the year.

These boots own a feminine and glamorous look. They have wild west inspired patterns, floral motifs embroidered along the shaft, and distressed colors.

You just can’t take your eyes off them.

8/ Soto Boots Women Cheyenne

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather sole, leather lining, cushioned insolesSome comment suggest going up half size
Classic western stitching
Perfect to go with a dress
Perfect color background

If you are looking for affordable handmade cowboy boots, then think of Soto boots.

Take a close look at Soto Boots Women Cheyenne, can you guess its price?

These boots have the classic western stitching that is symmetrical on foot and shaft. The pattern gives these Soto boots a unique look.

With a low heel design and snip toe, these are the right boots for dancing, attending weddings and joining parties.

9/ Soto Boots Women’s Jasmine

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather lining, cushioned insoles
Floral embroidery, Gorgeous stitching
Fit good even wide calves
No need to break in

To show off your femininity, the cowboy boots you wear need to have that too. And that’s what the Soto Boots Women’s Jasmine owns.

Colorful floral embroidery leaves across the shaft and foot for a girly look. This stunning and vibrant beauty is just what you need next spring.

10/ Dingo Women’s Adobe Rose Leather Boots

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Cushion insoleNot for flat feet or high arches
Beautiful stitch detailing
Perfect for dance, riding, office
Gorgeous leather outside

The ankle western boots are great for dress lovers. A midi dress with ankle western boots on summer days would be perfect coordination.

Dingo Women’s Adobe Rose offers a wild and distressed style. This is the right pair of boots for independent girls.

Besides, these boots not only have a good look, but they can also serve you well. You can use them for driving to work, riding a horse or dancing all night while still in comfort.

11/ Rocky Original Ride FLX

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Waterproof, Full-grain leather
Good arch support, Oil and slip-resistant outsole
Sharp looking with rich dark brown and blue stitching
No break in period needed, light and comfortable

If you’re looking for low-heeled cowboy boots for function rather than fashion, then western work boots are your destination.

Western work boots are very durable and very comfortable. These Rocky boots are the evidence.

Rocky Original Ride FLX is one of the beloved boots in the western work boots line. They possess all of the above advantages along with their eye-catching, tough and attractive appearance.

12/ Durango Women’s RD3315

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Mesh lining, Rubber soleNot fit good for wide feet
Traditional western look
The outsoles don’t slip on slick surfaces
No need break in period, comfortable

Besides Rocky, a subsidiary of Rocky – Durango is also known for western work boots.

Durango’s Western work boots have a cool look with dark colors. Durango’s comfort takes the cake when compared to other cowboy boot brands.

Durango Women’s RD3315 is such a boot. In addition to the above advantages, these boots also have steel shanks to ensure absolute safety.

13/ Laredo Women’s Anita

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Rubber sole, distressed leatherNot for narrow calves
Affordable prices, Cushioned footbed
Very comfortable even wide feet, wonderful stitching
No break in time

To fulfill the list, here are the stockman cowboy boots. When it comes to stockman, Laredo is your destination.

Impressive, sharp and colorful in design, Laredo Women’s Anita is the perfect choice for every girl.

You can travel, picnic, explore new things… with these wonderful boots.

Just put on them, pack your backpack and hit the road.

14/ Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Sherilyn Western

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Sharp looking, perfect style and color, classy appearanceNeed to break them in
Great quality as expected
Good fit
Unique design, color and stitching

Here’s a premium brand of handcrafted cowboy boots – Lucchese!

You can see the class of these boots at first sight: delicate, distinct and noble, the golden leafy floral pattern on the mysterious black crocodile skin background.

Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Sherilyn boots deserve to be the next man-made wonder of the world.

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15/ Dan Post Women’s All Eyes On Me Metallic Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Contrast leather trim on collar and foot
Green stitching, vintage look
Fit true to size
Leather lining and cushioned footbed

Speaking of western boots, we think of Dan Post. And here we get you a wonderful pair of Dan Post – Dan Post Women’s All Eyes On Me Metallic Western Boot.

At first glance, the pattern and color of these boots are chaos. However, it is the “organized” chaos that creates a unique look for these Dan Post boots.

They are rich in colors, textures in the background. Moreover, they feature distressed leather with contrast leather trim on foot and collar.

If you want to shine in the line dancing parties, what are you waiting for?