Top 10 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots For Flat Feet

What are flat feet?

A flat foot is a deformity in which the arch of the foot is flat, then the sole of the foot completely touches the floor when standing.

This is a fairly common phenomenon, regardless of gender, age or region.

The flat feet happen normally in infants and toddlers since their arch of the feet is not fully developed. However, there exist some people who have never developed arches.

Normally, people with flat feet feel nothing different, but others may get sore feet or pain in the heel or arch area.

These pain can be increased when moving and often get swollen along the inside of the ankle. For big fans of cowboy boots, this is a huge hindrance. However, don’t let a bit of body imperfection stop your passion!

Normal feet
Flat feet

Let us help you choose the best cowboy boots – the most suitable and comfortable for your flat feet.

Let’s go!!!

Top 10 most comfortable cowboy boots for flat feet

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

For flat feet, there is more connection between the arch of the foot and the sole of the cowboy boots than on the regular foot.

For people with normal feet, the midfoot is usually higher than forefoot and hindfoot. Usually, classic boots are designed for those who have normal feet.

Therefore, people with flat feet wearing classic boots will suffer from foot pain due to the heavy focus on midfoot.

To solve this problem, we recommend using cowboy boots with flat, wide soles and arch support.

You do not know what kind of boots?

Don’t worry, follow us …

1/ Roper cowboy boots

This great boot seems to be born to cater to flat feet.

The outsole of the boot below is flat, wide and specially made of rubber. As you know, rubber sole is much softer than regular soles, so it tenderly massages your feet.

These cowboy boots have low heels, so your body weight will be spread evenly on the soles of the feet and help reduce foot pain for wearing boots for a long time.

The tip of Roper boots are usually square toe or round toe, making your toes feel free in your boots.

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Product highlights:


  • Very durable and comfortable
  • Eye-catching colors for children
  • Well-balanced for outdoor activities
  • No pain for flat feet (Rubber sole)
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • This cowboy boot does not last long compared to other boots


  • Fits as expected
  • Very safe for the feet and toes
  • Low heels, wide and flat soles
  • Durable and rugged
  • Rubber heels keep your feet comfortable


  • The uppers on these boots are a bit stiff

2/ Cowboy work boots

This boot is for all-day commuters, office workers, construction workers, backpackers … For that reason, it is designed to please every type of foot for wearing all day. For your information, it also particularly well supports flat feet.

What’s more, it brings flexibility and absolute protection of your feet.

The outsole of the boot is flat and wide (of course) and the heel is low. The boot is made of high-quality leather which is supple and durable.

This is the boot you are looking for!

Product highlights:


  • A flexible, cool feel from the square toe
  • 100% leather, durable, soft rubber sole
  • Affordable compared to the same kind of cowboy boots
  • Well-balanced boots


  • The tip of the boot get faded after using for a long time


  • The sole is made of rubber and is designed with comfortable foot support technology
  • The boots are very light and flexible
  • Boots easily combine with many different types of pants


  • It will be quite inconvenient when about 2 years you have to resole once (For some other boots, the time to resole is often longer)

3/ Fatbaby boots

Fatbaby Boots is a premium product for women with ATS stability technology. These boots come in a variety of colors and are best known for being made by the Ariat cowboy boots brand.

It is entirely made of leather with non-slip soles for best foot protection.

And of course, it has wide, flat outsoles and low heels … (sound familiar, huh?)

Product highlights:


  • These are the most appreciated Fatbaby boots on Amazon
  • These boots are long-lasting due to strong durability and ruggedness.
  • The sole is very sturdy
  • It is extremely comfortable for people with flat feet because the base is wide and flat with low heels


  • The inner lining of these boots is not really comfortable

4/ Western Boots

You should note that not all western cowboy boots are suitable for people with flat feet. We still recommend using boots with a flat, wide outsole and low heel. It is better if the toe is round toe or square toe.

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Product highlights:


  • Non-slip, durable and firm rubber soles
  • Mesh lining
  • Leather foot and upper
  • Boots are very light and convenient to riding
  • Fit: As expected


  • Need to break-in


  • Fit: As expected
  • Distressed and cool style
  • Low heel, soft, comfortable rubber sole
  • Many reasonable rooms inside boots, suitable for wearing all day
  • No break-in period required


  • Footpads inside boots are not comfortable

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5/ Ankle Boots & Booties

These stylized boots bring a new breeze to the girls who love modernity.

With the short shaft or even no shaft, the boots give the girls considerable flexibility. Ankle Boots & Booties retains charm with many characteristic curves. With short heels, it is easy to take off or put on the boot.

This boot line is fashionable for both summer and winter. It comes with various designs and is very easy to use without spending much of your time.

Such a great boot, isn’t it?

Product highlights:


  • Fit: As expected
  • 89% of positive reviews on Amazon
  • Easy to put on or take off, suitable both in summer or winter
  • Feminine style mixes wild and dynamic fashion
  • Diverse and colorful designs, easy to choose


  • In general, the sole of this boot is not as comfortable as the 4 types of boots mentioned above


  • 4LR footbed
  • High-quality leather
  • Gorgeous colors
  • Full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Inside zipper entry


  • Synthetic sole (we prefer rubber or leather sole)

6/ Stockman Boots

“Pack up and hit the road”

Designed to be absolutely comfortable, absolutely durable and absolutely safe.

Extremely dusty style, extremely wild, extremely masculine.

Stockman boots are for real men only.

No wannabes allowed, only for true cowboy and cowgirl.

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Product highlights:


  • Fit: As expected
  • Diverse colors, different types of leather
  • Rich and strong patterns, suitable for many different styles
  • No break-in time required


  • These boots are not waterproof


  • Fit: As expected
  • Low heel and not too tight around the toes
  • No break-in time required


  • Boots have quite a few colors to choose from

The cowboy boots brands we recommend people with flat feet should use

7/ Ariat

Ariat cowboy boots offer diverse designs. One of the most popular boots we consider to be suitable for flat feet is the Ariat Workhog Boots. Moreover, the wide flat rubber outsole with low heels are specialties of the Ariat brand.

Besides, the fatbaby boots product line of this brand is also very popular and suitable for you. Ariat brand has the famous ATS technology, this technology supports the arch of the feet very well.

This is absolutely a trusted brand for your flat feet.

Read more of our articles about the Ariat brand.

Product highlights:


  • Very comfortable and fit snugly (Of course, if you choose the right size: What Size Cowboy Boots Do I Need?)
  • Rugged and long-lasting, for outdoor activities
  • Suitable for people with wide feet
  • Flexible toes due to adequate room inside the boots


  • For those with small feet, this boot is a bit wide at the heel


  • It is comfortable, sturdy and stylish
  • The composite toe of these boots keeps your toes from being frozen while working outside


  • In the summer, wearing these boots with thick socks is extremely hot.

8/ Durango

Like Roper boots, Durango cowboy boots are made just for people with wide and flat feet.

Stylish masculine, strong and distressed – Durango has its own specialties that no other brand has.

The heels of Durango boots are low, the outsole flat and wide, with the tip of the boot usually squared and broad squared toe.

It’s great for “oversized” feet, isn’t it?

Product highlights:


  • Fits as expected
  • Good leather and strong sole
  • Protect your toes very well
  • Product quality worths the money


  • This is a synthetic sole, so it is slightly harder than the rubber sole


  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfortable, light and flexible
  • Supple and sturdy leather


  • Few colors to choose

9/ Roper

Yes, the Roper boots series is made by the brand name Roper.

This brand produces Roper cowboy boots and produces only the Roper product line.

If you are a person with flat feet and want to buy a pair of Roper boots, this is the first brand you should consider. (Scroll up to see the effect of Roper boots on flat feet)

Product highlights:


  • Fit: As expected
  • Great product for American lovers
  • Soft leather boots
  • No break-in period required


  • The sole of boots last for a short time

10/ Anderson Bean

Thank God, there’s finally a handcrafted cowboy boot here!

Anderson Bean is a hand-crafted, highly detailed cowboy boot. These boots come with fancy colors, innovative designs that mix modern and classic styles.

Like the other boots we introduced, they have flat, wide outsoles and short heels. Squared toe and Broad Square toe boots are popular in this brand.

A wide range of styles: from classic to modern style; distressed to elegant fashion… is up to you!

Product highlights:


  • Beautiful, delicate colors
  • Low heel, flat and wide sole
  • Eye-catching texture, classic-modern style
  • The tip of the boots is a square toe


  • The price is quite expensive
  • Type of heel on cowboy boots for people with flat feet
  • You should use low heels or maybe standard heels and avoid high heels

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[FAQ] Should flat feet wear arch support?

The state of flat feet means that the sole has no natural arch. In the standing posture, the foot fully touches with the floor.

Flat feet cause the entire focus of the whole body to be disordered, adversely affecting the musculoskeletal system. In the long run, it will lead to problems in the ankles, knees, hips and joints if the flat feet state still remains.

Normally, most people will have the foot arch as they mature while some cannot form the natural arch of the foot.

In addition, problems with age, injury, weight or illness can affect the tendon, causing flat feet in people who already have got normal feet in the first time.

Flat feet can occur on one foot or both feet.

Product highlights:

After the age of 12, tendons and bones become stiff so it is hard to adjust the flat feet. As a result, orthopaedic insole is no longer effective.

For adults, this sole only reduces joint pains and supports a balanced walk. At this time, orthopaedic insoles cannot create a curved arch, so it is required to wear them for life.

Do cowboy boots have good arch support?

Usually, cowboy boots have a sole made very well that the sole is very thick, comfortable and smooth. It aims to support the cowboys working on the farm.

Cowboy boots have high, thick and durable shafts to keep the feet warm in the winter, free from stains in the rainy season and undermined by the summer heat.

Besides, cowboy boots often have higher heels than other heels, the main purpose is to make it easier for cowboys to balance when riding horses. (Read more: Why Do Cowboy Boots Have Heels )

Finally, the tip of the cowboy boots is quite hard and strong. There are many cowboy boots with toe shapes covered with metal toe for toes protection in the most comprehensive way.

The problem is…

Cowboy boots have no support for the arch of the foot in the middle of the sole.

With high heels, there are some limitations of cowboy boots for people with flat feet (high heels are not good for people with flat feet at all).

We don’t recommend that people with flat feet use classic cowboy boots except for those that have been modernized. These modernized boots get lower heels with wider and flatter sole offering three benefits:

  • Low heels and flat sole create comfort, flexibility for flat feet
  • Easy to move when moving
  • Easily add supportive arches to the inside of the cowboy boot

Are cowboy boots good for flat feet?

Yes and No.

Yes, because:

Cowboy boots have a very durable sole, protecting the feet very well from the road surface.

The cowboy boot shaft is taller than other boots or shoes, absolutely protecting your feet under the influence of the outside, weather, collision…

The heels of cowboy boots make you taller and improve your gait, back and hips. Not to mention it gives you swagger mettle like a genuine cowboy.

The tip of a cowboy boot is very solid. Many cowboy boots also have toe shapes covered by steel – your toes are absolutely safe.

No, because:

Cowboy boots don’t have a really good sole for flat arch support.

The heels of many cowboy boots are too high, which is not good for flat feet. (Usually, fashionable women’s cowboy boots have heels higher than 3″)

So if you own a flat foot and want to buy a pair of cowboy boots, you should buy an additional foot arch support.

And again, who have foot pain due to flat feet should have boots with “Flat and wide soles, low heels, the tip of the boot is round or square toe or broad square toe”.

The bottom-line

Do not be too fond of a pair of boots that “torment” the feet, because the confidence and comfort create the beauty of the wearer.

The material of the boots is also one of the factors that makes the boots comfortable for users.

Choose a pair of famous cowboy boots brands and use them at least a few times before taking them to parties or traveling. Avoid unexpected circumstances such as heel fractures, glue peeling or pain and blistering.

Boots also have a shelf life. If you leave the boots on the shelf too long, make sure to check the glue, lock the cord … before taking them out.

A beautiful pair of shoes must combine harmoniously with the overall costume, accessories of the wearer. Therefore, if the emphasis is on clothing, a plain shoe is a good fit. But if you want to create a highlight in the boots – the color, style and details on the boots are something to keep in mind.

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