Monday, January 30, 2012

Priorities and The Hand-Mixer

A couple weeks ago, my friend Megan over at And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson and I began chatting quite a bit on priorities and simplifying our lives. A lot of people talk about this around new years and often times make resolutions to make it a reality. Megan and I didn't want to just talk about it, we wanted to implement it into our every day lives and encourage others to do the same!

It's so easy to feel like everyone else has their lives together when we look in on their highlights reel, aka Facebook, blogs, twitter, etc. Who doesn't want to share about the good things happening in their life? I mean, what person posts photos of the day they were humiliated, the day they were sick and covered in tissues,  or writes posts about sitting around all day watching tv with out any friends to call? Maybe there are a few, but the truth is that we love to share about the good in our lives. I know I do. It's way more fun to share the highlights and its a great thing to be positive! But this weekend, I was reminded of just how refreshing it is to also hear about other people's struggles, not so that I can laugh at how lame they are, but rather to be reminded that I am not the only one with "hand-mixer moments".

Ok, so you are probably wondering what I mean by "hand-mixer moment". It's actually quite humorous, and I really wanted to share it with you all today. It may change your opinion of me, but I am completely okay with it because I am not a rainbows and ponies type of girl! I am not always up! The story goes as this, just a month after moving to Nashville, Dustin and I were finding ourselves extremely bored. We had settled into our apartment, decorated it and did all we really could within our financial budget. We didn't have extra cash to go out all the time so we ended up getting to know Jim and Pam Halpert dangerously all too well. (That's The Office, for those of you who do not watch it) One evening I decided to cook up an amazing dinner for Dustin and I... and the four other empty chairs around our hospitality sized dinning table. However, despite my extreme efforts to be positive, the frustration of feeling alone was beginning to boil inside. I had cooked a half dozen potatoes and reached for the hand mixer, salt, milk and butter to turn those spuds into some tasty mashed potatoes. Knowing that only Dustin and I would enjoy this mouth watering dish, tears of anger began to take route down my face. My dear husband didn't realize what he was getting himself into when he began to engage in the situation. Just like a light switch, I flipped. I screamed "I hate it here" and began stabbing those poor potatoes with the electric hand mixer. Potatoes flung all over the wall, my clothes, the floor, but the sudden release of anger taken out on those innocent potatoes never felt sooo refreshing. Smoke started filing out of the little motor of the mixer and I was not finished, stab stab stab and the metal beaters were bent in half, potatoes all over the kitchen. I looked at my husband and to my surprise he said "Feel better? I'm jealous I didn't get to break something!"

Okay, so I am sure you all are thinking I am crazy, but the truth is we ALL have moments of shear frustration. We all struggle with things, we all go through hard times. There is no way of escaping it. And, we can't be afraid to share it! We can find great support in sharing our hardships. Sure, there is a point where we need to be balanced and guarded of who we share with, but it is important and very healthy to allow people to help us carry the load when we are too weak to stand tall.

Today, Megan and I are both writing about our mission to bring simplification to our lives. Neither one of us have 'arrived' yet and this Friday, we are inviting you to write a post about how you have or are trying to prioritize or simplify your life and then join us here to link up and share with other bloggers and readers. If you feel like you just can't seem to get everything done, you are not alone! Both Megan and I will be sharing more in depth, our individual goals to live a more wholesome life by realizing our priorities and cutting out the unnecessary things that take away from things like family, husbands, joy, etc.

We do hope you will join us! In the meantime, enjoy your Monday! Take time to relax, enjoy your loved ones and eat a good meal! ♥, mK
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  1. I loved this post, Kate. And, I might add, that I admire your self control, for had I been in your shoes, the bowl might have had the same fate as your beaters.
    (And by the way, on a completely inconsequential note, are those beaters really yours? I love 'em!).

    I, too am trying to majorly simplify. Toys, boxes in the attics, clothes, casserole dishes...what we do not use/play with/haven't worn in a year...OUT! (and without replacement!). It feels GOOD!

  2. I love this post and love your honesty. I was actually just thinking about this and how a lot of our lives seem so glamourous and perfect in the blog world because we choose what to show others. Thanks for the hand mixer honesty. Its quite refreshing.


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  3. I am definitely looking forward to yours and Megans future posts on prioritizing and simplifying! :)


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