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The 10 Best Cowboy Boots Made in USA 2023

The 10 Best Cowboy Boots Made in USA 2023

Cowboy boots are the pride of America. They have a unique beauty expressing the lifestyle, popular culture, liberty and wildness of the Americans.

However, for some economic reasons, many cowboy boot factories nowadays have left their homeland (such a pity!). But it doesn’t mean all of them have left!

Some of the most famous cowboy boots brands in the world still exist and thrive in the US, such as Lucchese, Tony Lama, Double H, Abilene …

All of the above brands are the gems of America. Today, with the article on the 10 best cowboy boots made in the USA, we will leave you in awe of these gems!

Which cowboy boots are made in the USA?

Cowboy boots made in the US are mostly handcrafted cowboy boots. These boots have a unique appearance, though their quantity is not much, the price is higher than machine-made cowboy boots.

It can be mentioned that Lucchese, Tony Lama, and Anderson Bean are the brands with the majority of boots in the US at a high price.

Some brands, such as Double H, Justin, Abilene, Corral also manufacture cowboy boots in the US but at a more affordable price.

In addition, if you want to find cowboy boots made in the US but at a low price (equal price to machine-made cowboy boots), the Justin brand would be your destination.

However, it is unfair to say that other brands such as Ariat, Laredo, Dan Post or Durango don’t have any boots made in the US. They do produce cowboy boots in America, but just a few.

There are also countless small bootmakers across the United States that produce beautiful cowboy boots, especially in Texas – the cowboy boot cradle.

The 10 Best Cowboy Boots Made in USA

1. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Elgin Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather sole, stitch welt construction
Full quill ostrich foot
Hand-stained, Individually dyed
Tonal stitching

Here are wonderful cowboy boots from the famous Lucchese brand. If you are a cowboy boot fan in the US, you surely can’t ignore this Lucchese brand.

Lucchese is a brand of high-end cowboy boots. They are famous for handmade cowboy boots made of exotic leather and processed in the US.

You can see the level of Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Elgin Western Boot. These western will give you a classy look with full quill ostrich foot and beautiful curves of leather soles.

With antique chocolate color, these boots are perfect to go with your suit.

2. Tony Lama Boots Women’s 1796-L Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Leather soleNeed break-in period
Cushion insole, Pull tabs at collar
Fit true to size
Comfortable & stylish

When talking about made-in-America cowboy boots, you can’t just mention Lucchese without referring to Tony Lama, since this brand is also a giant monument of cowboy boots.

Tony Lama Boots Women’s 1796-L Boot with a classic distressed style will help you capture the attention of everyone at every step.

These boots feature a cracked leather design along with an impressive shaft. In addition, the boots have excellent cushioned insoles and thick soft leather uppers to give you great comfort.

You won’t get a headache as these boots go well with everything in your closet. What a brilliant pair of boots!

3. Anderson Bean S3004

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, leather outsole
13 teal top, full quill ostrich foot
Fit great and look great
Double stitched welt for enhancing durability

Anderson Bean is also not a strange name when it comes to cowboy boots made in America.

Having a different style from Tony Lama and Lucchese (distressed style), Anderson’s style brings a distinctive impression to the wearer with various colors.

Anderson Bean S3004 with full quill ostrich foot is no exception, bright colored shaft and outstanding textures will bring you a different style.

Ostrich skin is one of the softest and most comfortable skins in the world. If you are a cowboy boot lover, do not miss your chance to own these boots now!

4. Abilene Men’s Bison Leather Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, rubber soleNeed break-in period
Dri-Lex lining, cushion insole
Fit: True to size, round toe & riding heel
Good price, nice color

Another brand that also stands firmly in the American homeland is Abilene.

Abilene is a brand that makes mid-range cowboy boots. Although the quality and appearance can’t compare with those of Lucchese, Abilene is still an ideal option at the affordable price range.

The Abilene Men’s Bison Leather Cowboy Boot is a good choice for those looking for comfortable and safe cowboy boots. These boots are designed with a Dri-Lex lining that allows moisture to escape and cushioned insoles for added comfort. Also, it flexes in cold temperatures.

The western look is an essential piece to complete your look!

5. Double H Men’s 12″ Gel ICE

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Fit: True to size, safety toeThe leather is stiff at first
Leather sole, Gel-Cell insole
Super comfortable, great looking
Very durable, water-resistant

Another familiar brand, Double H, will be your next destination.

Double H Men’s 12″ Gel ICE belongs to the western work boots line. These boots have emerged as a strong wave in recent years.

Western work boots are a combination of western boots and work boots, so they are a great choice for those who love both types of boots (regarding comfort, safety and appearance).

Double H Men’s 12″ Gel ICE offers a western-inspired motif, safety toe design, polymer gel insert, moisture-wicking and shock-absorbing insole. All these features will give you absolute comfort and safety.

6. Justin Boots Men’s Bent Rail 13″ Square-toe Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, leather sole
Double stitched welt, good detail stitching
Great for business & casual wear, easy to keep clean
Short break-in period, comfortable, outstanding appearance

Justin is one of the very common brands besides Ariat (a legend of the cowboy boot world). These two brands have several very similar product lines, and their styles also share some similarities. But one thing only Justin has is that all of Justin boots are made entirely in America.

The Bent Rail is one of the outstanding Justin boots handcrafted in the USA. These boots feature a colorful design, and great detail stitching for rugged good looks. Along with that, they have double-stitched welts for good durability and J-Flex flexible comfort system.

You just can’t go wrong with these boots!

7. Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Alexa Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather Heel, Upper and SoleHigh price
Artfully crafted hand-tooled
Stitch welt construction
Unique appearance

Back to Lucchese, but this time is a pair of high-priced Lucchese boots. This is one of the super products the brand has ever made.

Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Alexa Western Boot has chocolate and turquoise colors that work together to create a queen’s look for the wearer – mysterious, attractive, and classy.

These boots are primarily made of calfskin which is very soft and smooth. Moreover, the leather sole and heel of the boots will cuddle your feet perfectly.

Other features include hand-tooled overlays in the vamp, contrasting hues between the collar and pull straps for uniqueness. The calf leather quarters with the new paint wash finish throughout are the biggest highlight.

If you want to be the focus of the party, why don’t you choose Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Alexa Western Boot?

8. Lucchese Mens N1104.R4 1883

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Leather upper, leather sole
Outstanding look with giant tail crocodile quarter
Perfect to go with a suit and jeans
True modern classic

Cowboy boots made from crocodile skin are one of the most expensive boots in the world, and not all brands dare to produce boots from crocodile skin.

But Lucchese is confident to create the ultimate caiman cowboy boots.

The Lucchese Mens N1104.R4 1883 is a testament to that, with shaft and vamp made from giant tail crocodile quarter for a classy look, and goat outsole for superb comfort. In addition, the main black cherry colors create a mysterious and noble look.

If you are looking for good cowboy boots to go with a suit, these caiman boots would be beyond your expectation!

9. Tony Lama Boots Men’s Full Quill Ostrich 8987 Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Rubber soleNeed breaking in
Great color and qualityFit: Runs small
Full quill ostrich foot for an amazing look and soft feel
Contrast color between shaft and vamp

Tony Lama Boots 8987 will tell you what an incredible comfort it is.

These boots are designed with 100% leather and a full quill ostrich foot for great softness. They cuddle your feet pretty well.

Besides, a rubber sole brings your feet the best experience. Plus, the rubber sole is good at slip resistance, durability and flexibility.

If you don’t like classic cowhide boots anymore and want to refresh with exotic cowboy boots, these boots will be an interesting choice!

10. Justin Boots Men’s 11-Inch Bent Rail Riding Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, Rubber soleNeed a long break-in period
Decorative stitching, classic western styling
Fit true to size
Good arch support

Justin Boots Men’s 11-Inch Bent Rail Riding Boot is one of Justin’s most popular collections.

With their impressive design, diverse and eye-catching colors, these cowboy boots have captured the love of many hard fans.

In addition, the J-Flex comfort system and rubber outsole create a comfortable feeling for the wearer. Besides, they get 3/4 welt construction for a sleek, traditional look and nailed-on heels offering sturdy construction.


Are any Ariat boots made in the USA?

No, Ariat cowboy boots are no longer made in America anymore.

From 1997 to 2002, Ariat followed the general trend of the boot industry, where domestic production fell by more than 40% and continued to decline sharply. Today, almost none of the Ariat cowboy boots remain in the United States.

You can find Ariat boots made in Mexico, Italy and China, but it’s almost impossible to find Ariat cowboy boots made in America!

See more reasons here!

Are all Lucchese boots made in the USA?

The answer is no. In fact, not all Lucchese cowboy boots are made in the USA.

Besides the US, Mexico is also one of the places that hold a long history of cowboy boots.

It can be said that Mexico and the US are the two main places where Lucchese cowboy boots are produced.

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What brands of cowboy boots are made in the USA?

Some cowboy boot brands mainly made in the USA are Tony Lama, Lucchese, Double H, Abilene, Justin, Anderson Bean, Justin and Nocona.

In contrast, other brands that only make A FEW cowboy boots in the US include Dan Post, Laredo, Ariat, Durango, etc.