Monday, December 26, 2011

A ColoTennSylvania Christmas

Greetings! I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday! I'll be honest, Dustin and I were a bit nervous for Christmas this year as it marked our very first holiday just the two of us. Both of us come from big families, so Christmas has always been a day of gathering around family and spending time together. We tried the whole "Let's just get through the Holidays" mentality for like twenty minutes before we came to the realization that just because this year was going to be different, doesn't mean it's not going to be meaningful! So, Christmas Eve, while Dustin was finishing up at work, I gathered together all things white and created a winter wonderland in our very own dinning room. We call it a ColoTennSylvania style Christmas; a little bit of Colorado, a bit of Pennsylvania with a little extra something from Tennessee. This is our newest Tradition for every year we are at home for Christmas!

Our day was started with a lovely family skype call, breakfast and opening gifts. Yes, we were only supposed to do stocking stuffers, but we both surprised each other with an additional something that just didn't fit. Dustin bought me the sewing machine I have tried to buy a gazillion times this fall but just could never bring myself to spend the money. I was freaking out with excitement! My extra gift to Dustin was a jacket that I pride myself in getting the most fantastic deal of the year. Dustin told me he saw this amazing coat at Ross and not only did I guess the exact one that I thought he was talking about, it was also priced down from $120... to just over $20. Oh how I love a good deal, makes gift giving ten times more enjoyable for me, as if it isn't already fun enough just to give!

And for the Tennessee part of our ColoTennSylvania Christmas, we were invited into a family Christmas here in Nashville. It was the first time I had met any of them, but you'd think we were old friends because it was so natural and comfortable to be spending the holiday with them! They were such amazing hosts and so welcoming, plus the food was AMAZING! mmm!

I am soo humbled and extremely thankful that on a day that exists to celebrate the birth of Christ, He would in turn bless us with a such a warm, fun and relaxing day! No matter how hard I try, I can never ever out-give God, he just loves showering his kids with love! He is so good! Your turn, how was your Christmas?? ♥, mK


  1. I love the chalkboard with the cards on it! So cute!! And I just got that sewing machine too. I love it!!

  2. I love how you take and make the 'downer' side of life into something memorable and downright uplifting! The little tent was adorable!

  3. PS. Merry Christmas (a little late!) You were missed by all on Christmas Eve...

  4. I got that exact sewing machine for Chrismas!! I'm so excited!!


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