Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Visit From The Fam

Last week, half of my family came down to Nashville to spend the holiday with Dustin and I. We had such a great time showing them around the city, doing the touristy thing and spending Thanksgiving day eating and relaxing together! The fun part is, I get to see them again in less than a month! ♥, mK

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dream Escalator

Dreams are great, aren't they? I would venture to say that about 99% of us would almost instantaneously agree 'Yes!'. But in reality, dreams are hard work to achieve. Many of us will spend our whole lives simply dreaming, but never really go as far to step out and go for it.

I've been thinking about this whole dream-thing for the past few days. I love a good story of someone achieving the end goal of what they set out for. However, I get pretty sad when I see someone not go for it as well. There is a simple story of a woman I once met who, while browsing racks of clothes said, 'I'd love to be fashionable, I just don't think "so and so" would accept me'. It's a simple desire that she had, but bound by fear of someone else, she didn't step out and risk who she was, to become who she really is.

Following after your dreams takes hard work. Those of you on that path know this. Dustin told me yesterday about a conversation he and another free-lance music producer had. Basically they spoke of the hardships of working to get where you want to be. Probably only .01% of the population get handed their wish on a silver platter, the rest of us just have to work our butts off. I'll be the first to tell you, as a wife of a musician slash producer slash programmer, it's a hard industry to break into. There are lots of unpaid gigs, long and late hours, PRESSURE to be perfect, PRESSURE to be the best and much more. That's not to discourage you, it's actually to say that we are all in the same boat, working hard to succeed in reaching our dreams! But in my mind, success isn't the end result, it's the movement of getting there. Dustin and I feel like we've only just stepped onto the escalator and our end goal is years and years away. But that risk in movement is success in my mind. I feel successful even though I am not making a fat salary or wearing the latest of clothes. I know we are exactly where God has called us.

The same is for you. You may not see your dream achieved for 20 years, but stepping out and going for it is all part of it. Risk. Don't just stand by and wait for someone to discover you, go for it! Dare to get your hands dirty building your hopes for life. I feel extremely fortunate to have come from a family of builders or better yet, entrepreneurs. Dustin's family alike. We've been shown an incredible example. But even if you haven't been shown directly, there are many examples of go-getters that you can learn from. Examples >>> Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Ruth Handler, your local small shop owner! Whether you want to start a new business, move somewhere you've always wanted to, start a family, help someone in need, stop smoking, write your own blog, bring justice, change careers, I say, go for it! What is really stopping you? ♥, mK

Monday, November 28, 2011

Brittany Fuson Paper

Christmas Season is officially on! Bring out the tree, the stockings, the cookies and all the warm memories of Christmas's past. This is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons, one being it is a season to serve others. Many do this by giving gifts, some do this by welcoming others into their homes for meals, generous donations to charities and much more. This season, I am doing a series of all my current fav's for giving.

Today, I am sooo excited to share a recent discovery, Brittany Fuson Paper. I met Brittany just a few weeks ago here in Nashville and instantly fell in love with her art and design. After earning her degree in Apparal Design, Brittany put her incredible talent and eye for fashion to work in this line of stylish notecards and prints.

There is a style for every season, whether it's your wedding, your engagement, a party or baby announcements! I love her Christmas themes so much! The tree dress is so fun and gorgeous! Brittany's prints have quite a variety of choices and are at a very affordable price! If you hurry, today Brittany is doing a half off sale on EVERYTHING on her online shop! That means prints are only ten dollars! These prints, cards and notepads make great gifts!!

Also on sale, today The Guest Room Closet is 30% off everything with the code 'cybercrochet'! Enjoy! ♥, mK

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello Newbies and Sales

Hello Sales! Hello New Friends! Today is a day where two favorites collide! It is both Black Friday and Merry Indie Christmas Followers Fest hosted by 4 wonderful Bloggers, CASEY (CaseyLeigh), DANIELLE (Changing Lanes), KATE (Scathingly Brilliant) and JANEL (Run with Scissors), which means... New Friends! I want to welcome all you newbies to my little blog over here! For starters, my name is Kate. I have way too many nicknames, all of which I will answer to, but on here, you can call me mk! (It has a little sentimental value to it since I was first called that by my dearest grandpa!) I live in Nashville with my wise and talented husband, Dustin. You can read more about us here

I started this blog, just 9 months ago, after I felt God leading me to a place of using my voice to speak out and share stories with others. You may wonder, why 'From the Guest Room'? Well, one of my favorite things to do is learn about others. This blog gives me a chance to showcase the lives of those 'guests' in my life while also sharing our journey. I do hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again! You can expect DIY, Recipes, Guests, Fashion, Faith, Social Issues, Adventure & much much more! Feel free to browse around!

I am not one who you will find out in the crowds on this day of deals and frills, however I do love a good sale, so today I am offering 30% off at The Guest Room Closet. Simply shop here and when you reach check out, use this code: BLACKFRIDAY

Have a wonderful weekend! Next week, I'll be previewing all of my favorite holiday gift ideas for this year's Christmas season! ♥, mK

Six years Later...

Happy Thanksgiving! It has been a truly blessed day here in Nashville! The weather was beautiful and my home was full...with my family!! I did the math today and couldn't believe that between years of living in Australia and another three years in Colorado, I haven't had a Thanksgiving with my family in six years!

Yesterday, half of my family drove down to spend the holiday with us and oh, how joyful I feel having them here!

Dustin and I love playing the role of aunt and uncle, and with 4 out of 7 of our nieces and nephews here, we are having so much fun! Dustin spent some time with the boys recording a cute little jingle while I snapped all the photos I could of these adorable little ones! By the way, that beardo-beanie is something I made for my nephew - I might sell some of these on my shop if there is enough interest! They make great face warmers! It's also a nice alternative to them actually growing up too fast! ha

Having my parents and my sister and brother in law around is also quite refreshing - more photos to come! Anyway, I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of memories in the making! ♥, mK

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful For

In the very beginning of time, God created the world and when complete, he took the time to look over what he had done and saw that it was good. The most amazing of all artists took the time to reflect. That is something I so greatly appreciate about Thanksgiving. It is a time to look over all the blessings and hardships of our lives and see how God is good and how thankful we truly are.

I began to compile a list of things I am thankful for over the past year alone. The list began to grow beyond what a single post could handle, so I've condensed it to the 'hightlights reel'. When I took a step back and took in the photos of memories of the things I was thankful for, I realized that the theme of what I am thankful for most of all this year is ADVENTURE. God knows I am one to travel, activate, change and explore and this last year he has surely provided an abundance of moments in which he knew I would come alive.

One year ago, Dustin and I along with his family, spent the holiday zooming all over the slick rock of Moab, Utah on two rhinos and a razor! We didn't forget the turkey...we packed it sandwich style!

Visited one of the coolest H&M's ever! I behaved, I actually didn't even buy anything, just stared in awe!

Helped the art department of the film, Moving On, and constructed a tree out of paper. It was a prop for one of the scenes.

Saw La Reve in Vegas! 

Spent quality time over coffee with some of the most beautiful friends you'd ever know!

Watched my cousins and nephews play oh so joyfully together! Brings such warmth to my heart!

Witnessed an incredibly strong and determined young girl go from a life of crime to graduating high school as an honored student! Her speech was powerful!

Rode the coast of California on the back of a motorcycle!

Spent hours learning from the wise and beautiful Michelle! She is such an amazing women, one whom I deeply admire! 

Went golfing for the first time in my life. It's not my sport, but I tried!

Went to Hershey's Chocolate World with my sisters, nephews, brother and hubby! We rode the ride multiple times just to get the free candy at the end!

Went wine tasting at my most favorite winery, Carlson Vineyards!

Watched my sister get married to her best friend! She was such a lovely bride! P.S. The other bridesmaids and I ate some of the strawberries in her bridal suite before she got there!! We figured they wouldn't mind sharing and we were pretty hungry from all the dancing!

Spent July 4th with my family and the entire Martin clan! This family friendship goes a long way back! 

Went to San Diego with Light Give Heat. There wasn't enough beds for all of us, so Megan and I slept outside on top of a hot tub! It was so much fun. I remember we had a pretty bad argument after this trip which actually made us even closer friends in result. I am thankful for that argument, she is now one of my best friends! I miss her!

Dustin and I were given a record player. We then started our own collection that we will someday then hand down to our kids or grand-kids.

Went to the X-games in Aspen! What a fun little trip!

Moved across the country! Said goodbye to a great chapter of my life book but then said hello to another in Nashville...

...Which inevitably strengthened my walk with the Lord. This I am sooo incredibly thankful for!

But one of the most near and dear to my heart is the fact that I was given the most precious, sometimes silly and sometimes sweet best friend to do this whole adventure with! He is the absolute coolest! We are both excited to dream about what we will be thanking God for this time next year! Oi, it's gonna be good! 

What are you thankful for? ♥, mK