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The 15 Best Waterproof Cowboy Boots in 2023

The 15 Best Waterproof Cowboy Boots in 2023

Cowboy boots are not only eye-catching fashion accessories throughout time, but they also carry the history and culture of Western America.

Besides traditional cowboy boots, many types of cowboy boots are developing every day.

Today, you can see that there are a variety of cowboy boots on the market. They are upgraded to serve various jobs.

Cowboy boots are highly appreciated for their durability, comfort and safety, you can use them for heavy-duty, outdoor work.

Another highly wonderful feature of the new generation of cowboy boots is that they are waterproof.

When doing outdoor work, traveling, picnicking, climbing,… it will be troublesome if you encounter sudden rains. Once your cowboy boots are non-waterproof, your feet will get wet and uncomfortable.

Besides, most cowboy boots are made of leather and suede. If getting wet, they will deteriorate quickly.

So if you regularly wear boots to work outdoors, waterproof cowboy boots are necessary.

Do you know which cowboy boots are waterproof? And how to choose good waterproof cowboy boots?

Today, let’s join us to learn how to choose waterproof cowboy boots. We also bring you The Best Waterproof Cowboy Boots.

Shall we?

What types of cowboy boots are waterproof? And My 15 Picks For You!

There are many different types of cowboy boots available. Unfortunately, there are just a few types of cowboy boots that can fully resist water.

Cowboy boots can withstand the attack of water to a certain extent. However, once they get wet, you should carefully take care of them to keep their quality and durability intact.

Waterproof is an essential characteristic of cowboy boots in the wet season or when you work outdoors. Also, waterproof cowboy boots won’t take you much time to care for them like normal boots.

So, western work boots (cowboy work boots) can be the right choice for you.

Western work boots have very good arch support, along with low heels and short shafts. They usually have a round toe or square toe (wide toe box). This design ensures high comfort and flexibility.

In addition, some western work boots are very safe with steel shank and steel toe. This ensures sharp or dangerous objects don’t intrude on the bottom or cut off your toes.

Notably, western work boots are waterproof (as you wish). Also, they are sturdy and durable to withstand extreme weather conditions (rain, snow) and external forces.

The waterproof feature is the distinct difference between western work boots (cowboy work boots) from the other types of cowboy boots.

In fact, very few cowboy boots are fully waterproof except western work boots.

Western work boots can be considered a hybrid of work boots and cowboy boots. They have the wild beauty and the distressed style from western America along with the great function of work boots that originated in the UK.

Western work boots often have dark colors with a cool, masculine look. Their shaft and vamp retain western-inspired motifs and stitching.

Usually, western work boots are mainly produced for men than for women.

Western work boots from Ariat, Durango, Rocky, Dan Post and Georgia Boot are very popular, you can find high-quality cowboy work boots at these brands.

For now, let’s start searching for the 15 best waterproof cowboy boots!

1. Durango Men’s Rebel Waterproof Western Work Boot Steel Toe

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Rubber sole, Abrasion resistant
Slip and Oil resistant, Durable
Waterproof, safety, steel toe
Lightweight, comfortable

The Durango Men’s Rebel will be the first shot in today’s list.

This Durango boot has an impressive western-inspired motif on the leather and an outstanding coyote brown color. What’s best is that it has a great waterproof feature

As a matter of fact, Durango boots can give you enjoyable experiences.

Additionally, Durango cowboy boots stand out for the comfort that has made the brand’s name. You won’t be able to find a pair of boots that are more suitable for outdoor work than a pair of Durango boots!

2. Ariat Men’s Hybrid Rancher H2O

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, waterproof constructionWaterproof ability decreases over time
Western style, decorative stitching at the shaft
Mesh lining, cushioning insole
Breathable material

Besides Durango, Ariat also has impressive waterproof cowboy boots.

Ariat Men’s Hybrid Rancher H2O gives you all you need: comfort, waterproof and eye-catching design.

It also features a well-built construction with ATS technology and decorative stitching at the shaft.

You just can’t go wrong with these boots!

3. ARIAT Women’s Tracey Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Safety toe, waterproofNeed break in period
Six-row western stitch pattern
Mesh lining, great arch support
Fit: True to size

Western work boots are not only for men, but they are also very popular with women.

These boots have a light emerald green with a six-row stitching pattern on the shaft. They offer a safety composite toe and a wide toe box.

Also, Ariat Tracey has excellent water resistance and good cushion. You can feel comfortable and confident at every step

Ariat western work boots are very famous for ATS technology, which supports the arch very well.

Even if you have flat feet or high arches, you can use these lovely boots. I’m sure that you will want to purchase a second pair after this one!

4. Durango Ultra-Lite Waterproof Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain leather, mesh lining, cushion footbedNeed a bit break-in
Lightweight, durable construction
Abrasion-resistant rubber pods
Comfortable, easy to get on/off

Durango Ultra-Lite is one of Durango’s super products with impressive looks and sharp colors.

However, if the beautiful appearance is not enough for you, these boots also possess unmatched quality.

Ultra-lite has a mesh lining for great ventilation, together with a removable cushion footbed to provide absolute stability and comfort.

Besides, this work boot is lightweight, durable and especially waterproof. It can step on all rugged roads and defeat all rain.

5. Rocky Original Ride FLX Women’s Waterproof Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Oil and slip-resistant outsole, EVA midsole
Waterproof technology, lightweight
Full-grain leather, great color leather background
Sharp looking, very durable

Durango’s parent company is Rocky. And with Durango’s success, Rocky as a parent company won’t disappoint even demanding customers.

With the super product Rocky Original Ride FLX, girls will have more choices on their upcoming trips.

These western work boots are comfortable, durable, strong and waterproof. Let them protect your fragile feet.

These boots will keep your feet completely dry, thus keeping you comfortable all day long.

6. Durango Maverick XP Steel Toe Waterproof Western Work Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Soft mesh lining, rubber soleQuite loose in the calf
Shock-absorbing heel, soft shock-absorbing foresole
Lightweight, good looking, good price
Comfortable right out of the box

If Tom Cruise is famous for his role as Maverick in Top Gun, Durango also has a Maverick named for their cowboy boots.

Making a big splash right from its inception, Maverick has a masculine look with a thick sole for good balance and stability. With a cushioned insole and soft mesh lining, it allows your foot to breathe.

These western work boots can make you comfortable and flexible all day long.

Moreover, the waterproof membrane design gives these boots absolute protection against the attack of water.

7. ARIAT Women’s Hiking Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Moisture-wicking liningNeeded a short break-in period
Shock absorbing midsole
Full-grain leather and suede upper
Very good arch support

If you are looking for a pair of boots to work outside in the rainy or winter season, the ARIAT Women’s Hiking Western Boot is for you. Not as fussy as many other boots, it still brings you a warm, dry and comfortable experience.

These boots feature a padded top collar and moisture-wicking lining design to give you comfort and warmth in cold weather.

Besides, the design has shock absorbing EVA midsole for high stability when doing outdoor activities.

The last thing is that they are waterproof, easy to clean and can protect themselves from water.

What more could you ask for?

8. Rocky Worksmart 11″ Composite Toe Waterproof Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Super comfortable
Cushion footbed, all around waterproofing
Slip-, oil- and abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
Western style

Still retaining a stylish and masculine look, Rocky Worksmart is expected to be the next target for your cowboy boot collection.

Rocky Worksmart has a slip-, oil- and abrasion-resistant design. It has a waterproof construction to provide great safety.

In addition to safety and stability, Rocky Worksmart offers great comfort with a cushion insole and leather lining.

9. Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec LT Waterproof Pull-on Work Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain leather, Full grain leather upperNeed 1-2 weeks to break in
A waterproof system, western style, prevents heel slippage
Easy to clean, good traction from sole
Boots are less dirty or muddy when working

Georgia Boot was originally the parent company of Durango. But both Georgia Boot and Durango were merged into Rocky in 2004, you can easily recognize the stylistic similarities of Georgia Boot, Durango and Rocky.

Don’t believe it? Look at the Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec LT with a masculine look, a strong and sturdy design. This cowboy boot is very similar to the style of Rocky and Durango, right?

It has back zippers for easy on / off, which rarely happens in other cowboy boots.

Besides, this boot inherits the traits of western work boots: mesh lining and good arch support for extreme comfort.

10. Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-On Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Self-cleaning, Oil and slip resistingNot too durable
Shock absorbing midsole
Full grain leather upper, 100% leather
Incredibly comfortable, sturdy material

Do you love cowboy boots with an actual strong look? Then these boots are sure to give you a masculine look. They come in 3 color options for your taste.

When it comes to this waterproof cowboy boot, you can benefit from one of its favorable features: self-cleaning. It won’t take you much time to clean them.

The Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-On Boot is such a cowboy boot. It is one of Ariat’s best-selling products so there is no need to doubt its safety, waterproofness and comfort.

11. Durango Lady Rebel Women’s Waterproof Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Rubber sole, Full-Grain LeatherNot for narrow feet
Soft mesh lining, lightweight and flexible
Slip- and  abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
Comfortable to wear all day, good fit

Western work boots are not diverse for women, but in terms of quality inside out, these for women are definitely not inferior to men’s.

Durango Lady Rebel is a prime example. These boots don’t have the femininity like other fashionable boots, but they do give you a unique power for ladies.

These boots are not much different in design and appearance from the above boots.

Apart from the fact that they are for women, they still preserve the outstanding features of Durango boots: waterproofness, safety and smoothness.

12. Rocky Women’s RKYW082 Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, rubber sole, waterproof construction
Full-Grain Leather Upper, All around welt construction
Heel stabilizer, fit wide feet, fit standard true to size
Solid material, fit narrow heel, easy to slip on/off

Like the number 7 boots, the Rocky Women’s RKYW082 Western Boot does not have many accents on the details (and even the name). But in return, the function of these boots can reach the top of the world.

These boots are incredibly durable with all-around welt construction. They are quite safe with steel shank and waterproof construction to protect your feet

If you use boots for function rather than fashion, then RKYW082 is the best destination for you.

13. Dan Post Men’s Blayde Waterproof Wellington Work Boot Square Toe Saddle Tan

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Rubber sole, waterproof, breathable membrane
Great fit out of the box
Fit large foot
Comfortable for everyday wear

Dan Post is always a top brand for cowboy boots.

These western work boots, Dan Post Men’s Blayde, are a good example. I love the fact that they are handcrafted carefully.

Moreover, they are entirely made of real leather. Their waterproof and breathable membrane would give you comfort throughout your workday.

Notably, they come with high-quality and attractive construction!

14. Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec LT Alloy Toe Waterproof Pull-On Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Rubber sole, waterproof systemThe top of the boot is stiff at the beginning
Mesh lining, Full-grain leather upper
Lightweight, comfortable right out of the box
Good looking boots

These boots are not very innovative in style. However, with its waterproof feature, the Georgia Boot once again appears on our list today.

What’s in the box? They offer safety toe, waterproof systems. They get mesh lining and full-grain leather upper to give a comfortable experience when worn.

Order now to experience these wonderful boots. I’m sure they are worth your money!

15. Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec LT Composite Toe Waterproof Work Wellington

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain leather upper, Rubber sole
Easy on/off, waterproof
Western look, thick cushioning EVA midsole
Slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant outsole

This Georgia Boot’s color is darker than the one above.

A distressed and wild look is the key to the success of these cowboy boots. As the name implied, these boots get a composite toe to ensure your safety, comfort and balance. Also, they are waterproof and feature dual pull tabs for easy on/off.

What’s more, the manufacturer really cares about the users so they add a zipper on the back of the boot. The process of putting on/taking off these boots is really facilitated, right?


Can you waterproof cowboy boots?

Of course, you can.

There are many methods to waterproof cowboy boots. The most common way is to use specialized leather (or suede) protection products.

These waterproof products include mink oil, conditioner, waterproof spray, Rain Boot Shoe Cover and beeswax.

If your cowboy boots are not waterproof, you should own such products. To waterproof your cowboy boots, there are just 3 simple steps:

  1. Clean cowboy boots
  2. Apply protective product on the surface of leather cowboy boots
  3. Buff until this product absorbs and forms a protective film on cowboy boots.

We have a very thorough tutorial on how to waterproof cowboy boots here!

Before you leave

Cowboy boots are always very sturdy and durable, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care for them.

If you don’t have time for caring cowboy boots, then choose a pair of cowboy boots with the appropriate characteristics for your job.

Waterproof cowboy boots are suitable for those who like to hit the road, do outdoor work,…

It won’t take much time to clean or dry them. This is very convenient for you!