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The 15 Best Cowboy Boots For Hiking In 2023

The 15 Best Cowboy Boots For Hiking In 2023

“No, you can’t use cowboy boots for hiking, their soles are too slippery and their heels are too high.”

Many people think that and will argue that using cowboy boots for hiking is just silly.

But we will prove the opposite! We’ll tell you the reasons why cowboy boots are such a great choice for hiking.

Besides, a list of the best cowboy boots for hiking is waiting for your decision for upcoming hiking treks!

Shall we?

Why are cowboy boots a great choice for hiking?

tan cowboy boots with hat for hiking

Different from traditional cowboy boots, today’s modern cowboy boots of famous brands (such as Ariat, Dan Post and Durango) still retain the classic style while advancing with many outstanding features.

For example, the transition from the leather outsole to the rubber outsole is a big step in making cowboy boots more friendly for hikers. Because rubber outsoles bring better grip, wear resistance and high durability with excellent impact resistance.

And that is also the reason why the cowboy boots chosen below come with rubber outsoles – the essential factor for your hiking trips.

Besides, traditional cowboy boots don’t really have good insoles for foot support (their insoles are pretty flat). To improve this, the insole of cowboy boots has been developed very much for better foot support.

For example, Ariat with ATS technology, Durango with Cushion Flex Insoles,… all offer very good foot support in the arch, toe and heel.

Also, molded EVA midsole (which is quite common in many brands) integrated into cowboy boots makes your feet more comfortable as well.

With a structure ranging from 11 inches to 14 inches high, cowboy boots can completely protect your feet from the attack of dangerous animals, debris and external impact.

Some western work boots provide very high safety for the wearer with steel toe, steel shank, or composite toe.

Modern people use cowboy boots not just for horseback riding but for many different purposes. That explains why they come in a variety of heel heights (1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, or more). So, you will get a lot of choices.

And cowboy boots with 1-inch to 1.5-inch heels are often loved by hikers.

Many people often do not like shoes or boots with laces because they are too troublesome and time-consuming for lacing. In this case, cowboy boots are an ideal choice!

Cowboy boots come in a variety of styles, though not all styles can be used for hiking, modern cowboy boots are generally quite good for hiking.

How do you choose good cowboy boots for hiking?

men wear jeans and cowboy boots hiking on a mountain

As we mentioned above, cowboy boots should have outsoles made of durable rubber, with oil-resistance and non-slip features to ensure the best stability and balance for hikers.

Besides, you should choose cowboy boots with double welts to ensure the highest durability.

Choose cowboy boots from famous brands such as Ariat, Dan Post, Justin, Durango, etc. These brands pay great attention to foot support, and that’s good for the hikers’ feet.

In addition, it is important to consider the fit of cowboy boots. The ideal fit, of course, is neither tight nor loose, but snugly fit at the instep to get the best flexibility and comfort for hikers.

Cowboy boots should be made from cowhide instead of exotic leather because cowhide is durable, easy to care for and cheaper than exotic leather.

I don’t think using a pair of cowboy boots made from expensive exotic leather for hiking is a good idea!

Full-grain leather is a good choice, this is a premium leather offering durability, breathability and beauty for the wearer.

Consider using western work boots for hiking, as these boots are very durable, with good foot support and protection.

Cowboy boots for hiking should have a wide toe box (square toe, round toe, broad square toe) so that your toes are not restrained.

In addition, the heel of a cowboy boot that is no more than 1.5 inches tall is what you need for the best balance and stability.

What shortcomings make cowboy boots not a good choice for hiking?

wearing jeans with black pointed toe cowboy boots hiking on rocky mountain

However, if you evaluate cowboy boots are perfectly suited for hiking, this is not a very accurate assessment!

Hiking often takes place in a variety of terrains and weather conditions. Therefore, hiking boots should equip themselves with outstanding features such as good ankle support, breathable mesh, quick dry technology and lightweight structure.

These features don’t usually appear in cowboy boots. On rocky terrain, for example, that requires good ankle support, using cowboy boots may not be a good choice.

Besides, the heavy weight of cowboy boots compared to other boots is also a weakness while hiking a long time.

I recommend using only cowboy boots for light hiking, not for hiking in extreme weather or complex terrain.

The 15 Best Cowboy Boots for Hiking

Still confused? We’ll bring you – those who love hiking and cowboy boots the 15 best cowboy boots for hiking!

1. Twisted X Women’s All Around

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain oiled leather upperNeed break-in period
Reinforced toe, rubber outsole
Air-mesh lining, moisture-wicking
Durability, comfort (EVA midsole) and good protection

The first gift will go to cowgirls: a pair of cowgirl boots from Twisted X.

The first feature that these cowboy boots can become a reliable companion for hikers is the great resistance to external forces.

Plus, a full-grain oiled leather vamp with water-resistant properties will always keep your feet dry.

Along with reinforced toe and heel, the hikers’ feet won’t get hurt when accidentally hit by rocks lurking under the grass, snow or on the mountain road.

With added rubber outsole and high-grade leather, it can be said that the durability of these boots is indisputable.

These Twisted X cowboy boots provide great stability and balance when hiking with their EVA midsole.

Air-mesh lined shaft and insole offer a breathable, moisture-wicking design for all-day comfort during your hiking trips.

2. Ariat Men’s Sport Wide Square Toe Cowboy Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Water-resistant, double-stitch weltNarrow for wide feet or calf
Wide square toe, 1.5 inches heel
Classic style, durable and flexible sole
Comfortable for walking all day long

Ariat Men’s Sport is one of the lines favored by the comfort, flexibility and safety that it brings to the wearer, and especially the hikers.

Its standard-height heel will bring you stability and good balance, along with a wide square toe for more room and high flexibility.

Undoubtedly, hikers just can’t go wrong with these boots.

What else? It has high-quality full-grain leather for the wearer but does not lose comfort and flexibility when moving.

The structure of the boot is made of stitches and high-end materials that make them very durable and sturdy to follow hikers to the ends of the earth.

3. ARIAT Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Wide toe box, 4LR technology
Various and unique style
Comfortable, durable
Good fit, Easy to put on

It’s no exaggeration to say that Fatbaby is Ariat’s most successful western boots line for women.

A wide toe box design, thick sole with a good grip, low heels and low overall structure – this structure bring the best support that hikers are looking for.

Moreover, 4LR technology provides great support to the foot. The synthetic sole is very durable with a good grip to help hikers easily cross many different types of terrain.

In addition, the unique style is what makes the Fatbaby different, extremely cute, with a youthful color but still retains the classic look.

You can stop searching for your hiking boots right here!

4. Durango Men’s Rebel DB4442

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% leather, rubber sole, oil-resistant outsole
Elaborately stitched shaft, unique style
Steel shank, molded EVA midsole
Lightweight, flexible and comfortable

When looking for cowboy boots that provide high comfort, I would love to wear Durango cowboy boots.

Durango has great western work boots that offer very high comfort thanks to a unique construction that only the Durango brand owns.

The Durango Men’s Rebel DB4442 Western Boot with a 10.5-inch high shaft coupled with a 1.5-inch high heel provides high stability and protection for the wearer.

In addition, an elaborately stitched shaft creates the unmistakable identity of Durango boots: unique and engaging style.

Additionally, the outsole features highly acclaimed traction that helps hikers cross slippery terrain with no worries.

5. ARIAT Men’s Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain leather, shaft designThe insole breaks down pretty soon
Wide square toe, subtle brogue detail
Wear resistance, durable
Air mesh lining, comfortable

Want to differentiate yourself from other hikers? There is nothing more suitable than owning the ARIAT Men’s Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot.

ARIAT Men’s Sport has a unique style, motifs with a four-row stitched pattern for a modern yet traditional look.

These boots are extremely durable, thanks to being made of high-grade leather with advanced technologies and processes.

These Ariat western boots have excellent foot support, so hikers can ride under long and difficult conditions with as little foot fatigue as possible.

That’s thanks to 4LR technology for a cushion to keep your feet cradled all day long.

In addition, these cowboy boots also have ventilated air mesh lining for hikers’ feet during the journey.

Durable, comfortable, safe, beautiful, and all that makes these cowboy boots world-class!

6. ARIAT Women’s Hiking Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, rubber soleThe price is pretty high
Comfortable with great cushioned, shock-absorbing
Waterproof, durable and strong
Unfussy style, good fit

What do you think of a combination of cowboy boots and hiking boots? You can take a look at this Ariat boot.

The ARIAT Women’s Hiking Western Boot combines features of cowboy boots such as the high shaft, pull straps, and laceless structure with the sole and toe cap of hiking boots.

These boots will provide great support to your feet, with both comfort and protection.

From muddy farms to rocky trails, you can cross them easily as the ATS technology provides high stability and comfort.

Besides, the waterproof feature will help hikers’ journeys in the forest terrain become dry and easy.

Those who have worn hiking boots will know how great their soles are, so are these boots. They can satisfy you with lightweight shock-absorbing soles.

With cushioned EVA midsole, every step of the hikers becomes gentle!

7. Durango Men’s Rebel Cactus Db5416

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Super comfortable, full-grain leatherNeed break-in period
Steel shank, double row welt stitch
Durable and strong, slip and oil resistant
Standard heel height, square toe

The Durango Men’s Rebel is a very successful Durango line-up, this one is a prime example: Durango Men’s Rebel Cactus Db5416.

With an eye-catching, masculine and sharp look, definitely, no hiking boots can beat this wonderful Durango.

Made of 100% leather with a rubber sole, coupled with a structure reinforced by double-row welt stitch, these cowboy boots ensure perfect durability.

Besides, the detachable insole makes it easy to clean and replace them. It has a breathable design that makes you stay comfortable throughout the day.

An indispensable feature of these cowboy boots is the very good arch support cushion.

The outsole offers perfect traction and low heels with 12 inches high – all together provide optimal stability, balance and protection for hikers.

The boot’s tempered steel shank ensures nothing can hurt your foot from the bottom up.

All these highlights make these cowboy boots the best for hiking!

8. Ariat Heritage Round Toe Western Boots

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% leather, full-grain leather, leather liningPretty heavy
Classic look, country style
All-day comfortable, durability
Hold up fine, good grip, wear resistance

The Ariat Heritage Round Toe Western Boots is also one of the best cowboy boots you can find in America.

And this is also one of the classic cowboy boots that are very popular, but still have many innovative modern features.

It’s because of those groundbreaking features that make the Ariat Heritage an excellent cowboy boot for hiking use.

The familiar full-grain leather constructs this boot. With such premium material, this boot is durable and beautiful to protect and adorn your foot the best way.

Besides, Ariat’s famous ATS technology will give you maximum comfort as it supports your foot extremely well in the arch, heel, and toe.

The entire foot will be supported by a cushion, giving you a safe, comfortable experience throughout a long journey.

An indispensable rubber sole with good grip and standard 1.5-inch heel for high balance.

With Ariat Heritage Round Toe, you will find yourself powerful on every mile!

9. Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on H2O Composite Toe

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Premium full-grain leather, 90-degree healLittle hard to put on
Oil- and slip-resistant, durable
EVA midsole, composite toe
Reduce foot fatigue, comfortable, no break-in period

If casual cowboy boots can only help you hiking on gentle terrain, then on rugged terrain, you’ll need a pair of hybrid cowboy boots!

Believe me, you’ll need good ankle support boots with better protection and extreme comfort.

That’s why I recommend you another monument to Ariat’s success, the Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on H2O Composite Toe.

In general, this Ariat boot contains familiar features such as full-grain leather material, rubber sole, 90-degree heel, EVA Midsole.

But all the features of these cowboy boots are pushed to a new level of quality, comfort, better ankle support and toe protection, as well as stronger traction for slippery surfaces.

Despite not being a traditional style, the Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on H2O Composite Toe is definitely not a bad choice for hiking.

10. ARIAT Men’s Sport Horseman Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Full grain leather,Need break-in period
Four-row stitch pattern, nice embroidery
Hold up well, very durable
Fit perfect, comfortable

ARIAT Men’s Sport Horseman Western Boot is a handsome guy with a sharp look that will overwhelm your hiker friends.

Because they’re so cool and impeccable, from fashion to function.

Four-row stitch patterns for a unique embroidery that only Ariat has. The overall motif of these boots harmonizes for a masculine and elegant look.

Duratread outsole is another highlight, they provide extremely high grip and wear resistance but still offer great flexibility for the wearer to conquer different terrain.

And that’s just what you need!

11. ARIAT Men’s Rambler Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% leather, duratread outsoleNeed little time to break in (few days)
Fit all types of weather, wear resistance
Non-slip outsole, moisture-wicking
Cushioned footbed, durable, perfect fit

ARIAT Rambler is another successful line of Ariat and they feature a work boot style.

And cowboy-style work boots usually support the foot very well and provide flexibility and comfort. Besides, they offer excellent toe and heel protection.

Aside from the terrain factor, hikers often find themselves a pair of cowboy boots suitable for many different types of weather as possible. The ARIAT Rambler can take over that responsibility.

After the break-in period, these cowboy boots can withstand a wide variety of weather and terrain conditions while still keeping hikers’ feet very comfortable.

In addition, the 10.5″ high shaft is a decent height to prevent dust, debris and the attack of dangerous animals, but still does not lose the flexibility for the wearer.

ATS Technology will be your reliable assistance for long distances. They provide great cushioning with gel-cushioned for good heel support and excellent moisture-wicking ability.

In addition, these cowboy boots are also lightweight, which means that many of the weaknesses of traditional cowboy boots have been overcome.

12. Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection 11 inch

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% pure leather, rubber outsole
Floral embroidery, square toe
Standard heel height, comfort and flexible
Orthotic insole, non-slip outsole

If Ariat is proud of the successes of Ariat Workhog boots, Arati Heritage, Ariat Fatbaby and Ariat Sport. Then Justin, a brand that is also favored by cowboys, is very proud of Justin Gypsy Collection.

Diverse in color, design, technology and materials – these are the qualities that make Gypsy Collection stand out from the rest!

J-Flex Flexible Comfort System and Justin stabilization system are two reasons that we choose this boot to cater to hikers. Comfort, safety, and stability are just the traits hikers need, and they’re packed into those two technologies.

In addition to the 2 advantages of technology, Justin’s cowboy boots are just ideal for any hiker: made of 100% leather, durable rubber outsole, and good grip.

Are you looking for the emblem of cowboy boots’ success? You are looking at it!

13. ARIAT Men’s Groundbreaker Pull-on Steel Toe Work Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Full-grain leather, rubber soleA bit heavy
Very comfortable and durable, 90-degree heel
Oil-and-slip resistant, breathable mesh lining
Fit true to size, good protection

Groundbreaker, the name says it all, they will tear down all roads and crush every rock blocking the hikers’ way.

On rough, dangerous roads, hikers will need cowboy boots that offer more protection than nice, comfortable ones.

So, this Groundbreaker has extra steel toes, to make your feet invincible.

Of course, everything has its price, these steel-toe cowboy boots will be heavier than other ones.

But in our opinion, these boots are not too heavy. As for heavy-duty boots, the weight of these cowboy boots is acceptable.

In addition, you will easily guess the other basic features that make Ariat’s boots, that is full grain leather, 90-degree heel, stitch pattern, etc.

Besides, these cowboy boots have a wide toe box and plenty of room. You will be completely comfortable all day long.

14. Justin Women’s Gypsy Collection Western Boot 8 inch

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Premium leather, synthetic soleBe careful with the size
Wide toe box, low heel, lightweight
Decorative stitching, cute look
Comfortable right out of the box

A huge and very strong counterweight to Fatbaby is Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection 8 inches tall.

These boots have many similar features to Ariat’s Fatbaby line, namely wide toe box, low shaft and low heel.

The 8-inch Gypsy Collection is definitely a good fit for hiking.

In addition, if Ariat’s Fatbaby has ATS technology, then Justin Gypsy Collection offers the J-Flex Comfort System. And you know what? This technology worries Ariat’s ATS technology!

In addition, these cowboy boots have removable insoles, making them easy to clean or replace.

The heels of these cowboy boots come in standard height (1.5 inches). These boots also have rubber soles with good traction and wear resistance.

I dare to say that hikers are looking for such cowboy boots!

15. Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boot

What we likeWhat we don’t like
100% Leather, rubber soleLittle tight
Comfortable, cushioning insole
Oil-, slip-, wear-resistant
Sharp look, safety toe rated

Well, we’ve reached the end of the journey, and we’re grateful to you all the readers who came here! To welcome the last candidate today – Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boot!

An indisputable thing is that hikes would need a pair of cowboy boots that can cross a variety of terrain.

Hiking is not a journey on just one terrain, but sometimes it happens in challenging conditions such as rocky mountains, deserts, and forests.

So just the features of cowboy boots are not enough. It can be fulfilled only when the cowboy boots get the help of Ranch boots.

With the help of 4LR footbed technology, the boots provide comfort all day long whether you use them for the ranch, heavy use, and of course, for hiking.

In addition, the Goodyear three-quarter welt offers very high durability for these cowboy boots. Full-grain leather adorned with a six-row stitch pattern creates an unmistakable look.

To ensure high comfort throughout the day, cushioning insoles are the deciding factor!

Besides, rubber soles with good traction and wear resistance will make rugged roads become at ease than ever!


Are cowboy boots hard to walk?

women wearing cowboy boots for walking

It cannot be denied that traditional cowboy boots cause many obstacles for many people to walk! Because of 3 main characteristics: high heel, pointed toe and leather outsoles.

The high heel makes it quite difficult to balance, plus a pointed toe, will reduce your balance even further.

And finally, the leather outsole is often quite slippery. So for amateurs, you will have a lot of trouble walking with traditional cowboy boots!

However, like so many other things in this world, cowboy boots change and grow day by day.

Their toe box has more room, the heel comes in different heights (low, standard, high), and the outsole is made of rubber or synthetic.

This makes modern cowboy boots get a better grip. The low or standard heel makes the wearer more balanced, and a wide box toe gives the wearer’s toe more flexibility.

Not to mention there are many new foot support technologies (heel, toe, and arch support), making modern cowboy boots the best idea for walking.

So to answer the question of whether or not cowboy boots are good for walking, we consider that traditional cowboy boots are not a good choice, but modern cowboy boots are a great choice.