How To Tuck Tactical Pants into Boots? A Complete Guide

To make your tactical pants neat while doing tasks, you can blouse them or tuck them in your tactical boots. As for blousing your boots, you might need some necessary tools to do that. But tuck them? No, just your tactical pants are enough. The good thing is you can do it on the go!

Today, let’s check out how to tuck your tactical pants into boots. And learn more about their advantages as well as disadvantages when having your tactical pants tucked into boots.

How to tuck tactical pants into boots?

Now, get ready to tuck your pants into your tactical boots!

To tuck your tactical pants into boots, there are 5 simple steps to follow:

Step 1. Put on your pants, next is your socks, then your tactical boots

Step 2. If your tactical boots have zippers, then unzip them. Next, untie your tactical boots, but you just need to remove the bow laces and loosen the laces enough to make room for your tactical pants to tuck in. There is no need to unlace all of your laces then you have to… lace them from scratch.

Step 3. Tuck your tactical pants into your boots. Do it carefully so that you feel comfortable with your pants tucked in. Adjust your leg pants so that they get straight when you stand up. You don’t want them to get bunched all inside your tactical boots.

Step 4. Zip your tactical boots and lace them. Pull the tongue tight and lace it tightly, finish with bow laces. It is important to lace your boots tightly to fix your leg pants. And remember to hide the bow laces into the collar of your tactical boots. This way, you don’t get entangled while walking (and your pants look neat too).

Step 5. Adjust a little bit to have a great look, or make yourself a balloon style.

Why do people need to tuck tactical pants into boots?

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As we have mentioned in the article “How to blouse tactical boots?”, you would need tools to do that. They are boot bands , blousing straps, etc. If you want to tuck your pants, just your pants are enough to do the job. Before embarking on your jobs, tuck your tactical pants into boots and get yourself in a neat shape to ready for your day.

Now, let’s consider the merits and the drawbacks of having tactical pants tucked into boots.

Advantages of tucking tactical pants into boots

Tucking your tactical pants into boots is easy to do

As for the ease of doing, tucking your pants obviously takes the crown. Who doesn’t know how to tuck their pants in? However, you might need a few practices to do it neatly and beautifully.

Tucking your tactical pants doesn’t affect circulation compared to blousing your pants

Blousing bands usually place on your legs directly (above the top of tactical boots). Their elasticity will hold your legs tightly, so they can affect your circulation in the long run. How about tucking your tactical pants? It doesn’t. You can feel the comfort and neatness in your ankle without anything holding your legs.

Tucking your pants into boots can keep the insects away

Above, tucking your pants is best to keep the insects away from your feet as the pants added with boots protection can cover your legs thoroughly,  So bugs can’t touch your feet and your legs.

You will have a neat and professional look when tucking your pants into boots

Tucking your tactical boots give you a neat and professional look when you’re in the military. It does give you a polite look – a real military appearance while keeping your pants clean all day.

On the other hand, if you enjoy a baggy style or balloon look, adjust it a little bit to create your own style. But it is quite difficult to do that compared to blousing your pants with boot bands.

Disadvantages of tucking tactical pants into boots

Your pants can slip out when you’re moving

While doing your task, it is obvious that your legs have to move a lot. Then, what will be, will be. Your pants slip out of the boots!

To resolve this problem, you can fix your leg pants with… an elastic band with hook and loop. Use it to wrap around your legs at above the top of your tactical boots. You should note that this can affect your circulation.

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Dirt still can get into your tactical boots

Chances are the dirt and some small bugs still get into your boots. So make sure that you lace your tactical boots tighter around the collar.


Tucking your pants is a simple way to have a neat look. Also, it gives you the convenience to complete your tasks while keeping your feet away from insects.

Now, you already know how to tuck tactical pants into boots. Do you enjoy tucking your pants in or blousing them? Share your ideas with us in the comment below!

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