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How To Blouse Tactical Boots? 5 Easy and Helpful Ways

While you’re in boot camp with your tactical boots, there are many activities requiring a lot of movement. And then, you find that your leg pants sometimes are encumbered.

How to make them neat for your steps? Of course, you can tuck them in or blouse them.

Blousing your tactical boots makes it convenient for your action while giving you a fashionable look. Wonderful, right?

The good news is that the way to blouse your tactical boots are easy to do.

You can learn more about these methods below, pick the right one and blouse your tactical boots right away! These methods are pretty simple to do and don’t take you much time.

Now, get ready for it!

Cowboy Boots 1

How to blouse tactical boots?

Blousing tactical boots can ensure your look and flexibility.

For your outlook, you can take advantage of blousing to create “baggy style”. But if you don’t like it slouchy, you can adjust it to make it more neat. This may take you some effort, you can fail at some first trials, but you will feel it is pretty comfortable and interesting once you get along with it.

To get ready for this, the first thing to do is to put on your socks and tactical boots along with your pants. Remember to lace your boots neatly. Then you can choose one of the methods above to blouse your tactical boots.

In each method, we also show you the 2 options, let call them the pant-up vs pant-down ways!

Method 1. Use boot bands

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In general, we can call boot bands by many names such as blousing bands, blousers, blousing traps, blousing garters. This is an elastic band or small bungee cord used to blouse your tactical pants.

There are two ways to blouse your tactical boots using boot bands. We’ll give detailed instructions for each.

First of all, wrap the boot bands around while keeping the pant up:

Step 1. Pull up your pants above the top of the tactical boots

Step 2. Tie the two boot bands, wrap them around the leg pant and connect the hooks together in between the eyelet 2 and 3 down from the top of tactical boots

Step 3. Flip your pants inside the boot bands.

Step 4. Adjust a little bit, apply the same for the other side and pull up your pants.

If you love baggy or balloon style, you can call it done here. But if you don’t, you can pull down your pants to adjust it.

Then straight up the flipped leg pant and adjust the boot bands to get it right. Pull up your pants and adjust a little bit to remove the creases there.

Note: You can use just one boot band for each side or get two of them to hold the blousing part better.

How To blouse your boots like a pro

With the second way, it can take you a shorter time than the above way:

Step 1. You can pull down the pant first

Step 2. Then flip the leg pant inside, pull that leg pant up a little bit

Step 3. Wrap the boot band around the pant leg, hook it together

Step 4. Do the same for the other side and pull your pants up

If you want to make it above the top of tactical boots. Place the boot bands there and pull up your pants. However, I prefer leaving them on the body of tactical boots. As they can prevent your boots from getting dirty. Or else, your boots still easily get dirty.

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4 Ways To Blouse Your Army Pants !!!


  • You can do it quickly and neatly
  • Hold your pants in place, neat look
  • You should let the blousing part cover the tactical boots rather than let it above the top of tactical boots. This way you won’t have to worry about dirt falling out the boots


  • It is not good for your circulation for a long time, as the elastic straps can hold your legs tightly.

Method 2. Use elastic straps with hook and loop

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Step 1. Take down your pants

Step 2. Flip your leg pant inside and pull them up to the top of your tactical boots. Tight it around your shin and hold it up with one hand.

Step 3. Use the other hand to cover the strap around and secure it, place the strap above the top of tactical boots.

Step 4. Continue with the other leg. Then you can pull up your pants and finish.

Note: For your aesthetics, when you flip your leg pants, try to adjust the straps of the leg pant in front of the shin.

While you might wonder if there is no pant-up method here, it did actually. But I think that it is much easier and convenient to pull down your pants and secure the blousing straps.

How to Blouse Your Pants.


  • Your leg pants won’t slip
  • Help your pants stay in place
  • You can do it quickly if you get blousing straps in hand


  • Like the boot bands, the blousing straps are also elastic so they are not good for your circulation for a long time.
  • It takes more time to do than the boot band method

Method 3. Use your socks

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Using your socks to blouse your tactical boots can be sloppy a little bit. We’ll show you the two ways to do it.

The first way can be a bit slouchy, so you can follow and do it several times to get used to it:

Step 1. Pull down your socks to cover the tactical boots

Step 2. Let your pant down

Step 3. Flip your leg pant under the socks. Pull it up a bit, the blousing bunch should be placed right above the top of tactical boots. This process may take some time to make it less “slouchy” – this is a deciding step 😉

Step 4. Apply the same for the other side and pull up your pants.

Just be patient. Maybe when you get used to it, you would love to do this method more than other ones, as there are no tools required but your socks!

The Best High Speed Boot Blousing

The second one may not be encumbered than the above, try it!

Step 1. Drop your pants down

Step 2. Flip the leg pant up inside, straight it up around the top of the tactical boots

Step 3. Take your socks down to cover that leg

Step 4. Do the same for the other side then pull your pants up, now you’re good to go!

4 Ways To Blouse Your Army Pants !!!


  • No more tools needed except a pair of socks
  • You can do it while you’re on the go (for the pant-up method, of course!)


  • You may have a slouchy bunch in your legs
  • Your pants can slip out of the sock quickly if you move a lot

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Method 4. Use the blousing ties of your tactical pants

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You can take advantage of the blousing ties available on your tactical pants (BDU pants) as they are born to blouse your tactical boots! Follow these steps:

Step 1. Loop the pant ties together

Step 2. Pull the ties tight around the top of your tactical boots

Step 3. Ties them behind your legs and hide under your pants

Step 4. Apply the same technique for the other side

How to properly blouse your boots (rothco BDUs)


  • You can do it quickly
  • Just need the pants with blousing ties


  • Debris can drop into your boots
  • Don’t have the balloon look like other methods

Method 5. Tuck your pants into the tactical boots

This method seems to be pretty convenient and doesn’t require any tools.

Step 1. Unzip and unlace your tactical boots so that there is a big room for your pants to tuck inside

Step 2. Tuck your pants into the boots

Step 3. Adjust a little bit so that when you stand up your pants is straight

Step 4. Zip and lace your boots neatly


  • It is easy and quick to do
  • No more materials required
  • Comfortable with no constraints
  • Hold your pants neatly inside boots


  • You need to adjust to have straight leg pants
  • Dirt can fall inside your boots
  • Your pants can get out of the boots if you move too much
  • It is suitable for those who love baggy style for balloon look

Last words: Keep in mind to hide the pants traps to ensure your safety and aesthetic.

Boot bands – Quick and convenient
– Neat look
May affect the circulation in the long run
Blousing traps – Hold your pants in place
– Neat look
– Dirt can fall into the boots
– Affect the circulation
Socks – No more equipment required but your socks
– Can blouse your boots while on the go
– May not last long
– It may get slouchy
Blousing ties of pantsNo more equipment required but pants with blousing tiesDebris can drop into the boots
Tuck pants inNo more equipment required – Can’t prevent dirt from falling into boots
– Your pants can slip out of boots


There are five simple ways to blouse your tactical boots. All of them are easy to do.

You can do it several times to get along with it as long as you can determine what is the suitable height when you flip the leg pants inside and pull the pants up to get a neat and comfortable look. Remember to hide your pants straps

Become a pro in blousing your boots and you can have a perfect baggy style while comfortably completing your mission.

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