[Fit Guide] Dan Post Boots Sizing – Do Dan Post Boots Run Big or Small

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Today, we will show you how to choose a Dan Post cowboy boots properly.

Dan Post has been a very familiar brand with cowboy boot collectors and wild cowboy style lovers.

Dan Post, with its famous western boots, has driven the hearts of many fashion slaves.

However, like many cowboy boots brands, no matter how beautiful the Dan Post western boots are, there are many Dan Post boots that do not fit true to size.

So how to avoid this?

Let’s check it out.

Dan Post Boots Sizing

First of all, you need to know the Dan Post size chart.

And this is the Dan Post size chart

Dan Post size chart for men

8 5/8″ Size 4
8 3/4″ Size 4.5
8 15/16″ Size 5
9 1/8″ Size 5.5
9 1/4″ Size 6
9 1/2″ Size 6.5
9 5/8″ Size 7
9 3/4″ Size 7.5
9 15/16″ Size 8
10 1/8″ Size 8.5
10 1/4″ Size 9
10 7/16″ Size 9.5
10 5/8″ Size 10
10 13/16″ Size 10.5
10 7/8″ Size 11
11 1/8″ Size 11.5
11 5/16″ Size 12
11 5/8″ Size 13
12″ Size 14
12 3/16″ Size 15

Dan Post size chart for women

8 3/8″ Size 4
8 1/2″ Size 4.5
8 11/16″ Size 5
8 7/8″ Size 5.5
9″ Size 6
9 3/16″ Size 6.5
9 3/8″ Size 7
9 1/2″ Size 7.5
9 11/16″ Size 8
9 7/8″ Size 8.5
10″ Size 9
10 3/16″ Size 9.5
10 3/8″ Size 10

Probably, you should know the size of your foot.

Besides, you also need to know whether the width of your foot is suitable for the width of the Dan Post cowboy boots or not.

However, not all brands have a size chart of foot width. – But we have!

We have a great guide on how to measure foot sizes and how to choose the width of cowboy boots here: What size cowboy boots do I need? – Also, there are also many tips to choose cowboy boots suitable for you!

I will use Dan Post Men’s Bellevue boots as an example:

Example 1:

I’m men, and my foot sizes are:

Foot length: 11 5/19 inches

So I’m going to look at the numbers 11 1/8 inches and 11 5/16 inches on the Dan Post size chart for men.

If your foot size is between two different numbers (most of the foot size will be between the two numbers of the size chart), then choose the larger size. So, I would choose 11 5/16 inches (11 5/16 inches > 11 1/8 inches)

Foot width: 4 1/3 inches

According to the article “What size cowboy boots do I need?”, my choice would be 4 1/2 inches.

Thus, the width of the boots I plan to buy will have the symbol X-Wide (aka EEE).

Finally, I will choose the Dan Post Men’s Bellevue boots with size: 12 X-Wide

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Do Dan Post boots run big or small?

There are many comments from previous customers about choosing a size when buying Dan Post cowboy boots:

You should choose boots smaller than half an inch in size!

For example, the boot below is recommended to choose a size smaller than half an inch compared to your normal boot size!

Example 2:

=> If your normal boot size is 8, then you should order a boot of size 7.5 .

According to our investigation, there are many such responses (buy Dan Post boots smaller than half an inch) so you may need to consider this possibility seriously.


There are some cases that the manufacturer (Dan Post) recommends buying Dan Post cowboy boots larger than half an inch in size.

The boot below is an example!

Example 3:

That means if your normal boot size is 8, then you should order a boot of size 8.5.

Do you get confused now? 😉

Our advice is…

[In case of online purchasing]

You should carefully consult the comments of those who have purchased before (or the note of the manufacturers if any). They will have good advice for you.

If there are no buyers before you, you should call the seller directly to find out more. Or just buy the right boot size as yours.

If you happen to make mistakes when choosing a size (Although we don’t want this to happen), this is Dan Post’s return policy.

[In case of offline purchase]

Go over our article, our guide is very detailed: What size cowboy boots do I need

Or watch this video, this is a great guide to buy cowboy boots:

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